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Re: <nettime> make world digest [x2]
nettime's travel agency on Sat, 16 Aug 2003 12:21:07 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> make world digest [x2]

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   Re: <nettime> Linz, Austria                                                     
     Christian Jeitler <chris {AT} quintessenz.org>                                       

   Re: <nettime> make world digest [x5]                                            
     Are Flagan <areflagan {AT} transcodex.net>                                           


Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 19:23:09 +0200
From: Christian Jeitler <chris {AT} quintessenz.org>
Subject: Re: <nettime> Linz, Austria

Hey Rafael!

> this autumn i'm planning a trip to Linz, Austria. Does anybody have
> contacts to  new media artists or institutions in that area? Is there any
> political/media activist scene?

Yes of course there is one.

Next to the Ars Electronica Center http://www.aec.at there is 
http://servus.at, an alternative culturall Internet Provider.

You can meet them in Stadtwerkstatt a very relaxed bar 150m from the AEC in 
the first floor. They also do Radio and other things there.

If you want direct contact via Email Adresses to them, just do PM.

1 1/2 hours by train in Vienna you can find a lot of interesting .org's:

http://www.quintessenz.org, not new media, but privacy activists by nature 
(PNR, ETSI, Enfopol, RFID, ....)
http://www.cngw.org, .at's chaos club, fun with electronic devices
http://www.vibe.at, internet activists, campaigns for free use of the net
http://www.pvl.at, they stream culturell events, public radia, ....




Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 00:16:02 +0200
From: Are Flagan <areflagan {AT} transcodex.net>
Subject: Re: <nettime> make world digest [x5]

Re: 8/14/03 19:14, "nettime's_butlins" <nettime {AT} bbs.thing.net>:

> Dear Friends,

> This autumn I'm planning a trip to Pyongyang, North Korea.  Does
> anybody have contacts to new media artists of institutions in that
> area?  Is there any political/media activist scene?

> Thank you
> Dan

Hi Dan,

There are quite a few institutions worth visiting whilst in Pyongyang. The
political/media activist scene actually revolves around these, and it's
quite happening these days with many new works in the pipeline. Pyongyang
is, however, more into atoms than bits and must thus be deemed somewhat
reactionary. You'll no doubt tap into the energy of the Juche Idea, which
serves as the central ideology of the country and its avant-garde cadre. A
must here is the giant Tower of the Juche Idea. Powerfully reflecting its
central tenet that the Great Leaders are virtual Gods (seeking independence
through isolation), it punches heavenward with a giant, 20-meter high
electrical "flame" blazing atop. No doubt a beacon for the scene you are

Speaking of scenes, Kim Jong-il is a movie buff who does not shy away from
directing a little cut and paste. (The Berlin embassy of the People's
Republic would in the past seek out a potpourri of 35mm prints, ship them to
North Korea for "educational" purposes, and then promptly return them, on
time, two weeks later, all fees paid.) If your schedule allows, stop by the
Korean Film Studio in Pyongyang. The guiding booklet provided for this leg
is "Great Man and Cinema," an immodest overview of Kim Jong-il's mixed roles
as Great Leader and Studio Executive. A comprehensive display at the site
features every item he has physically touched upon the cinema grounds;
everything from cameras to floodlights were jerked from the production
schedule as the Great Man passed by and immortalized the technology. (Not a
novel exhibition idea, exactly. "Written in Stone" at the Museum of Modern
Art in Oslo this year goggled net art through Heath Bunting's sweaty
T-Shirt.) And, if there is time, you must check out "Pulgasari," the vanity
Godzilla rip-off rumored to be produced by the Great Man himself.

The most vibrant scene, however, can be found at Kumsusan Memorial Hall,
otherwise known as the Kim Il-Sung mausoleum. After being thoroughly
cleansed, including jets of air forcing the tiniest dandruff flake to take
off from your head, moving walkways take you to the shrine of a corpse
dressed in a suit. Just remember to bow as requested.
Happy holidays,

- -af

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