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Announcer on Fri, 21 Feb 2003 13:36:37 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Events [9x]

Table of Contents:

   >wartime< project events + soundtoys +                                          
     (atty) atty {AT} no-such.com                                                         

   V2_/DEAF03: Subject: Opening DEAF03 / The Evening of      
     Rinske <v2 {AT} v2.nl>                                                               

     Andrea Buddensieg <buddensieg {AT} zkm.de>                                           

   V2_/DEAF03: Playing Data - Music and Performances                               
     Rinske <v2 {AT} v2.nl>                                                               

     Kalina Bunevska <kbunevsk {AT} soros.org.mk>                                         

   Mad Scientists  {AT}  FCC hearing, Richmond                                          
     Sasha Costanza-Chock <schock {AT} asc.upenn.edu>                                     

   V2_/DEAF03: Subject: Open Territories                                           
     Marjolein Berger <marjolein {AT} v2.nl>                                              

   Video "Disobbedienti" : upcoming presentations /  aktuelle Vor
     Oliver Ressler <oliver.ressler {AT} chello.at>                                       

   Opening A Snare for the Eye, zaterdag 22 februari , 21.00 uur                   
     "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>                              


Date: Tue, 11 Feb 2003 17:31:47 -0500
From: (atty) atty {AT} no-such.com
Subject: >wartime< project events + soundtoys +

hi nettime-l people

contents of mail
a) the >wartime< project events upcoming
b) www.soundtoys.net 2003
c) net-art02? open_digi events news

a) the >wartime< project events and news

the >wartime< project at http://offline.area3.net/wartime that was initiated by 
open_digi http://club.net-art.ws and OFFLINE http://offline.area3.net now has 113 
artists participating coming from all continents, with 88 contributed pieces listed so 
far. The theme of the project is reflections on and reactions against wars, past, 
present and future. The project is now reaching out with public showings and 
events plus good international press coverage to get its collective work, ideas and 
message out to a bigger and bigger audience, both online and offline. 

6pm-7.30pm 12th Feb
11 Rupert Street
London W1V 7FS
Box Office : 0207 734 1506
Project participants Ruth Catlow, Andrew Forbes and Elkin Atwell will be answering 
any questions from the audience after the 25 minute selection of >wartime< project 
pieces. The prgramme will conclude with showing of the video 'NOT IN MY NAME'.

'peace lovers ball'
Saturday 15th Feb, London UK post the 'Stop the War' march and rally
This is a seriously underground squat party for 5000 +, all night after the demo. 
The venue will be kept secret till 9pm the 15th, ring after this time 0207 644 5170 
or 07971 273 481 to get venue location details. The >wartime< project will be 
shown in a cinema type space of the party in between relevant video 

\"Mario's night for peace\"
from 8pm, Saturday 15th, LA, US
with projections of >wartime< project and music from mr tamale and video from the 
local anti-war rallies

3436 1/2 N. Figueroa Street 
Los Angeles, CA 90065
ph: 323 / 221-4020

future shows in the next few months are in planning for Mexico City, Bristol UK, 
Amsterdam, Madrid, Rome and Barcelona to name a few ...

>wartime< project press release and invite to pariticipate are available in english, 
french, italian, german, spanish, portugese and finnish at 

b) www.soundtoys.net 

NEW work 2003 

We are looking for contributions of audio visual interactive works, net art, web 
design, application software, multimedia, generative music, interactive 
environments,essays. Works may take the form of art, generative music, interactive 
environments. They could be described as \"new audio visual experiences\", or 
multimedia experiments which explore the parameters of our new media world. This 
work is for a new website update and for selected exhibitions. The Soundtoys site 
aims to provide a platform for the very best in audiovisual net artworks to be 
presented and debated and if your work will make a valuable contribution to this 
then please send it in. Soundtoys has been featured at Sonar, on Sonify, in the 
Independent, and on English TV. Soundtoys has also been exhibited at 
international festivals including den Hague film festival Holland, and Zeppelin in 
Barcelona. It was also be featured at Garage in Germany. Soundtoys also 
organised it own exhibitions which the last was at the ICA in London from June to 
July 2002. The
exhibition called Convergence featured over 100 artists from the audio visuals arts. 

We are seeking new work for the 2003 series of events and for the website. 

1. New online audio visual experiences. Works for the website send in your 
latest \"new audio visual experience\". We are interested in the use of all internet 
friendly programming technologies eg shockwave, flash, vrml, java etc. so send in 
via email.. 

2. Installations. If you make interactive installations send in 400 words about the 
work and four images of the work. We are interested in responsive environments, 
soundspaces , the city as sound. 

3. Software. Artists and musicians software. This year we are particularly interested 
in applications created by artists for a new area. If you make patches or 
applications tell us about it. 

4. Journal. If you write about new media, interactive arts , and would like to be in 
the journal send us a finished text. We welcome texts, essays, papers or articles 
relating to this medium. 

5. Offline. Soundtoys are being asked to present the works offline at festivals. If 
you want to take part send in audio visual works and interactive art pieces. These 
must be finished projects. Send larger works and information in by cd-rom only via 

If you work in any of the areas above we would like to hear from you.

Zip up your work and send all info about it. Don't forget to include relevant 
details.ie your name, project title, year created, brief bio, text info about the work, 
and also send the work. Please send all of the work including the html files. If you 
files are too big but you would like it presented at festival send in a cd-rom version. 
DO not just send us a link and say check it out. 

