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Jeffrey Fisher on Wed, 22 Aug 2001 03:27:23 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> FW: [IMFWB-international-announce] The Masquerade Project Manifesto

From: "DC Masquerade" <info {AT} masqueradeproject.org>
Date: Mon, 20 Aug 2001 15:52:17 -0400
To: IMFWB-international-announce {AT} yahoogroups.com
Subject: [IMFWB-international-announce] The Masquerade Project Manifesto

    -- please forward far and wide --


The clouds of toxic gas over Quebec City and Genoa show
one thing we can all expect during the September 29-30
demonstrations against the World Bank and IMF in
Washington, DC:  lots of tear gas and pepper spray where
people gather on the streets to express their vision of
a just and sustainable world.

We at the Masquerade Project want to make sure that our
sisters and brothers have the protection they need --
and we also think it's time for an aesthetic
intervention on the front lines of the movement for
global justice.  So we're organizing the DC Masquerade:
raising money to buy and fabulously decorate hundreds
of gas masks for free distribution at the IMF/World
Bank protests in Washington.

Black may be timelessly chic.  But we long for more
color, more Úlan.  We believe our movements should
reflect the world we want to create.  And for us,
that's a world with loads of color, sparkle, variety,
and individual creativity.

Tear gas contains highly toxic chemicals and solvents
whose short- and long-term health effects are poorly
understood.  We STRONGLY recommend that everyone who is
taking part in the DC protests protect themselves with
a gas mask.

But wearing a gas mask doesn't have to mean adopting a
grim paramilitary uniform:  Leave that to the police who
will be defending the institutions of the global elite.

We're using bright paints, rhinestones, sequins,
glitter, and trim to transform the masks we'll be
giving away into splendid and sassy creations.

We need your help.  We've found a super-cheap source of
masks -- so every $5 you donate will protect one
person's eyes, lungs, and skin from the damaging
effects of chemical weapons.

   The more money we get, the more masks we will buy
   and give away on the streets. Each $5 purchases one
   mask --  give generously! You can donate by credit
   card at http://www.masqueradeproject.org or send a
   check made out to The Masquerade Project to
   P.O. Box 648, NY, NY 10009.

2. DO IT YOURSELF Decorate your own masks and join us
   in Washington, D.C., Sept. 29-30.  See
   http://www.abolishthebank.org and
   http://www.globalizethis.org for details on the
   protests.  Check out our website at
   http://www.masqueradeproject.org for information on
   where to buy a gas mask and what materials work best
   for decorating (plus photos of some of our favorite

3. EDUCATE yourself and your community about the health
   risks of tear-gas and pepper spray exposure, and how
   to protect yourself.  We've compiled links to the
   best available sources of information on these
   chemical weapons, their health effects, and
   recommended methods for treating exposure at our
   http://www.masqueradeproject.org site.

In previous demonstrations, a large and vibrant
festival has emerged in the safe zones, behind the
front lines.  But the front line is wherever there's a
fuming gas canister.  And increasingly, the creeping,
stinging gas seems to be everywhere.  We can't let it
stop our celebration -- or our resistance.

Let's bring the carnival against capitalism to the
front lines of protest.

   The Masquerade Project

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