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Re: <nettime> blinded by science digest [galanter, geer]
Louise Desrenards on Thu, 23 Jan 2003 22:25:43 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> blinded by science digest [galanter, geer]

Thanks but sorry... Coming back I have just seen that the Canadian link is
not available anymore at this address.. I can tell that Jean-Jacques Kupiec
is the author of the concept of this research (first thinking from a
critical analysis to Aristotle and second about the Darwinian theory, then
working on the question of the babies in vitro before he meet Sonigo...

I would not quote them because I was afraid to be supposed spamming but at
last I do it for more info:

Here they are his own pages about his early articles:

And his editorial contribution to criticalsecret (his own line and as art)

And his anglophone pages requesting his name as bioologist on Google:


First page (from a lot more):

Medicine -- La médecine - [ Traduire cette page ]
... (Jean-Jacques Kupiec & Pierre Sonigo) For reductionist biology,
structures are the result of the integration of molecular interactions. ...
www.bioethics.ws/medicine.htm - 28k - 20 jan 2003 - En cache - Pages

Tufts Journal: Features: Strange bedfellows? - [ Traduire cette page ]
... on that mid-April day, besides Sarkar and Gilbert, were Jean-Jacques
Kupiec of the ... and
Dr. Ana Soto, both professors of anatomy and cellular biology at Tufts ...
tuftsjournal.tufts.edu/archive/2002/ may/features/strangebed.shtml - 35k -
En cache - Pages similaires

France-diplomatie [Label France, magazine] - [ Traduire cette page ]
... Neither God nor gene, for another theory of heredity], by Jean-Jacques
Kupiec and
Pierre ... Towards new paradigms in biology], by Henri Atlan, INRA, Paris,
1999. ... 
www.france.diplomatie.fr/label_france/49/gb/05.html - 27k - 20 jan 2003 - En
cache - Pages similaires

Science Generation - Bio Library - The Bibliography - Opinions - ... - [
Traduire cette page ]
... Ni Dieu, ni gène. Pour une autre théorie de l'hérédité. ** Jean-Jacques
& Pierre Sonigo - - 2001 The progress achieved in molecular biology has ...
en.science-generation.com/biotbopi.xml - 34k - En cache - Pages similaires

NEWS 4/10/2002 - [ Traduire cette page ]
... Jacques Kupiec (Institut de Biologie Moleculaire, Hospital Cochin,
Paris), Sahotra
Sarkar (philosophy, University of Texas at Austin), Scott Gilbert (biology,
medicine.tufts.edu/oit/news020410.html - 11k - En cache - Pages similaires

Robotique, vie artificielle, réalité virtuelle : La revue ...
... Peter J. Bentley Digital Biology Simon and Schuster 2002. ...
Jean-Jacques Kupiec, Pierre
Sonigo Ni Dieu ni gène pour une autre théorie de l'hérédité Seuil ...
www.admiroutes.asso.fr/larevue/publiscopie.htm - 33k - 20 jan 2003 - En
cache - Pages similaires

Le bulletin de la SFG
... MÉDECINE/SCIENCES 12 (5) : I - X. *Department of Cell Biology,
Biozentrum, University
of Basel, Suisse. ... Août-Septembre 1997 Jean-Jacques Kupiec*, Pierre
Sonigo ... 
sfg.chez.tiscali.fr/bulletin.html - 16k - En cache - Pages similaires

Séminaire criticalsecret
... -- > Thursday December 12/ 10 am to 8 pm Morning - Biology 1 "Neither
god, nor
gene" Jean-Jacques Kupiec (Biologist, Engineer Researcher, Institut Cochin
www.criticalsecret.com/seminaire/seminaire_index.html - 41k - En cache -
Pages similaires 

Automates Intelligents : Biblionet
... Peter J. Bentley Digital Biology Simon and Schuster 2002. ...
Jean-Jacques Kupiec, Pierre
Sonigo Ni Dieu ni gène pour une autre théorie de l'hérédité (Seuil ...
www.automatesintelligents.com/biblionet/archives.html - 74k - 20 jan 2003 -
En cache - Pages similaires

Causalité et finalité
... NYAS. " Radical constructivism in biology and cognitive science " in
Foundations of science 2000, 6, p. 99-124, ... Jean-Jacques Kupiec : " L ...
sfp.in2p3.fr/CP/PIF/Bibliopif7/ - 61k - En cache - Pages similaires

QUOTE (about the failed link):

« Neither God nor gene » is the tittle of their book
(Ed Seuil, Paris, 2000) Canadians Searchers are translating to English
(could be still finished)


"For another theory of heredity... One believes more and more in the reign
of the genome. It is to count without the chance. However the man depends
especially on a decentralized company of cells."

CNRS/INSERM Cochin, Paris (National Institute for Health and Medical
Research) (...)

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