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Re: <nettime> Nigerian Scams (was : bomboclat: netstrike
Carl Guderian on Wed, 22 Aug 2001 03:27:13 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Nigerian Scams (was : bomboclat: netstrike

I, too, made the mistake of expressing my glee at the fates of Abacha
and Co., as well as speculating on the possibility of an afterlife and
how they might be spending it. The scammers' appeals to sympathy might
have worked with cyberlibertarians appalled at the waste of all that
capital yearning to launch itself into the space of flows. Anyway, I got
more spam.

I saw something about this scam on about 20 years ago, on "60 Minutes,"
a CBS-TV newmagazine show. Back then it was faxes and unlucky retirees.

"You can give $3 dollars a day to feed a hungry Abacha toady for life.
Or you can turn the page."


"cisler {AT} mail.inreach.com" wrote:
> I have received even more of these after I began to engage a few of the
> writers in W. Africa by stringing them along, and warning them not to
> use email to contact me because of my government's ability to track
> email, monitor cell phone calls, and sent lightening bolts down the
> phone lines to punish dishonest grifters in developing countries.

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