Application form online. 


web and info... .... http://www.soundtoys.net 
email .......... ..... info {AT} soundtoys.net 


c) net-art02/03? open_digi

as some of you may have noticed there has been no 2002 edition of the 'net-art' 
open arena at www.net-art.ws organised or announced.  As you can see from the 
list of >wartime< project events and hapenings at top of this mail, for the duration 
this is taking up the majority of available time of people previously involved in 
running the annual 'net-art' event. So I am afraid this edition of 'net-art' will not 
happen. Hopefully things will be more peaceful by the appropriate time for a net-

Similarly with so many shows and events of >wartime< planned or in planning 
around the world, its really not possible to continue the monthly local open_digi 
events in Brixton, South London for the time being.

thanks for your support

yours sincerely


Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 16:59:17 +0100
From: Rinske <v2 {AT} v2.nl>
Subject: V2_/DEAF03: Subject: Opening DEAF03 / The Evening of  

Ad. 1. Opening DEAF03
Ad. 2. The Evening of

Ad. 1. Opening DEAF03
On Tuesday 25 February at 19.00 hrs., DEAF03 Data Knitting will be 
officially opened by Alex Adriaansens (director of V2_) and by Edwin van 
Huis, director of the National Institute for Image and Sound (the former 
NAA), the largest audiovisual archive in the Netherlands, with, among 
others, 50 years of Dutch television.

Time: 19.00 - 21.00 hrs, doors open at 18.30 hrs.
Location: Pakhuis Las Palmas, Wilhelminakade 66-68 (Kop van Zuid), 
Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Admission: free

Ad. 2. The Evening of

26 - 28 February, 20:00 - 23:00, ARENA  {AT}  Pakhuis Las Palmas (first floor), 
Wilhelminakade 66-68 (Kop van Zuid), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Admission: € 10,-
Discount (student, cjp, RotterdamPas, 65+) € 8,-

Three individuals who established a reputation in the field of media art 
have been invited to compile a full evening’s program that showcases their 
personal outlook on DEAF03’s theme. In any way or format they choose, 
varying from lectures to film or video screenings, from concerts to theater 
and performances.

The Evening of Sadie Plant: 'Sounds Emergent'
Wednesday 26 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

This evening is hosted by Sadie Plant (GB), philosopher, writer and 
theorist. She is one of the pioneers of cyber feminism. Her theme, Sounds 
Emergent will be explored, demonstrated, and performed by two guests, Kaffe 
Matthews (GB) and Brian Duffy (GB), two of Great Britain’s most imaginative 
and exciting sound artists. This will be an evening of technical 
experiment, musical innovation, and far-reaching conversation  an 
imaginative investigation of the processes involved in memory, recording, 
sampling, and chance, and the loops and continuities between bodies and 
machines, structure and improvisation, the virtual and the actual, and data 
in both digital and analogue formats. The night will culminate in a 
performance by Kaffe Matthews, and Brian Duffy with his Modified Toy Orchestra.

The Evening of Siegfried Zielinski: 'The Three Princes of Serendippo'
Thursday 27 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

Zielinski (D) is the founding and former president and professor of 
Communication Theory and Audiovision, at the Academy of Media Arts 
(Kunsthochschule für Medien), Cologne (D). His guests, media artist David 
Link (D) and musician/composer Jan St. Werner (D), explore serendipity as a 
method, a concept of thinking and constructing the world of art, machines 
and programs. There will be no product, however a 'Ligurian pasta' will be 
prepared live for and in front of the audience by 'chef' Siegfried 
Zielinski. The evening will be an attempt to create a process, where the 
participants allow themselves to be surprised and to surprise the audience; 
'enjoy your meal'.

The Evening of Lev Manovich: 'Metadata, mon amour - Metadating the Image'
Friday 28 February, 20:00 - 23:00 hours

Manovich (RUS/USA) is an artist, programmer and teacher of new media at the 
Californian University (USA). His guests, historian/media archaeologist 
Wolfgang Ernst (D), journalist/media scientist Stefan Heidenreich (D), 
media artist Andreas Kratky (D), media artist George Legrady (H/CAN/USA) 
and media artist/media scientist Joachim Sauter (D), will combine 
theoretical and historical accounts with the presentation of some of the 
most interesting new media projects which address metadata.

More information on 'The Evenings of …' can be found on the festival 
website http://deaf.v2.nl

Tickets and reservation: On line via http://deaf.v2.nl (Direct Payment 
procedure only) or by phone (from 21 February on) +31 (0)10 750 15 15


Date: Fri, 14 Feb 2003 12:27:19 +0100
From: Andrea Buddensieg <buddensieg {AT} zkm.de>
Subject: ZKM/filmprogram/lecture

ZKM | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie Karlsruhe
ZKM | Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe

Thursday - Saturday, 20 - 22 February 2003

N o e l  B u r c h  Retrospective

Film program within the framework of the exhibition FUTURE CINEMA
Curator:  Constanze Ruhm

ZKM-Vortragssaal, 6:30 pm, free entrance

Noel Burch (*1932, San Francisco) has been living in France since 1951. 
In the 1950s he worked as assistant director for Preston Sturges and
Michel Fano.  He has been an author since the 1960s.  From 1967 to 1971
he was co-founder and director of the Institut de Formation
Cinématographique (together with J.-A Fieschi and D. Mancier).
>From 1972 to 1981 Burch taught at the Royal College of Art and at the
Slade School in London; at the Institut des Arts de Diffusions in
Brussels; at the NY University Department of Cinema Studies, and at Ohio
State University in the Department of Photography and Cinema.
Between 1982 and 2000 he taught as a guest professor at the University
of Paris III and Paris VIII, and at the University of California in
Santa Barbara; from 1993 to 2000 he was professor at Lille III.  Among
his numerous publications belong, for example, the work Theory of Film
Practice (New York: Praeger, 1973), a monograph about Marcel L’Herbier
(Paris: Seghers, 1973), and To the Distant Observer: Form and Meaning in
Japanese Cinema (Berkeley: 1979).  His latest publication is the book La
drôle de guerre des sexes du cinema francais:  1930 - 1956, (in
cooperation with Geneviève Sellier; Paris:  Nathan, 1996), which deals
with the portrayal of gender relationships in French film from between
the wars up to the 1950s, keeping a special eye on those films which
came about during the Occupation.
As director, Noel Burch brought forth an entire series of reports and
documentary films, including:  Sentimental Journey (USA 1993 - 94),
which tells of Burch's return to America and of meeting up with former
leftist companions.  In the film Correction, Please or How We Got into
Pictures (GB 1979) variations of a scene from a story by Dorothy Sayers
form reflections upon the history of the development of film language.
This film traces the origins of the classic language of film to a time
between 1906 - 1930, raising a series of theoretical questions in
relationship to the "dominant" forms of representation. This occurs in
four versions of a fantasy borrowed from an old British thriller, to
which key scenes from the "primitive" era of English, French, and North
American films have been inserted.  The six-part series What do those
Old Films Mean? (1984/85) deals with the social history of early cinema
in six different countries (England, Germany, USA, Denmark, France, the
USSR).  In each individual part selected film examples are analyzed from
various socio-political perspectives.  The Year of the Bodyguard
(GB/Germany) goes into the story of those suffragettes who in 1912
completed their training under the first female English Jiu-Jitsu expert
in order to be able to fight against the police and to protect their
leaders.  The Impersonator or A Propos the Disappearance of Reginald
Pepper (in cooperation with Christopher Mason, GB/Germany 1983) tells
the story of a painter who only attains success when she pretends to be
a male "primitive".

