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Announcer on Fri, 5 Sep 2003 12:22:19 +0200 (CEST)

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Table of Contents:

   Conference Update: The State of the Real                                        
     Damian Sutton <d.sutton {AT} gsa.ac.uk>                                              

    Networked Performance: September on -empyre-                                   
     "Melinda Rackham" <melinda {AT} subtle.net>                                          

   Conference Announcement                                                         
     Charlie Gere <c.gere {AT} bbk.ac.uk>                                                 

   [sydney] D I S O R I E N T A T I O N                                            
     "shannon o'neill" <alias {AT} aliasfrequencies.org>                                  

     "Karoly Toth" <are {AT} xs4all.nl>                                                   

   >DIGITAL SPARKS<2003 AWARD CEREMONY, ARS ELECTRONICA                            
     "Katja Heckes" <katja.heckes {AT} imk.fraunhofer.de>                                 

   JavaMuseum - Updates                                                            
     "JavaMuseum" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>                                         

   call for participation__sagas wif __FUTURE TV workshop_in Munich_October 7 - 13 
     Brunhild Bushoff <SAGAs {AT} extern.lrz-muenchen.de>                                 


Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 16:57:24 +0100
From: Damian Sutton <d.sutton {AT} gsa.ac.uk>
Subject: Conference Update: The State of the Real

I hope list-members will be interested in this event.


An updated timetable will shortly be available for:

T h e   S t a t e   o f   t h e   R e a l

An Interdisciplinary Conference


Conference includes:

Keynote Speakers: 
Prof. Linda Nochlin, New York University
Prof. Slavoj Zizek, University of Ljubljana

45 international session speakers.


Exhibition by photographer Andrew Lee

Ceilidh Dinner 

Delegates are advised to book early to avoid disappointment.

T h e   S t a t e   o f   t h e   R e a l

An Interdisciplinary Conference

Glasgow School of Art, UK

21-22 November 2003

"How real can you get?"
This two-day conference will debate the subject of Śthe realą in aesthetic
philosophy, criticism and practice.

"When is representation not real?"
Recent years have seen notions of reality discussed in the open. What
relationship do current views developed by this discourse have with those
tenets of realism and representation that once provided the foundation for
aesthetic study? What are the philosophical consequences of the introduction
of technologies that increasingly blur the boundaries between art and
popular culture? What is the effect of aesthetic culture on Realpolitik?
What has happened to the notions of social realism, verisimilitude, and the
imaginary? Are they still relevant, and how have they been changed, if at

"Reclaiming the real."
The organizers are also interested in how notions of reality are affected
by, and continue to affect, aesthetic practice in the fields of art, design,
and media production. With the popularity of haptic technologies, what has
happened to Śrealą haptics? How do practitioners and academics view older
technologies in the light of their electronic avatars? With the development
of notions of virtual space, what has happened to our understanding of the
body, the mind, and corporeal space?

The conference will include panels on these issues, and also on The Body,
Photography, Museum Studies, Design, Cinema and Urban Space.

For more information, and a registration form, email the organisers at:

real {AT} gsa.ac.uk

Or please contact: 
ŚThe State of the Realą,
Dept. of Historical and Critical Studies,
Glasgow School of Art,
167 Renfrew St, 
Scotland, UK. 
G3 6RQ. 

You can also log on to the conference website, which will be updated
throughout the Summer.



Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 15:18:02 +1000
From: "Melinda Rackham" <melinda {AT} subtle.net>
Subject:  Networked Performance: September on -empyre- 

"The space becomes like a body, and the live body
becomes a space..." --Kondition Pluriel 2003

- -empyre- is pleased to welcome Company in Space
(Australia)and Kondition Pluriel (Canada/Austria)as
guests for our September conversation on performance
and digital media.

join us on -empyre-


Melbourne-based Company in Space joins us for
September 1-15.  Since 1993, co-directors Hellen Sky
and John McCormick have pioneered telematic
performance in experiments in networked movement, in
live and online kinaesthetic, visual and aural worlds
using motion capture imaging and video. Company in
Space has performed internationally in Europe, Asia,
Australia in numerous festivals and exhibitions. 

