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Re: <nettime> Is the Internet Dying?
N Jett on Sat, 6 Sep 2003 06:38:36 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Is the Internet Dying?

Is this meant as sarcasm?

Assuming its not, I agree the internet is "sick" but would not go so far as 
to say it is dying. Spam does need to be brought under control (in the 
meantime install some filters in your email program and it'll help a lot), 
and broadband needs to be more widespread (so you can watch your movies). A 
common language isn't a big deal, I don't think it is necessary for the 
survival of the internet, although it certainly does balkanize things 
somewhat - as language translators improve this will become a lesser 
problem. Biz on the net is often problematic, but I think that is primarily 
an issue with end users - they need to get out and explore more. There are 
enough geeks out there with enough knowledge and money to keep the internet 
kicking in case of a catastrophic scenario (e.g. the big biz that runs the 
backbones giving up). If all else fails, wireless is growing by leaps and 
bounds - sure we might all be irradiated by the signals required to pump 
data at backbone levels, but what the hell - a little cancer never stopped 
anyone from having a good time!

I'm fairly certain that the only way to kill the internet at this point is 
to kill technological civilization. The internet is more than just its 
infrastructure at this point, we've all seen what can be done when you plug 
things together and as long as there are machines to network there will be 
networked machines.

-jett (http://gogobot.blogspot.com

>Is the Internet Dying?
>Recently there has been a great deal of discussion of "Is the Internet
>Dying" which is a very controversial issue. Some say the Internet is dying
>and will not survive. Others say the Internet will continue forever and it
>is fine. I think the Internet is going through difficult times and may not
>survive. I will tell you my reasons why.

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