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<nettime> Larry King / Ann Coulter cut-up
A Dontigny on Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:23:14 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Larry King / Ann Coulter cut-up

Larry King / Ann Coulter cut-up

KING:  [...] but the question comes, you praise Joe McCarthy, why?

COULTER:  For one thing, to tell the truth about Joe McCarthy, most 
of the history about McCarthy you'll notice doesn't have many facts 
or details.  It's just enunciations.  He was a demagogue.  He was a 
bully and told lies.

KING:  All that's true.

COULTER:  It isn't true.

KING:  He was not a demagogue?  Joe McCarthy was not a demagogue?

COULTER:  No, I think he was a great speaker and a politician, no 
more than your average Senator.  He was more popular than your 
average Senator.  He was extremely popular, in fact...

KING:  Not when he was censored he wasn't.  Not when Walsh took him 
on at the Army McCarthy hearings and lambasted him.  He wasn't 
popular then.

COULTER:  The elites, he was never popular with.  That is part of the 
myth of McCarthyism.  That he held a terrified nation captive. Oh 
too, the contrary, liberals were having a ball.  They denounced him 
from the rooftops.  He was denounced in every newspaper in American. 
In fact, he won a liable suit against a newspaper.  Nobody ever won a 
liable suit against him.
He was investigated four times by the U.S. Senate.  Meanwhile, Soviet 
spies are crawling through the United States government.

1) Ann, you're an outspoken pundant, did you expect that?

the president said he is the war itself,
odds I don't get should be made public
because what liberals want
going around a whole party

JFK done it if FDR am these people who are many people to the constitution
do a great speaker from the secretary of Soviet spy
Cubans make this deficit of America
States going around
Hello, Larry, Soviet Union

we know who really shot Bush
and slitting managed oil

from 9/11, accept a person is doing what he is
your book, actually anything about the constitution
America wouldn't be made to sign a very good elite

leadership about an elegant But a great American
voting liberals?
don't think your first question would have a lot of America within 
the Vietnam getting of Kuwait
slander them to support the first Gulf
you slander them
No, I am delighted
I think California Supreme out Hussein
the voters popular, but on their people

some outrageous state told lies
I think it's made available to drive deficit
leaking  Harry Dexter white Harry Truman a lot of them of McCarthyism

well, That was part of transportation treachery Ann?
I correct the truth
an upfront outselling civil of an outspoken supposed country
treacherous part of the person who are traitors
Denver, Colorado, for bigots?
responded she would never fought All right
think he is buying two things
found John? the Cubans allowing that's finally Hi

Thank you say the books since 1911
and that ferociously Ann is on the people running the Soviet spy
You're being such as potentially drawing Soviet then for McCarthy
not slander them treason
avoid the president his name is useful
assuming I was running the Cold War

I'm impressed Ann, you're not talking out of missile myth captive
I must Ann Coulter. Hello, Hello, Larry, kind of

he's in question
I don't think we have any thoughts
just enunciations that the Cuban
Obviously, They defended McCarthy
voting for Ann Coulter
the defense of announced words, workers
He was a conservative
because to take the odds
running for 30 pages he was so simple
brother, McCarthy could have thoughts that makes $38 billion
Coulter's so far's not being defended by Joe McCarthy

2) We go to Boston, Massachusetts, for Ann Coulter. Hello.

be nice to the commission Hello. Hi. Thank you look back on the truth 
enough that I was wondering hello. Hi. My question I had said he was 
going to the threat to recall with the plan. It was a bunch of them...

to be made to a terrified one
being defended by George Bush I had that ferociously Marshal Plan to War
but your average Senator was promoted a Soviet cables
the Democrats said he was JFK started
the case of Republican means President Truman impressed Army against him
It wasn't popular with fact
he was a little more than your country popular,
but we're going to treachery
it's made it that treachery? against a conservative
budget office take your book treason
you're an absolute
tell the world's policemen
timers birthday party and told lies
for example, think he was a bunch of state
All right. Bay news do you beat the order to do it. I mean, he did.
wondering at the contrary, leadership
a liable suit against a person who cares?
Truman lambasted him a bunch of America within the plan
large "New York Times" best seller with tenderness of Kuwait
I mean, it's often been a Democrat living in slander
brother, many spies were saying
we're supposed to really shot for George
best seller with all that?
No, I don't know more about old timers 100th traitor
Denver, Colorado, for the order to support dictators in America

Reagan was appropriate
McCarthy was running for overtime
And as evidence for overtime with Saudi Arabia
I would never read the demagogue
He was just spending Indiana, 90 the best seller with Saudi Arabia
I think it was never fought, we go replace the world's oil
I thought the Democrats screamed bloody murder
the commission calls for Ann Coulter
a comfortable home for hardliners
mad interesting book
defended McCarthy just the last two facts I am saying if 
Schwarzenegger is happening to praise toast at the like? about Joe 
it was never in his name
one foreign policy changes
she knows the Democrats screamed bloody murder
general moderately encrypted book is going to push the order of all 
the people burning the rise light to help be made one foreign policy. 
Yes. OK.
maybe so brilliant to your average Democrat was opposed suppose We'll go away.
Coulter, hello. Hello. Hello,
good enough that George Marshal may be slaughtered nation captive
Do Republicans have been leaking outspoken question I say, Ann, 
you're an Ann Coulter kind of our guest
George Marshal plan prevented out nuclear annihilation on the truth
Ann Coulter. Hello. Hello, Larry (UNINTELLIGIBLE)
Ann, see how didn't matter this particular questions
reading your book is foreign policy
Yes. But I am delighted.



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