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<nettime> UPDATE: Network of Women in Media, India (fwd)
Frederick Noronha (FN) on Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:53:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> UPDATE: Network of Women in Media, India (fwd)

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Network of Women in Media, India

NWMI newsletter
August 19, 2003
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Status of Women in Media in Nepal

"Rarely does the [Nepalese] media present women as contributors to the
development process or as professionals in their own field. They are still
predominantly portrayed as being victim, subservient, dependent,
nurturing, selfless, sacrificing mother and wife or as a commodity."  
Bandana Rana reports on the status of women within Nepalese media
institutions and on the portrayal of women onscreen. read the report
Asha Krishnakumar of Frontline wins Kurt Schork award for her "thorough,
compassionate and determined reporting"
Amulya Gopalakrishnan of Frontline has received one of the three Prem
Bhatia scholarships this year

Madiba's EQ legacy-Mandela through a gender lens by Colleen Lowe Morna

BBC's "The BBC News Styleguide". It is packed with practical suggestions
on journalism style, reported speech and "how to avoid irritating your
editor", among other aspects of journalism. It's free and ready to

* New topic in the discussion forum:
  women and ageing in media 
* Soul search...situation 5
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* Calling all media women...
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