As artists-in-residence at RMIT's Interactive
Information Institute, Company in Space  researches
liveinteractive performance and the extension of the
body's relationship to space over the internet and
within realtime virtual theatre environments.         


>From September 15 to month's end, -empyre- will enlist
the forces of Kondition Pluriel, with Marie-Claude
Poulin and Martin Kusch. 

Kondition Pluriel creates interactive installations
and environments,incorporating 
technology,architecture,site-specificity, and live
performance through the disciplines of choreography
and contemporary dance performance.Martin Kusch and
Marie-Claude  Poulin  began their research as
kondition pluriel in Montreal 2000, with the aim of 
transcending each of their disciplines - Martin's work
in the field of  media art involving responsive
environments and installations, and  Marie-Claude's
background in movement, dance and scientific concepts
- -  to create interdisciplinary works in which
movement, performance, digital  interactive technology
and digital video combine on equal footing to  form a
new space and language. 



Date: Tue, 02 Sep 2003 13:26:18 +0100
From: Charlie Gere <c.gere {AT} bbk.ac.uk>
Subject: Conference Announcement

Hi everyone

This is to let you know about the Nineteenth Annual CHArt Conference

Apologies for cross-posting

Please pass on to anyone who might be interested

More information and booking form available at


CONVERGENT PRACTICES - New Approaches to Art and Visual Culture

will be held at Birkbeck College 43 Gordon Square, Bloomsbury, London, UK,

6-7 NOVEMBER 2003.

Details of the programme are given below.


The booking form is available online on


The focus of the CHArt 2003 Annual Conference is on the effects of
emerging technologies and hybrid media on art and visual culture,
particularly where these developments have fostered and encouraged new
practice.  The conference will discuss the ways in which new media has
helped to redefine museum or gallery identity, led artists to develop new
forms of practice and challenged educators.

KEYNOTE ADDRESS - To be confirmed



Malcolm Ferris, University of Hertfordshire, UK. Performing Histories:
visitors as characters in interactive exhibition media.

James Coupe, Thames Valley University, UK. Celina Jeffery, Savannah
College of Art and Design, USA. From Sculptural Consciousness to the
Digital Sublime: Understanding the System Aesthetic.

Helen Sloan, Southern Collaborative Arts Network, UK. Paul Smith,
boredomresearch, UK. From Work to Text: The dissemination and distribution
of hybrid and process-based practice.

Jennifer Way, University of North Texas, USA. Cybernetics, Cybernation,
and Cyborgification in John McHale's Telemaths of the 1950s.



Ann Borda, Alpay Beler, Science Museum, UK. Science and Culture: An
interactive partnership.

Veronica Davis Perkins, Middlesex University, UK. Careering along the
heritage highway.

Shauna Isaac, London, UK. Using the Internet to find looted art: Success
or failure?

Tessa Meijer, Tate Britain, London, UK. Displaying challenging works of
art using digital technology.



Stephen Boyd Davis, Middlesex University, UK. News from Now Where?: The
digital spaces of television.

Giles Lane, London School of Economics, London, UK./Proboscis, UK; Rachel
Murphy, Rudegirldesigns, UK. Dimensions of Information:  
Location-specific information and public authoring in the museum.

Marja-Leena Ikkala, Certes, Computer Arts Centre at Espoo, Finland.
Virtual WeeGee: Architectural and local history through an interactive 3D

Daniela Sirbu, University of Lethbridge, Canada.
Architectural-Multidimensional Spaces: Digital exploration of the unbuilt.



McBoafo Foli Annku Western University College Tarkwa, Ghana West Africa.
The Impact of Computer Applications on Art and Culture in Ghana: Case
study at the College of Art, Kumasi.