Noel Burch will be present in person for the entire retrospective and
will, after concluding his introduction on What Do Those Old Films Mean?
give a lecture about his work.


Friday 20 February 2003
Le Noviciat (1965), 16 mm, b&w
The Impersonation or A Propos the Disappearance of Reginald Pepper (in
cooperation with Christopher Mason. GB/Germany 1983, 56 min)
Sentimental Journey (USA 1993/94, 54 min)

Saturday 21 February 2003
Correction, Please or How We Got into Pictures (GB 1979, 52 min)
The Year of the Bodyguard (GB/Germany 1981, 54 min)

Sunday 22 February 2003
What Do Those Old Films Mean? (1984/85)
Lecture by Noel Burch about his Work
Along the Great Divide - Great Britain 1900 - 1912
Under Two Flags - Germany 1926 - 1932
Born Yesterday - USSR 1925 - 1928

- -- 
Dr. Andrea Buddensieg

Öffentlichkeitsarbeit, Leitung
Head of Public Relations

ZKM ///////  / |< ||| | Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie
Lorenzstr. 19
D-76135 Karlsruhe
Tel +49-(0)721-8100-1201
Fax +49-(0)721-8100-1139
Email buddensieg {AT} zkm.de


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 16:31:34 +0100
From: Rinske <v2 {AT} v2.nl>
Subject: V2_/DEAF03: Playing Data - Music and Performances

'Playing Data' presents a mix of interdisciplinary performances that
emphasize the use of media and the manipulation of databases and digital

The program includes:

3 music evenings: Data F***, Playing Data Night and Abstracting Hip Hop
Thursday 27 February until Saturday 1 March 2003
Start at: 22.00 hours
Location: Calypso, Mauritsweg 5, Rotterdam.
Admission:  10,-

3 performances: Can You See Me Now?, whisper and Radiotopia/Interfacing/Keyworx
Tuesday 25 February until Saturday 1 March 2003
Different times and places: see description below.

1Playing Data is part of the Dutch Electronic Art Festival: DEAF03 Data Knitting,
organized by V2_, 25 February - 9 March 2003 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.

Music evenings:
1. Data F***
Thursday 27 February, start at 22.00 hours, Calypso, admission  10,-

Featuring: Daiphlux (B) aim records; low res (USA) plug research, aim
records; Astrobotnia alias Ovuca (FIN) Rephlex; dj's Just & Onanon (NL);
playing 5x5x5 by Robert Pravda (YU/NL), Arthur Ivens (NL) & Ferenc Teglas (NL)

2. Playing Data Night
Friday 28 February, start at 22.00 hours, Calypso, admission 10,-

dot.nu featuring: AGF (D) Orthlorng Musork; Radian (A) Mego, Thrill Jockey;
Felix Kubin (D) Diskono, A-Musik; dj Fake (NL); playing 5x5x5 by Robert
Pravda (YU/NL), Arthur Ivens (NL) & Ferenc Teglas (NL)

3. Abstracting Hip Hop
Saturday 1 March, start at 22.00 hours, Calypso, admission 10,-

Featuring: Eni-Less (NL); Kadah Vresky (B) DUB; Kettel (NL); Planet Mu, Neo
Ouija, DUB; Boom Bip & Dose One (USA) LEAF, Lex Records; Cenik dj's (NL);
visuals by TCW 23 (NL); playing 5x5x5 by Robert Pravda (YU/NL), Arthur=
Ivens (NL) & Ferenc Teglas (NL)

1. Can You See Me Now by Blast Theory (GB)
Multi-usergame at the Kop van Zuid. Collaborative project by Blast Theory,
Mixed Reality Lab & The Equator Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration
Admission through the DEAF03 exhibition, reservations via the ticketline.
Playing times: opening 25 February, 18:00 - 20:00 hours, 26 Februari - 1
March, 14:00 - 16:00 hours and 18:00 - 20:00 hours.

2. whisper, by Thecla Schiphorst (CDN), Susan Kozel (CDN/GB) and the
25 February: 21:00 - 22:00 hours, 26 - 27 February 17.00 - 22.00 hours, 28
February - 1 March, 19:00 - 22:00 hours, Rotterdamse Schouwburg,
Schouwburgplein 25, Rotterdam, admisson free, reservations via ticketline

3. Interfacing/Radiotopia/KeyWorx, by Rupert Huber (A) and Sher Doruff
(USA/NL), assisted by L. Loos (NL), M. Teran (CDN), E. Redlinger (USA) and

I. Jenniches (AU/NL).
Friday 28 February and Saturday 1 March 2003, 20.00 - 23.00 hours,
V2_groundfloor, Eendrachtsstraat 10, Rotterdam, admisson free, reservations
via ticketline

Tickets and reservations: On line via http://deaf.v2.nl (Direct Payment
procedure only) or by phone (from Friday 21 February) +31 (0)10 750 15 15.

