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Re: <nettime> William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" and Ethnomathematic
Greg Little on Mon, 24 Feb 2003 08:16:03 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> William Gibson's "Pattern Recognition" and Ethnomathematics

DJ Spooky - WHAT are you talking about???

>Gibson understands ADVERTISING as a kind of
> Situationist 
> detournement

> detournement has become the global carnival of NOW.

(I'm sitting here with a scowl, lookin like "Tricky"
Dick Cheney trying to take a dump)

"NOW" is all vended, Spooky (and at a very arbitary
market value)...

If you've read Thomas Frank (I'm assuming you have),
but didn't appreciate him on the first go-round--then
crack him back open!

Advertising works to reify false value--nothing more.

The "détournable bloc" is co-extensive with the sum of
all ranging, grassy corporate parks; and is integral
with corporate policy and corporate
lingo...Advertising détournement devolves to the Taco
Bell chihuahua selling Geico insurance.

"...leaving the imbeciles to their slavish reference
to 'citations.'" sez the User's Guide to Détournement;
but the PRACTICE - or, at least, simulation - of
détournement in advertising (vending n'importe quoi)
is all archly allusive, all deafening resonant
feedback of savvy, without caesura in which to nest

"It is the most distant détourned element which
contributes most sharply to the overall impression..."
sez the User's Guide; but if the metastatic, colonial
forces of the market have surveyed & assessed every
last corner of the Territories - urban to shitheel -
whence the force of the détourne, Spooky?

Coke & a smile,

- Greg Little

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