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<nettime> bomboclat: netstrike communicate
geert lovink on Sun, 19 Aug 2001 17:21:15 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> bomboclat: netstrike communicate

Date: Sat, 18 Aug 2001 19:52:26 +0200
From: bomboclat {AT} ecn.org
Subject: [Connect] netstrike communicate


I'm sending you all bad news from italy. As you probably remember the site
www.netstrike.it had been seized by police, and some even worst facts are
starting now. Please send it to all the people you think could be interested
on it. Sorry if I seem to much telegrafic but here the situation is hot and
the things to do are many... wishing to post better news soon.

see ya!

"www.netstrike.it" who has seen it?

The telematic protest site has got good chances to become the summertime

A new chapter joins the eighth investigative front over the facts in genoa,
all based on not well defined telematics facts.

After eight postal policeman coming from genoa have introduced theirselves
to Isole nella Rete's provider to seize (!?!) the directory corresponding
to www.netstrike.it (attempt of obscuring the site which has ruined thanks
to a big and immediate international solidariety), they have profused the
same effort to find an unlucky young media activist from Milan to make an
investigation in his parents' house in Piedmont, and from there brought to
his house in milan to make a second investigation. All his informatic
belongings have been sequestrated (cdroms, floppies, pc and  cellular phone)
and even papers. This operations follows the sequestration of his laptop in
his office while he was on holiday and without telling him.

We remark the eccessive attention of our police in conducing this operations
and the consequent repressive climas they are establishing.

We invite the Magistracy to think on his work and to his doubtful
interpretation of this legal protest behaviours on the net, seen that after
the protest is over there are no damages of any kind.

We invite all the people to keep alerted until this grotesque and impressive
turnaround of the police even in summertime for half Italy won't turn into
future, and more worring attempts of censoring indipendent medias on the Net
which have so clearly made evident during G8 a thruth which if it's not
revolutionary, surely appears uncomfortable to them.

workgroup of netstrike.it
Isole nella Rete

For further informations and contacts write to:

inr {AT} ecn.org
netstrike {AT} autisitici.org

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