More information at the festivalwebsite http://deaf.v2.nl or read the text

Daiphlux (B) aim records
Daiphlux is like a cross-pollination of different sound-images, caught in 
single, elegant motion, synthesizing frequencies in its wake. Happy,
object-oriented street sounds, ingeniously manipulated by Daiphlux.

low res (USA) plug research, aim records
low res Danny Zelonky  Crank. Besides release as 'low res', Danny
Zelonky has released albums for Sony and Mille Plateaux under his alias
'Crank'. His sound is best described as electronically ravaged and
worked-over jazz with surprising structure and tone colour.
http://www.aim-records.com / http://www.plugresearch.com/

Astrobotnia alias Ovuca (FIN) Rephlex
Completely in line with, but surprisingly not being a 'real' Aphex Twin,
Astrobotnia's music is filled with drill-tempo beats, curious melodic lines
and hazy, rarefied electronics. Once you realize that Astrobotnia also
stands for the broken drill and bass-like Ovuca, you know that this is one
concert that will rock.

AGF (D) Orthlorng Musork
AGF, or Antye Greie-Fuchs, is also known as the female half of Laub. Her
music sounds like a warm version of minimal electronics with her voice
mixed over, resulting in a fusion of complete alienation with disturbing
sound structures.
http://www.musork.com/o_08.html / http://www.musork.com/orth_press/orth08/

Radian (A) Mego, Thrill Jockey
Radian is a combo that resolves the conflict between electronics and
'instruments' in a completely fresh tone colour. Radian improvises,
structures, and surprises with bass, drums and digital and analog
synthesizers. Their live performance will be enhanced by the visuals of
Dariusz Krzeczek.

Felix Kubin (D) Diskono, A-Musik
Kubin is an intergalactic prince who treats us to tunes and performances
that are both rancid and catchy. This full-blooded performer always
fascinates with his charismatic concerts and humorous music. He will by
supported live by MEEUW, working his visual magic.

Eni-Less (NL)
Rotterdam's most innovative turntablist once gave a sparkling performance
at dot.nu called Picture Disc together with TCW23. Enio Ramalho (eni-less)
is one of Zuco 103's dj's, a member of Redrum Squad and founder of the
turntablism festival National Phonographic.

Kadah Vresky (B) DUB
This Belgian-Walonian trio spews forth sputtering and crumbling hip-hop
beats that disintegrate into silence, only to come back with a vengeance.
Music to enforce movement.

Kettel (NL) Planet Mu, Neo Ouija, DUB
'Cenny Crush' is perhaps the best Dutch, best worldwide album of the year.
Creative, hip-hop related beats embellished with lovely melodies and a
fresh, open sound. This young man from Groningen breaks through
internationally with this very mature album.

Boom Bip & Dose One (USA) LEAF, Lex Records
Abstract, IDM related hip-hop, featuring one crazy rapper, spitting out his
ominous phrases on the Warp-sublabel Lex and the always innovative label
LEAF. Boon Bip is also known for his "deep groove turntable performances",

and Dose One is one of the most sought after rappers with intriguing acts
such as cLoudead, Themselves and Revolutionary Ink.
http://www.dirtyloop.com/BoomBip.html /=

Cenik dj's (NL)
The Funcken brothers are very much into hip-hop. Over the past few months
they have been working on an impressive new album that is bound to surprise
everyone. Their turntable tricks are sure to enchant us all.

visuals by TCW 23 (NL)
Arthur Ivens (TCW 23) is an avid explorer of the relationship between image
and sound. Ivens is one of the co-founders of the artists' initiative
F.A.R.B.: Foundation Against Repetitive Behaviour, which primarily
concerns itself with cross-over projects.


With the project Can You See Me Now? the artists group Blast Theory
incorporates the latest communication technologies to play a game
simultaneously on line and in the streets. For a period of five days
players, while sitting at their computers, are virtually being chased by
living hunters at the Kop van Zuid: the members of Blast Theory. A
reconstruction of the huntwill afterwards be available on the website.
Visitors of DEAF03 can apply to take part in Can You See Me Now?

whisper is a participatory public installation by Thecla Schiphorst
(CDN), Susan Kozel (CDN/GB) and the whisperteam, based on small wearable
devices and intelligent garments that can be put on by the audience.The
affectionate computing devices inside the garments gather physical data and
signals generated by the bodies, and respond to these, visually and audible.

The live performance Interfacing/Radiotopia/Keyworx is a collaborative=
project by Rupert Huber (A) and Sher Doruff (USA/NL), assisted by L. Loos
(NL), M. Teran (CDN), E. Redlinger (USA) and I. Jenniches (AU/NL).
Interfacing/Radiotopia/Keyworx consists of one space that has no
and has only sound, and one space that has no sound and only images. They
are connected both physically and via the Internet. The sound in the audio
space is mixed live by musicians and is then converted into images in the
other space. Artists from all over the world were asked to send in material

to fill up a database that will be manipulated live by artists who are
present at DEAF03 and by artists participating on line.


Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 12:44:05 +0100
From: Kalina Bunevska <kbunevsk {AT} soros.org.mk>
Subject: Invitation

The Contemporary Art Center - Skopje, Macedonia
cordially invites you to attend the presentation of

The Association APSOLUTNO - the strategy of the absolutely real facts


The Center for new media KUDA.ORG. - Presentation of the activities of
the Center for New Media

Wednesday, 19.02.2003, 8:00 PM 
CIX gallery

Presenter: Zoran Pantelic (born 1966. MA artist and media activist.
Funded the association Apsolutno (art collective) in 1993 in Novi Sad,
Vojvodina, Serbia. Apsolutno is a collective of four members, dealing with
interdisciplinary art work and media pluralism. In 2000 he founded 
kuda.org, media education center, in Novi Sad, which is first of its kind in
Serbia - Montenegro)

The production of the association is created through collaboration of its four members (Zoran Pantelic, Dragan Rakic, Bojana Petric and Dragan Miletic). Since 1995 the works have been signed APSOLUTNO, without any reference to personal names.  Projects are often realized in public spaces or in locations for specific purposes (such as a shipyard, a bridge, cemetery, borders etc.). ]

[Center for new media kuda.org. is a non-profit organisation of artists,
theorists, media activists and researchers in the field of ict
(information and communication technologies). It explores critical
approaches towards (mis) using of ict and emphasizes creative rethinking
in raising network society.]


Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 16:47:04 -0500
From: Sasha Costanza-Chock <schock {AT} asc.upenn.edu>
Subject: Mad Scientists  {AT}  FCC hearing, Richmond

This message is in MIME format. Since your mail reader does not understand
this format, some or all of this message may not be legible.





Join our brigade of Mad Scientists in Richmond, Virginia on February 26-27
to stop the FCC from eliminating nearly all of the remaining protections
against media monopolies.


FCC Chairman Michael Powell has said that he only wants to hear from media
scientists about the issues of media concentration, because the comment he
is getting from the public is too "emotional" and "political."  We're
telling Michael Powell we don't want to be part of his experiment in Media


Without media ownership rules, one transnational company could legally own
ALMOST ALL the media in your town. That same company night also own big
weapons suppliers or nuclear power plants!


Do you trust that company to tell you everything you need to know about war,
government spending, or environmental issues?


If they get their way, you won't have any other choices!



FEBRUARY 27, 9:00 A.M.

Rally and FCC Hearing in Richmond, VA

Mad Scientists donning Einstein wigs and labcoats will descend on the FCC
Hearing to present our evidence that the titrations of media concentration
are bad for the nation. They will use their high -tech laboratory grade
"Mediational Suckolizer"  and electrodes and graphs and test tubes and
flashing spark gaps to discover how much empirical evidence there really is
for allowing the corporations to grow their fiendish media empires.


FEBRUARY 26, 7:00 P.M.

Teach-in with Speakers and Films

Details TBA.




CONTACT: Shivaani Selvaraj shivaani {AT} prometheusradio.org



Sasha Costanza-Chock

MA Candidate

Annenberg School for Communication

University of Pennsylvania


schock {AT} asc.upenn.edu <mailto:schock {AT} asc.upenn.edu> 




Date: Wed, 12 Feb 2003 17:06:02 +0100
From: Marjolein Berger <marjolein {AT} v2.nl>
Subject: V2_/DEAF03: Subject: Open Territories

This e-mail is in English only, because all presentations and events will 
be in English.

Open Territories

Tuesday 25 February until Saturday 01 March 2003
Location: ARENA  {AT}  Pakhuis Las Palmas (first floor), Wilhelminakade 66-68 
(Kop van Zuid), Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Admission: Tickets to presentations 7,--  Discount (student, cjp, 
RotterdamPas, 65+) € 5,-
(Open Workspace times free)

The Open Territories are part of the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival - 
DEAF03, organized by V2_, Institute for the Unstable Media, Rotterdam, 25 
February - 9 March 2003

More information can be found on the festival website http://deaf.v2.nl

Tickets and reservation: On line via http://deaf.v2.nl (Direct Payment 
procedure only) or by phone (from 21 February on) +31 (0)10 750 15 15

For educational programs and/or guided tours during DEAF03 please contact 
Valentijn Webbers, valentijn {AT} v2.nl or +31 (0)10 750 15 18

Tuesday 25 February 19:00 - 20:00: Opening ‘Open Territories Workspaces’

Wednesday 26 February, 11:00 - 13:00
Open Workspace Introductions: Kingdom of Piracy - /LOG/ (GB/USA/J), 
Rhizome.org (USA), Subtract the Sky (USA)

Wednesday 26 February: 14:00 - 16:00:
Project Presentations - PART 1: H.I.D.E. Human Database Emulation (Vienna, 
A), The Privacy Card (Bielefeld, D), BuBL Space (Amsterdam, NL), Code Zebra 
(Banff, CDN)

Wednesday 26 February, 16:00 - 18:00: Open Territories Workspaces continue

Thursday 27 February: 18:00 - 20:00: Open Territories Workspaces continue

Friday 28 February: 11:00 - 13:00
Project Presentations - PART 2, ETAWARE (Zürich, CH), Ars Memoria System 
(Amsterdam, NL), Radiotopia (Graz, A)

Friday 28 February, 14:00 - 19:00: Open Territories Workspaces continue

Saturday 1 March: 11:00 - 14:00: Open Territories Workspaces continue

Saturday 1 March: 14:00 - 17:00:
Open Territories Workspaces Presentations: KOP/LOG/output, Substract the 
Sky: Emergent Cartography, rhizome.org: Live EuropaNode Webconference w/ 
IRC chat (irc.v2.nl)



OPEN TERRITORIES  {AT}  DEAF03_ARENA offer a diverse public forum of debate and 
investigation through the presentation of individual art works alongside a 
series of three user interactive workspace projects engaged in public 
domain and data based interventions. Each project carries its own agenda 
and vision concerning the freedom of movement within data environments in 
relation to DEAF03's Data Knitting theme and engage the visitor to explore 
the ever expanding networked, wireless and cartographic data-realms 
tracking and forming our communications space. In the sense that an open 
territory implies the navigation and manipulation of a space devoid of the 
constraints of ordered data structures, the projects and presentations 
question the commonly perceived notions of data collection, secure 
identities and communications tracing.

The ARENA, DEAF03's presentation and event space, provides a freeform 
environment for examining and discussing the festival's issues and 
projects. Conceived and assembled by award winning Rotterdam design 
interventionists Atelier van Lieshout, the ARENA, as a public forum, will 
be hosting the Open Territories presentations and workspaces, as well as 
the Media Academy Day and the 'Evenings of' presentations. AVL's goal of 
creating autonomous spaces where a multiplicity of actions may emerge 
reflects the Arena's function as DEAF's conceptually Open Territory. Seven 
artworks and media projects will be given the Arena stage for the Open 
Territories presentations while three specially selected international 
projects will stake out individual Arena Territories as workspaces open to 
public participation and interaction during the entire program.