Irina Costache, California State University Channel Islands, Camarillo,
USA. Visual Culture/ Virtual Art.

Katja Kwastek, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universitat Munchen, Germany.
Visualising Art History.

Maria Roussou , Greece. Virtual Reality in Heritage and Education: Issues
& challenges.

DEMONSTRATIONS Miranda Howard Haddock, Western Michigan University, USA:
The Virtual Pilgrimage: Canterbury and Saint-Denis -an interdisciplinary
online approach to two churches at the intersection of medieval culture;

Gordana Novakovic, London, UK: INFONOISE: Interactive installation and its

Rupert Shepherd, The Ruskin Project, UK: Digitising John Ruskin's teaching
collection at the Ashmolean Museum;

Pollie Christie, The Visual Arts Data Service, UK:  fineart.ac.uk:
Celebrating the history and achievement of UK fine art education.

BOOKING The booking form is available online on www.chart.ac.uk.  
Bookings made before 15 October 2003 will be entitled to a discount.  
Conference Fees (pounds sterling) - include coffee/tea breaks and lunch.
CHArt Member: TWO DAYS #90 (#70 before 15 Oct 2003) 
ONE DAY #50 (#40 before 15 Oct 2003)

Non-member: TWO DAYS #120 (#100 before 15 Oct 2003) 
ONE DAY #70 (#60 before 15 Oct 2003)

CHArt Student Member:
TWO DAYS #60   (#40 before 15 Oct 2003)
ONE DAY #30 (#20 before 15 Oct 2003)

Student Non-member:
TWO DAYS #70   (#50 before 15 Oct 2003)
ONE DAY #35 (#25 before 15 Oct 2003)

Send bookings to: CHArt, School of History of Art, Film and Visual Media,
Birkbeck College, 43 Gordon Square, , Bloomsbury, London, WC1H 0PD.  
conference {AT} chart.ac.uk, Fax +44 0207 631 6107.



Date: Wed, 03 Sep 2003 23:04:49 +1000
From: "shannon o'neill" <alias {AT} aliasfrequencies.org>
Subject: [sydney] D I S O R I E N T A T I O N

D  I  S  O  R  I  E  N  T  A  T  I  O  N
live electronic audiovisual performance

Wednesday September 10 at
Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque
Level 2/144 Cleveland St Chippendale
Entry by $5 donation.
8 for 8.30pm

This month will feature:

Ian Andrews
Bang Lassie
The Dirty Sanchez

IAN ANDREWS began making electronic tapeloop based
music in the early eighties under the name "the horse he's sick"
(among others). During the late 80s he moved more into the
area of experimental film, video art and soundtrack work,
experimented with dub and mutant cut-up hiphop under the
name Target Audience, and various media art, cut-up, culture
jamming projects, worked with modified tapeloop mellotrons
with John Jacobs, and worked with Garry Bradury to produce
music from broken records glued back together (Sanity Clause).
During the early 90s he became immersed in the techno scene,
joined the anarchotechno band "Non Bossy Posse" and the live
scratch video visuals crew Subvertigo, and became involved with
Clan Analogue.  In 1994 he began producing Dub and experimental
drum & bass tracks under the name of Hypnoblob, and began
working on a delinquent house/electro/minimal project under the
name of Disco Stu. Recently he has returned to experimental
music and has also been working with low bandwidth web based
generative sound pieces. http://radioscopia.org

BANG LASSIE. Dave Noyze (UK) (Audio) and Wade Marynowsky
(Video) present a set that explores generative extremes: starting
ambient and out of focus a subtle blend transforms into generative
percussion with glitcher collage video moving further towards
terrible textural destruction and noise. Dave triggering his favourite
synths with custom cellular automata, Wade analysing Dave's
audio to mash video via his lastest Nato patch. First of many
collaborative sets. Noyze: http://www.noyzelab.com
Marynowsky: http://www.imperialslacks.com/wade

THE DIRTY SANCHEZ. UTS Media Arts students Alejandro
Gomez-Sanchez and Jono Ma. Voyeurism with music, samples
taken from an exploration of devices that enable us to watch,
and hear intimacy... who is big brother? really?

