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Re: <nettime> information wants to be free
porculus on Thu, 20 Feb 2003 19:06:54 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> information wants to be free

> keywords: "fumigacion ilicitos"

information dont want anything except the willing of their 'displayer', i.e.
in industrial conceptual resultant mode. industrial & conceptual is now
quite synonimous in the way of conceptual is the absolute nul machine &
friedrich von hayek is pretty alive, he is a guy of the long time, the first
in some way who 'secularise' adam smith & show at the reverse the opacity of
the market & the remaining of the 'visible handz' i.e. with theorical eyes,
az the motor of profit  & the best garantor of its 'freedom' he said nealy
az marximus it's in the time we see the market economy do its best even if
in the moment it could seem kind of worst..for instance his wonderfull
dvelopement & really theorically 'courageous' position about the monopoly,
besidez we see all 'informazion' about iraqi war is an industrial device,
clairly, otherwise how could we understand this split between government &
vox populi, the idea that usan people sink in some claustrophobia in its so
great space & country, it's no more the reach of some finished world, but in
some finsihed universe itself,  the american autisme is its pose for hearing
god, & god is not the vox populi. If the american blitz work & the height &
paradox it's evrybody hope that in this case, due to the desire of economy
of blood, it would be a disaster for the governance of the world, a
conceptual disaster, if the blitz fail...

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