Enter the Arena, explore the Open Territories, leave your Trace ...

Most events will be streamed live, and some, including the Academy Day and 
Open Territories final presentations, will also be open for online 
participation on IRCnet at irc.v2.nl. All presentations and events will be 
in English. Program coordinated and moderated by Stephen Kovats <kovats {AT} v2.nl>

For more detailed information on the projects presented during the Open 
Territories, please read the information below and/or consult http://deaf.v2.nl

Open Workspace Projects

The Open Territories Workspaces are comprised of three projects that will 
occupy fixed areas within the ARENA. The projects, described below, have 
been selected for the manner in which they visualise, utilise or define 
archival structures and data realms in ways which engage the public in an 
active process of data-based investigation and intervention. The Workspaces 
will make introductory and production presentations, and be open daily for 
active participation between other ARENA events. (Please refer to schedule 

Kingdom of Piracy - /LOG/ (GB/USA/J) http://residence.aec.at/kop/
presented by Shu Lea Cheang (USA), Armin Medosch (GB), Yukiko Shikata (J) 
with the participation of Todd Matsumoto and Victoria Donkersloot (Piet 
Zwart Institute, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam)

<KOP> is an online workspace exploring the free sharing of digital content 
- - often condemned as piracy - as the net's ultimate art form. A floating 
kingdom adrift in the codified open source open sea, K.O.P. proposes an 
installation/performance "LOG" as a "piracy" enactment of the governments' 
data stealing initiatives. K.O.P. invites DEAF participants to log into V2_ 
's server, through which the visitors IPs will be tracked, the resulting 
data being retained and mapped and further 'processed ' and 'broadcast'. A 
wireless antenna network 'powers' the Open Territories into becoming a 
public access network zone, taking the Arena into the public domain. KOP 
encourages the public to bring their airport/lan supported laptops into the 
public realm to create the Kingdom's traceable paths of data ... which will 
be reprocessed and emitted as a series data interventions resonating with 
random drop out , graphic transformations, patent infringements, distortion 
and likely 'threatening' signals.

The Kingdom of Piracy <KOP> was originally created as an online exhibition 
project in Taiwan. 14 art works and 3 writers projects were commissioned to 
deal with Intellectual Property issues ranging from bio-piracy, censorship 
and control of the internet to demos, games and new interfaces for 
file-sharing. <KOP> is now expanding as a floating kingdom with each of its 
docking stations, creating LOG for DEAF and BURN and DIVE for the media 
lounge at FACT, Liverpool. <KOP> curators and collaborators will discuss 
the curatorial framework with regard to past and future projects, engage in 
public performances and present the output of the LOG workspace.

Rhizome.org (USA) www.rhizome.org
presented by Mark Tribe (USA), Francis Hwang (USA)

This New York based nonprofit organization picks up on the idea of the 
organic rhizome - a root-like stem that extends multi-directionally 
underground and connects plants in a living network. Rhizome.org creates 
networks and occupies media space by ceaselessly establishing "connections 
between semiotic chains, organization of power, and circumstances relative 
to the arts, sciences, and social struggles." Appearing at DEAF as a 
tentative transatlantic appendage, Rhizome.org seeks to establish a 
European node of activity to extend its programs and support the creation, 
presentation, discussion and preservation of new media art in Europe. As an 
Open Territories Wokspace Rhizome.org invites the public to enter their 
archival territories - ArtBase, TextBase and the not-yet-public Ephemera 
Archive - as well as to discuss the emergence of such a European base of 

The Rhizome.org wrap-up event at DEAF - the establishment of a Europa_node 
will take place in the form of a live interactive and streamed event on 
Saturday March 01  {AT}  15.00.

Subtract the Sky (US) www.subtractthesky.org
presented by: Sharon Daniel (USA) and Mark Bartlett (US) with Olga Trusova 
(USA) and the participation of Ana Gabriela Jimenez (Piet Zwart Institute, 
Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam)

SUBTRACT THE SKY provides individuals and groups with an online environment 
for collective and emergent methods of mapping. Mapping is inter-subjective 
communication - the visualization or representation of data and 
information. Subtract the Sky invites participants to become cartographers, 
enabled with the tools they need to produce an archive of maps that trace 
their own histories and re-map their own social and political worlds. 
Participants create this archive by contributing data, creating categories 
and associations, and re-interpreting existing data using a multi-user 
image editor and a real-time visualization of Subtract the Sky's evolving 

SUBTRACT THE SKY by Sharon Daniel and Mark Bartlett, with John Jacobs, Olga 
Trusova, Adam Hiatt and Victor Dods. Project development has been 
supported, in part, by the Daniel Langlois Foundation, the Banff Center for 
the Arts, the France-Berkeley Fund and the University of California.

Open Territories Project Presentations Part 1
Wednesday, February 26, ARENA 14.00 - 16.00

H.I.D.E. Human Identity Database Emulation www.automat.at
Jürgen Bauer, Stephan Müller (AUTOMAT, Vienna, A)

The web-based art project H.I.D.E. addresses the current issue surrounding 
the collection and storage of individual biometric characteristics. The 
connection of this visual information with relation to the use of 
person-based facts and figures within the growing landscape of network 
abstracts are creating comprehensive, and increasingly concealed 
databanking systems. Via the live recording and compilation of an 
individual's facial characteristics within H.I.D.E., the art group AUTOMAT 
simulates such biometric signatures, each recorded visitor receiving an 
individual coding.

The Privacy Card www.foebud.org/texte/aktion/privacy-card
Rena Tangens, padeluun (FoeBuD Germany and German Big Brother Awards)

The Privacy Card action was an elegant hack of the biggest loyalty card in 
Germany. The presentation, which highlights this event that brought 
knowledge to people and fun back to resistance also includes the artists's 
current prototype of a game on data collection and privacy.