DISORIENTATION is a monthly series of events, aiming to bring
together both well-known and emerging artists working in audio or
audiovisual performance. It is supported by:

UTS Media Arts and Production
Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque


Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2003 16:58:37 +0200
From: "Karoly Toth" <are {AT} xs4all.nl>

15:13 2-9-03
- ----------------------------------------------------
we crosspost / no fear
- ----------------------------------------------------


(for indo-europeans)
hereby, the reports of the recent screenings of the nanofestival(s).
many thanks again for the contributors, and the nanofestival hosts who make
the screenings possible.

(fort non-indo-europeans)
beszámolók a legujabb nanofestiválokrol.
ezennel szeretném ujra köszönetemet kifejezni a résztvevöknek a beküldött
munkákért, és a rendezöknek, hogy lehetövé teszik a nanofesztivál

yours, károly tóth & veronika lászló
üdv. t.k. & l.v.

nanofestival / zeroglab r:dam
a very fast festival
for very short art

- -----

15:13 2-9-03

0.0 the nanofestival v.002 beta version is on line.

the nano-crew is just back from vacation and working on the final
version. there is some a-sync. in the release of v.002.
reasons: millions.

0.1 since the nanofestival is announced as a no budget, open source
festival, i feel the need to mention, that the first time,
i got a honorarium for a nano screening + travel costs paid + accomodation +
food for free in stralsund at the g-niale short film festival.
the honorarium was 150 euro. i have spend it for good food, refreshment by
means of alcoholic and less alcoholic fluids, flirt with the other sex,
relaxation, social intercourse, shampoo+tooth brush, the rest has been
recycled into the project.

1. nanosrceenings page updated >> for more, please see

2. screening at the stralsund g-niale short film festival (part of garage
festival) nice people, well organized, well informed, well connected, a
festival with international allures, and yet, an alternative character.
baltic see, lots of films seen. baltic fish+bier=yummy.  from the
professional point of view: it was the first nano screening where the
nanofilms where shown with other (real (just kidding)) films, mainly
produced within the framework of the film industry.  this contrast with
the nano films did a good job, the flavors of this new genre where
extremely clear and almost touchable. the credit for realizing this goes
to the g-niale organizers. all other credits are for the makers of the
nano films. they where great.

3. screening at the cityscape event in rotterdam, organized by
www.cell.nl.  i have seen only the 3rd day of the screenings of which the
nanofestival was a part of. just arrived from stralsund, the same evening.
huge outdoor screen on the streen, in the very center of rotterdam. nice
summer night. people liked it. for the rest, pretty much the same notes as
for the g-niale screenings.

4. screening Arte Digital Rosario 2003 muestra nr0 The Center of
Contemporary Expressions in Rosario / Argentina. organizer: Gabriel Otero
(and others) remotely curated nanoscreening. i have sent a nanocd to
argentina in a nice dvd box, printed a cover with the paprika,
'nanofestival' in arabic, and info txt.

5. vacation in france. marseille: sucks /le pen sucks /rats of marseille
sucks aix en provence: sucks (car thiefs broke into our car) cannes: sucks
st. tropez: sucks vine chateaus > OK > 1 box red, one box red kept in oak
(3 years old), one box rosé. huge areas of pine forests are burning or
burned out in the south-provence/riviera area. cote d'azur:
sucks/beautyfull you can not move, it is packed with people. alps+mont
blanc: OK. french pop music: sucks sum: it was OK.

yours karoly toth (zeroglab)


Date: Wed, 3 Sep 2003 15:58:55 +0200
From: "Katja Heckes" <katja.heckes {AT} imk.fraunhofer.de>


