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<nettime> Earth Station 5 Declares War Against The Motion Picture Associ
auskadi on Sun, 31 Aug 2003 22:45:10 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Earth Station 5 Declares War Against The Motion Picture Association of America


I love the rhetoric here but need to play with it to see if it lives up 
to the job in practice.


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Earth Station 5 Declares War Against The Motion Picture Association of 

FREE Music, FREE Movies, FREE Software and Now FREE Sex Being Beamed
By Earthstation 5 to the Humans for Free

     JENIN, West Bank, Aug. 19 /PRNewswire/ -- In response to the email
received today from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) to
Earthstation 5 for copyright violations for streaming FIRST RUN movies over
the internet for FREE, this is our official response!
     Earthstation 5 is at war with the Motion Picture Association of America
(MPAA) and the Record Association of America (RIAA), and to make our point
very clear that their governing laws and policys have absolutely no 
meaning to us here in Palestine, we will continue to add even more movies 
for FREE.
     ES5 (http://www.es5 .com) does not require any signups, registration,
credit cards and/or any other personal information to watch the first rate
     Our secure software protect our users who use our P2P application and
there is nothing that you can do to stop us, says Ras Kabir, president of
Earthstation 5 (http:/www.earthstation5 .com).
     "File-sharers world-wide are learning that our Earthstation 5 software
hides the identities of its users and their IP addresses so they can now
freely share their music and movies online without the threat of a lawsuit
from the RIAA and/or the MPAA," said Kabair.
     "Unlike Kazaa and other P2P programs who subsequently deny building their
P2P program for illegal filesharing, ES5 is the only P2P application and
portal to actually join its users in doing P2P."
     Currently Earthstation 5 has over 15 million active online users at any
given moment of the day or night.
     Earthstation 5 also has a FREE multi-user Voice and Video chat system,
FREE Dating system, provides FREE video streaming of first run movies, FREE
ten SEX channels, FREE live Sporting events, and will be releasing soon a
Voice over IP application providing FREE local and international telephone
calls to its users to communicate with each other.
     Earthstation 5 is currently available in 28 languages and more languages
are coming out each week.
     Earth Station 5 is provided free to its users and can be downloaded at
http://www.es5 .com.
     Earth Station 5 is spyware free, adware free and contains no popups and/or
annoying advertising.  Earth Station 5 is located both in Gaza and in the
Jenin Refugee Camp of Palestine.
     Ras Kabir's warning to the RIAA and the MPAA,  "The next revolution in P2P
file sharing is upon you.  Resistance is futile and we are now in control".

      Media Contact:
      Ras Kabir, Earthstationv Ltd.

      Telephone:  972 673 51065
      E-mail:  ras {AT} earthstationv.com
      http://www.earthstationv .com/

Martin Hardie
auskadi {AT} tvcabo.co.mz
hardie {AT} ekno.com
Avenida Julius Nyerere 812 7E
Maputo Mozambique 
(don't use the post!!)
(258) 82 449428
Artekale 30, 2A
Durango, 48200
Bizkaia, Euskal Herria,

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