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Re: <nettime> Ready.gov
Ana Viseu on Tue, 25 Feb 2003 19:59:26 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Ready.gov

At 11:03 AM 2/21/03 +0100, Quim Gil wrote:

>"Quickly assess the situation."
>For instance, check that your investments are still OK in the stock
>exchange. Or try to tune CNN in your TV (if you still have one, or a
>wall to plug it).

[The BBC also had an article describing how businesses in the UK are 
setting up 'physical backups' of their facilities and documentation so that 
they can be up and running in two hours in case they are hit by a terrorist 
attack. Here goes an excerpt. ana]


Planning for disaster

A nuclear bunker from the Cold War era is being used to help deal with 
today's terrorist threat.

Many of the bunkers were sold off but this one, in Kent, is being used to 
store vital documents and data.

It is all part of the back-up system that would allow a company to carry on 
with its business if a terrorist attack, or any other disaster, forced it 
to abandon its main offices.

With the heightened possibility of a major terrorist attack on London, 
questions are being asked about how well companies could cope if they were 
forced to abandon their offices.


So one of the questions that has been troubling the disaster recovery 
planners is: how far away should the back-up office be?

"I don't think that's been resolved," says Mr Sharp. "You could look at the 
physical damage and say we should be one mile away.

  "But if there's a biological incident should it be five or 10 miles?

"If your business has to be up and running within two hours that might be 
too far away."


"In the original plan the ghost office had hundreds of seats and everybody 
moved to that location.

"Now we could provide people with all the connectivity they would need to 
work from home."

Some staff would also move to the company's other UK offices.

"Our client confidence is important to us and we feel that if we did not 
provide a continuity of service that would damage our business."

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