The award ceremony for the >digital sparks<Award 2003 will be held on 10
September 2003 at 7 p.m.in the SKY Medialoft of the Ars Electronica
Center,Hauptstrasse 2,4040 Linz,Austria. The prizes will be awarded to
the winning students and their work will be unveiled to well-known media
artists, curators and professors during the evening event. Gerfried
Strocker, Andreas Broeckmann, Christa Sommerer, Wolfgang Strauss and

The >digital sparks<Award 2003 goes to:
» 	Franz Alken, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig, for
“machines will 	eat itself”
	An Internet project that takes a subversive and ironic look at
commercial data 	mining.
» 	Anja Kempe, Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Cologne), for
“Loser Raum”
	An interactive space installation that plays with the
convergence of and 	differences between real and digital space.
» 	Nora Krug, Universität der Künste Berlin, for “how-to-bow.com”
	An Internet guide for a better understanding of Japanese culture
and lifestyle.

>digital sparks<is a competition for students of media art, media design

and media IT and for the media production and communications industry. 
>digital sparks< is a module of the netzspannung.org Internet platform, 
the knowledge space for media art and digital culture.

For further information:
»	>digital sparks< 03:
»	netzspannung.org: http://netzspannung.org/en
»	MARS http://www.imk.fraunhofer.de/mars/

Katja Heckes |Diane Müller
digital-sparks {AT} netzspannung.org
MARS -Media Arts &Research Studies |Fraunhofer Institute for Media
Communication Schloss Birlinghoven |D-53754 Sankt Augustin Phone +49 –
((0)2241 – 14 34 48 ||Mobil +49 – ((0)160 – 972 25 361 ||Fax +49 –
((0)2241 – 14 4 3448 http://www.imk.fraunhofer.de/mars/en


Date: Mon, 1 Sep 2003 12:31:31 +0200
From: "JavaMuseum" <agricola-w {AT} netcologne.de>
Subject: JavaMuseum - Updates

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

is happy to announce the updates of following  Features/Shows:

Current Positions of Italian Netart

This shows includes meanwhile 30 netartists from Italy,
the most comprehensive collection of netart from Italy on the net, including
these four new additions

Alessandro Piana Bianco
Marco Cadioli
Enrico Tomaselli
Usine deBoutons (Lionello Borean + Chiara Grandesso)

Current Positions of French Netart

This show is presenting meanwhile 41 netartists from France, including these
new additions:

Ricardo Mbarak (Paris/Libanon)
Bobig (Eric Marie)

3. LatinoNetarte.net
Netart from Latin American countries, Spain and Portugal

This show is presenting meanwhile 51 artists who work net based, including
following new addition

Enrique Radigales (Spain/UK)

Right in time before the "3rd of  Java series" is starting in October,
JavaMuseum has a new interface and is featuring on the site its co-operation
partner 2003
"Computer Space Festival Sofia/Bulgaria".

The competition and show "Perspectives'03" are organised in the framework
and in co-operation with Computer Space Festival Sofia and
Goethe Institut-Internationes Sofia/Bulgaria.

The festival in Sofia will start on 16 October and "Perspectives'03" will be
launched online on 13 October 2003.

JavaMuseum -
Forum for Internet Technologies in Contemporary Art
(Java=Joint Advanced Virtual Affairs)

is a corporate member of
[NewMediaArtProjectNetwork] :||cologne
- - the experimental platform for net based art -
operating from Cologne/Germany.


Date: Mon, 01 Sep 2003 18:09:51 +0100
From: Brunhild Bushoff <SAGAs {AT} extern.lrz-muenchen.de>
Subject: call for participation__sagas wif __FUTURE TV workshop_in Munich_October 7 - 13 2003

___________________________________call for participation

[apologies for cross-posting_ _please forward to interested parties as

sagas writing interactive fiction
FUTURE TV Workshop
Raimo Lĺng (YLE, Helsinki)
October 7 ­ 13 2003
Academy for Television and Film Munich, Germany

In this creative cross disciplinary workshop participants will develop
narrative concepts for ITV in teams. The workshop will be accompanied by
introductionary lectures on different types of programming for iTV as well
as iTV technologies.