BuBL Space www.bubl-space.com
Arthur Elsenaar (NL), Taco Stolk (NL)

Do you need a break from the daily mobile soap? Surround yourself with 
soothing space. Simply press your pocket-size BuBL device. Release a bubble 
of silence. You'll feel pleasantly isolated inside, even in a crowded 
place. Evaporate all phone signals up to three meters around. Enjoy the 

CodeZebra www.codezebra.net
Sara Diamond (Banff Centre for the Arts, CDN)

CZOS is a web based visual chat that enables conversations between 
different individuals and groups on the Internet. CodeZebra employs animal 
print metaphors and biological camouflage - a reference to the 
technological jungle in which human survival is increasingly reliant on 
communication skills. Its pattern recognition function is a new way to 
visualize the herds that naturally converge around any prey or subject CZOS 
helps user/players to link ideas, see and create relationships, and 
consider the emotional qualities of a discussion. Patterns are meaningful; 
these show relationships between postings and measure various stylistic 
dynamics such as speed, word length, and subject relatedness, frequency of 
posting, corrections. The software provides a series of provocative 
language toys and games that can shift the dynamics of a conversation. It 
can be used in conferences, on-line chats, and live performances and as a 
fashion accessory. Sara Diamond, who initiated and leads the CodeZebra 
project will discuss the project, show video documentation of events and 
the collaboration that has led to the current collaboration with V2 and DEAF.

Open Territories Project Presentations Part 2
Friday, February 28, ARENA 11.00 - 13.00

ETAWARE http://etaware.ath.cx
Christian Huebler (Knowbotic Research/ HGK Zürich)

ETAWARE is a system for the enacting of timebased archives through:
- - Groupware: the free and open modular groupware to edit and process 
audiostreams of online-media-archives
- - Collaborative software: ETAWARE provides a collaborative software 
plattform to access audio streaming archives, and offers different modes 
for the collaborative editing of these materials.
- - Modular toolkit: ETAWARE consists of a set of tools/modules to access, 
(non destructive) edit, annotate, share, communicate and perform 
audiostreams. The toolkit offers online cartographies to collaborate on the 
individual processed audiomaterials with other archive editors/users and 
web based publication and invitation tools to create project based communities.
- - New vocabulary for interaction with archives: ETAWARE connects existing 
online- archives with practices of the archive editors/users and creates a 
new vocabulary for the open content processing and social knowledge 
exchange in online media_archives.

Ars Memoria System http://ImaginaryMuseum.org
Tjebbe van Tijen (Imaginary Museum Projects IMP, Amsterdam)

The Ars Memoria creates a framework of experiences and ideas for an 
information system that ties the realm of paper information and museum like 
tangible objects to the dematerialized digital world: looking for new ideas 
in old things and relating old principles to the latest discoveries. It 
works to enhance recall, reuse and reconfigure experiences and ideas by:
- - combining objectifying knowledge systems with idiosyncrasies of personal 
insights and;
- - allowing associative interplay between tactile, textual, pictorial and 
auditory information items;
- - tracing sources up- or down-stream through a delta of connections or 
drifting of arteries;
- - easing the repetitive tasks of track keeping thus freeing time and energy 
for discoveries and insights through a 'combinatory art' (ars combinatoria).

This is an ever lasting 'work in progress' evolving from paper based filing 
and organising techniques to computer based methods and combinations 
thereof, over thirty years, for projects in the fields of art, action and 

Radiotopia www.aec.at/radiotopia
Rupert Huber (Austria)

The idea of a landscape, of the layout of a city, played a major role in 
conceptualizing the multi-layered, situational and decentralized character 
of the radiotopia sound/network project. Behind every sound is an idea, a 
world of words and definitions. The one big experience within radiotopia is 
the PEACEFULL confrontation of all the world's sounds, audio artists, 
concepts, sights and sometimes ideologies. The presentation will make 
connections between project inherent concepts, their correlating 
sound-language and the disregard toward this material; simply the creation 
of sounds and networks for the sake of the audio landscapes it produces. 
The second aspect of the presentation will address the issue of sound in 
space and the influence this has on the aforementioned creation of sound 


Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2003 13:39:12 +0100
From: Oliver Ressler <oliver.ressler {AT} chello.at>
Subject: Video "Disobbedienti" : upcoming presentations 


A video by / Ein Video von Oliver Ressler
In cooperation with / In Kooperation mit Dario Azzellini
Video, 54 min, 2002

Upcoming screenings / Kommende Videopräsentationen:
(announcement in the language of the presentation)

Kulturkaufhaus Kato, im U-Bhf Schlesisches Tor, 10999 Berlin (D), 
19.02.03, 19 Uhr (mit D. Azzellini)

Kulturzentrum röd {AT} , Steyr (A), 20.02.03, 20 Uhr, 
http://www.servus.at/roeda (mit O. Ressler)

Kino im Sprengel, Schaufelder Str. 30, Hannover (D), 25.02.03, 20:30 Uhr 
(mit D. Azzellini)

Druckluft, Am Förderturm 27, Oberhausen (D), 26.02.03, 20 Uhr (mit D. 

AK-Bildungshaus Jägermayrhof, Römerstraße 98, 4020 Linz (A), 26.02.03, 
20 Uhr (im Rahmen der Veranstaltungsreihe "Stopp GATS", mit O. Ressler)

AZ Wuppertal, Markomannenstraße 3, Wuppertal (D), 27.02.03, 20 Uhr (mit 
D. Azzellini)

Bahnhof Langendreer, Wallbaumweg 108, Bochum (D), 28.02.03, 19 Uhr (mit 
D. Azzellini)

Slought Foundation, "Film Premiers", Philadelphia (USA), 05.03.03, 6:30 
pm, http://slought.org (introduction: Reinaldo Laddaga)

Badischer Kunstverein, Karlsruhe (D), 07.03.03, 21 Uhr, 
http://www.badischer-kunstverein.de (mit O. Ressler)

Kinoki, 7*Stern, Siebensterngasse 31, 1070 Wien (A), 17.03.03, 20 Uhr 
(mit O. Ressler)

