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<nettime> corporate anthems site
matthew fuller on Sun, 19 Aug 2001 02:19:04 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> corporate anthems site

corporate anthems

what is it?

big up the corporate consultancy massive! it's a compendium of corporate
cringe. it started last week as a quick and dirty page i knocked up for
some friends. now we're transferring nearly a gigabyte an hour. not bad
for what is essentially an html page with a few hyperlinks on it. do we
class as a virulent meme yet? so what *is* it? it's corporate identity
management at it's worst. relatively respectable companies who take
themselves too seriously, and clearly have too much money to burn decide
that what they really need is a corporate sound. usually something
aspirational, to motivate the troops. unfortunately, they tend to take the
whole thing just a little bit too seriously. they spend rediculous sums of
money commissioning a corporate anthem. something they can play at office
parties, conferences and secretly through headphones before they stride
confidently into meetings. with few exceptions they eventually realise
just how cringe-worthy their little tunes are, and attempt to bury them
forever. they should be so lucky...


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