The main aim is to explore the potential for interactive, participatory TV
programming based on storytelling.

The course is aiming in the first place at creative professionals working
in the audio-visual industry (tv, cinema and/or new media) coming from
MEDIA member countries.

Applicants coming from other countries please contact the sagas office for

Participation fee (MEDIA member countries):
- - freelancers EURO 400,-
- - companies EURO 1600,-
funding for travel and hotel available to a limited extend

more information:
or mail to: sagas {AT} sagas.de

best regards,
Brunhild Bushoff
Project Manager

___________Preliminary Timetable
Tuesday, October 7 2003: Arrival Day
___________ Arrival
___________6.30 p.m.    Meet & Greet
___________łTouring through the group˛ ­ Participants introducing themselves
Wednesday, October 8 2003: Rules and principles of the work area
___________9.15 a.m.
___________ Introduction Lecture: Narratives, interaction and TV ­ whatąs
possible, what works best
 Television as collective and individual narrative space: professional
storytelling and amateur participation ­ Different ways of planning and
organizing fictional interactivity through broadcasting
Theory and cases + group exercises
___________12.00 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.30 p.m.
___________Setting up narrative theme and designing user functions in
interactive cross media
Theory + practice and group exercises
___________3.15 p.m.
___________Social design, concept design and usability/interface design:
three levels and phases of design
Practical theory
Thursday, October 9 2003: Dynamics and dramaturgy behind the idea
___________9.15 a.m.
___________Content and context writing for i-TV ­ how to write & design
creatively in a user centered manner
Process, event and action-reaction: basic situational elements of
Building dramatic individual interactive experience ­ combination of old and
new dramaturgy
Practical theory and group exercise: preparing for a project
___________12.30 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.30 p.m.
___________Structure and dramaturgy in interactive narrative: genres of
interaction in TV/cross media settings
Practical theory and cases + exercise: defining a project idea further
___________2.30 p.m.    Guest speaker  NN
___________3.30 p.m.
___________Project session 1: grouping + group exercise for next day
Friday, October 10 2003: Step by step concept development
___________9.15 a.m.
___________Presentation of exercise work + discussion
___________11.00 a.m.
___________User tasks and behaviour patterns: how to develop step by step
cross media environment motivating, interesting and rewarding
___________Theory + supervised project work session 2
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.
___________Story: elements/characters/playgrounds and design:
navigation/rules/roles/tools ­ how to work in multiple levels ­ how to set
How to build cross media architecture
Theory + supervised project work session 3
___________2.30 p.m.    Guest speaker NN
___________3.30 p.m.
___________Project session 4: presentations + group exercise for next day
Saturday, October 11 2003: Development and testing
___________9.15 a.m.   Developing interactive functions and designs: user
research and testing as a vital part of work
Theory and cases + supervised project work session 5
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.  Testing and determining needed redevelopment
Practical theory + supervised project work session 6
___________3.30 p.m.   Project work continues
Sunday, October 12 2003: Building and presenting a project pitch
___________9.15 a.m.   Developing and building a pitch ­ how do we interest
Practical theory + supervised project work session 7
___________12.15 a.m.    LUNCH
___________1.15 p.m.  Group pitching + discussion/evaluation
___________3.15 p.m.   Evaluation of the workshop
Monday, October 13 2003: Departure Day

sagas Writing Interactive Fiction
c/o Bayerisches Filmzentrum
Bavariafilmplatz 7 
D-82031 Muenchen-Gruenwald

tel      + 49 89   64 98 11 30
fax      + 49 89  64 98 13 30
mobile + 49 (0) 171 45 28 0 52
URL   http://www.sagas.de
e-mail  info {AT} sagas.de
______________________________________a joint initiative of
_________________________European MEDIA  Programme TRAINING
___________________________& Academy for TV and Film Munich


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