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<nettime> pocock's boycotts
McKenzie Wark on Sun, 16 Feb 2003 17:37:24 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> pocock's boycotts

Mr Pocock confuses two relatively separate things, but it seems to me
he makes an excellent point under each heading anyway.

1. why not boycott the media product of the United States and its allies
at this point in time? One might argue that the arts community is mostly
against the war. But a boycott would leave us with time on our hands to
work for the peace movement. In the US the Bushies have so thoroughly
screwed up the economy that artists are likely to be looking abroad for
juicy residencies, tours, shows, etc. But perhaps our attention ought to
focus on 'problems at home'.

2. yes it is time perhaps to have a discussion about 'big end' media art,
and its futility. The best work of media art i can think of from the last 10
years is nettime, and one or two not dissimilar networks out there that
connect other parts of the world. Fast, cheap and cheerful. As for the
'big end' stuff -- pick up any arse electronica or zkm catalogue for more
than a few years back and notice how ridiculous a lot of it already looks.
Perhaps no boycott is needed. History is already boycotting many of
the grand dinosours of the media art age.

With all due respects to a few noble exceptions, of course...



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