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<nettime> LBO web updates
Doug Henwood on Sat, 16 Aug 2003 04:28:11 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> LBO web updates

Finally, after a long period of somnolence, the LBO website has been 
updated with a new article, info on my forthcoming book (After the 
New Economy), teasers from the new issue (#105), and eight new radio 
shows (most of which now open with me reviewing the week's economic 
news). All links are accessible from the front page, 


"Crappy little countries," the theory and practice of imperialism, Bush-style

radio shows

July 31, 2003 Ken Sherrill of the Hunter College poli sci department, 
on the perils of nonpartisan elections * nurse-practitioner Helen 
Ruddy-Brachman on the perils of Medicare reform

July 24, 2003 labor law professor Marc Linder on work hours and the 
lack of pee breaks * Chris Carlsson on the bicycle anarcho-activists 
of Critical Mass

July 17, 2003 Faye Wattleton, director of the Center for the 
Advancement of women, on a poll of American women * Anatol Lieven on 
postwar Iraq * Michael Shifter of Inter-American Dialogue on Bush & 
Latin America

July 10, 2003 George Monbiot on global governance (and why the WTO 
isn't so evil) * author and ctivist Marta Russell on the UN 
conference on disability

July 3, 2003 Berkeley geographer Richard Walker on the geography of 
the boom and bust * DH on the mess we're in with some listener phone 
calls on the topic

June 19, 2003 Patrick Mason on the economics of racial discrimination 
* Isabel Cole on dissident Americans abroad (click here for the 
website) * Kim Schaffer on housing affordability

June 12, 2003 Michael Hudson, author of a report on the sleazy world 
of "subprime" finance

June 5, 2003 Hilary Wainwright, editor of Red Pepper, on Blair's 
political troubles * Hamid Dabashi on Iran

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