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<nettime> An attempt at a blog
Michael H Goldhaber on Sun, 31 Aug 2003 12:36:18 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> An attempt at a blog


In a vain attempt to stay au courant, while further dissipating my
energies, I've decided to start a blog


My current contribution may offer a tidbit to those who think about IP and

Keep watching for further musings on an assortment of current politics,
economics, philosophy, culture, science, and who knows , perhaps even my
own life, just in case I can imagine that anyone would want to know.
Assuming i get around to postiong anything, that is.


Michael H. Goldhaber

mgoldh {AT} well.com

What have I learned in all these years, by way of wisdom? Most
importantly, I would say the notion that we humans came into a world
without meaning, but we invented meaning; it is to us to give things,
including ourselves what meaning we choose to give, and though our power
to do that is not unlimited, it is the most difficult and most important
power we possess, a task we can never successfully assign to others, and
can hardly avoid, a task that is always open before us, and one in which
there are no predetermined right answers, and quite possibly not even any
absolutely wrong answers, much as I would like there to be. The world is
not a book we can read, but our very existence as humans makes it a book
we can--and inevitably do--write.

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