Diagonale - Festival des österreichischen Films, Graz (A), 27. - 
28.03.03, http://www.diagonale.at (mit O. Ressler)

Mayworks Festival, Toronto (CAN), 27.04.03, http://www.mayworks.ca

Centre for Contemporary Arts - Belgrade, Belgrade (YU), 29.04.03, 7 pm, 
http://www.dijafragma.com (with O. Ressler)

Hallwalls Contemporary Arts Center, Buffalo (USA), 17.05.03, 

(for a German video description and a video still please scroll down)

The video "Disobbedienti" thematizes the Disobbedienti's origins, 
political bases, and forms of direct action on the basis of 
conversations with seven members of the movement.
The Disobbedienti emerged from the Tute Bianche during the 
demonstrations against the G8 summit in Genoa in July 2001. The "Tute 
Bianche" were the white-clad Italian activists who used their bodies - 
protected by foam rubber, tires, helmets, gas masks, and homemade 
shields - in direct acts and demonstrations as weapons of civil 
disobedience. The Tute Bianche first appeared in Italy in 1994 in the 
midst of a social setting in which the "mass laborer," who had played a 
central role in the 1970s in production and in labor struggles, was 
gradually replaced in the transition to precarious post-Fordist means of 
production. By forcing the closing of detention camps through specially 
developed acts of dismantling the Tute Bianche became involved in 
protests against precarious working conditions and the immigrants' 
struggle for freedom of movement. The Tute Bianche were part of the 
demonstration against the WTO in Seattle in 1999 and the IMF in Prague 
in 2000. They sent delegates to the Lakandon rainforest in Chiapas and 
accompanied the Zapatist Comandantes 3,000 kilometers to Mexico City.

At the G8 summit in Genoa the Tute Bianche decided to take off their 
trademark white overalls that had given them their name and instead 
blend in the multitude of 300,000 demonstration participants. The 
transition from the Tute Bianche to the Disobbedienti, the disobedients, 
also marked a development from "civil disobedience" to "social 
disobedience." The repressive actions and massacre by the police force 
in Genoa brought the practice of social disobedience in from the streets 
to the most diverse social realms. In the video, the Disobbedienti 
spokesperson Luca Casarini describes the Tute Bianche as a subjective 
experience and a small army, whereas Disobbedienti is a multitude and a 
Disobbedienti maintains the political form of the Tute Bianche and 
attempts to create a better legal justice for and from the people. 
Spectacular actions are still being carried out against detention 
centers, such as the dismantling of the detention camp in the Via Mattei 
in Bologna on 25 January 2002, as shown in the video. Additionally, 
attempts are being made to further develop "social disobedience" as a 
collective practice of various groups, to block the flows of goods and 
communication, to make general the strikes of individual groups, and to 
plan and carry out general strikes.

The conversations with the Disobbedienti were carried out in Italian in 
Bologna and Genoa in July 2002. There are two versions of the video 
"Disobbedienti," one with German and one with English subtitles.

Concept, interview preparation, editing, realization: Oliver Ressler
Interviews, conceptual work, translation: Dario Azzellini
Camera: Claudio Ruggieri
Sound: Rainer Antesberger
Interview partners: Luca Casarini, Ulia Conti, Gianmarco de Pieri, 
Enrico Ludovici, Federico Martelloni, Francesco Raparelli, Francesca Ruocco


Date: Mon, 17 Feb 2003 17:38:29 +0100
From: "SMART Project Space" <info {AT} smartprojectspace.net>
Subject: Opening A Snare for the Eye, zaterdag 22 februari , 21.00 uur



Renata Czajor, Diederik Klomberg, Elke Lehman, Nicola Pellegrini, Gert 
Rietveld, Gert Robijns, Andreas Slominski, Carolien Stikker, Claude 
Wampler, Thomas Zummer. Curated by Alice Smits

Opening: Saturday 22nd February, 21.00 hrs.

At 21.30 hrs. Technology as Inner Experience, a performance-reading by 
Thomas Zummer in Smart Cinema. In cafe De Ruimte dj performance with 
visuals by Name.

The exhibition runs from 23rd February till 30th March, 2003
Visual artworks employ specific perceptual strategies directed to catch 
the gaze of the beholder. The original latin connotation of the word 
perception is 'catching', or 'taking captive'. Images are visual 
constructions that seduce the eye, (mis)leading it to see viewpoints and 
perspectives that come into effect within their given cultural and 
historical context.

Duchamp posed against the distanced modernist spectator the implicit 
look of the regardeur: the regardeur is the observer who activates the 
artwork in the act of looking. Sincere forms of tricking have always 
been essential to art long before Duchamp. They are extremely valuable 
in rendering different views of reality, throwing the eye back onto 
itself. Especially now we live in a time in which we are daily 
confronted with an overload of visual information, awareness of how our 
field of vision is packaged to draw us in has become crucial

 This exhibition focuses on works that explicitly bring the act of 
looking into play by making visible the ambiguity of looking itself. 
They play a game with the gaze of the spectator, thereby putting their 
own mechanisms on the spot, as perception of the trap always involves a 
moment of self-reflection. A Snare for the Eye means the eye is 
ensnaring the thing that traps it. The question arises then how to 
behave in the trap. If we get ourselves caught in a trap, we inevitable 
have to concern ourselves with the conditions of the trap, or simply 
enjoy being snared...

 Video program A Trap for the Looking accompanies the exhibition every 
Sunday and Wednesday at 17.00 in Smart Cinema, curated by Lee Ellickson.

 For images and further information please contact Jacco Musper or Alice 

 SMART Project Space | www.smartprojectspace.net
Exhibition Space & Cinema: 1e Const. Huygensstraat 20 
Opening times: Tues-Sat from 12.00-22.00, Sun from 14.00-22.00 hrs.
Mail to: P.O.Box 15004, NL-1001 MA Amsterdam
Phone: +31 20 427.5951
Fax.: +31 20 427.5953
mail: info {AT} smartprojectspace.net

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