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<nettime> Maggi "foi tortado" (Brazil), Sharansky Kosher-Creamed (USA), Baxter Tofu-ed (Britain), Schwarzenegger Egged (USA)

The Bakers Manifesto
By Bakers without Borders 13/09/2003 At 18:40

Manifesto from the Bakers without Borders

Related to the pie throwed in the face of Governor Blairo Maggi

In function to the action that took place on the morninf of setember 7th, the

Bakers without Borders come to public to say:

The celebration that represents the september 7th 
is a lie. At the time, the idenependency was not 
conquered but bought by Portugal Emperor Dom 
Pedro I. We never have our autonomy, democracy 
and freedom; we survived under the orders that 
came from England during the century XIX, from 
the USA during the centuries XX and, now, from 
institutions as the IMF, WTO and the World Bank.

Theses celebrations are promoted by political 
parties and by the Brazilian army just strengthen 
nationalists and militaries ideals even more. To 
be on the side of those institution is to support 
those ideas, that in the whole humanity history 
were only capable to generate war, racism, 
xenophobia, etc.

The independency are not in the job that explores 
all of us every day, neither on the TV in one 
more soap opera, not in the sunday mission. The 
independency is in the people who goes to the 
street to protest!

Another world wont come from a day to another. 
Its a process, and it´s already had started!

In the spirit of Dedé, Didi, Mussum and Zacarias, 
we greet all the politicians and military.

¡Que se vayan todos!

Bakers without Borders
Cuiabá Section

[Editor's Note: "foi tortado" means "was pied" in Portugese]


Solidarity with the four arrested at the pieing in Cuiabá, Brazil
By confeteiro (baker) 13/09/2003 at 19:26

During the celebrations of September 7 (Brazil's 
"Independence" Day), Bakers Without Borders threw 
a pie in the face of the governor of the state of 
Mato Grosso, Blairo Maggi. The act was undertaken 
as a form of protest against the false idea of 
independence promulgated by the government and 
the military. A country that has always been 
controlled by first world countries (the UK and 
US) and now by institutions like the IMF, WTO, 
and World Bank, cannot be independent. The action 
was also a protest against the celebrations that 
are organized by the State and by the military 
(remember the dictatorship?). For more 
information see the group's statement below.

What's important now is to not only publicize the 
action itself but also the repression that is 
being brought to bear against activists tied to 
the Bakers and against people who did not even 
participate in the action. J is a photographer 
who was taking pictures at the time of the 
action; he was detained while trying to have a 
dialogue with the officer who was violently 
attacking the activist L (the only one 
responsible for the act itself) while arresting 
him. While trying to free himself from the 
officer, he INVOLUNTARILY struck the Military 
Police Major. As a result of the supposed blow, 
the Major was hit in the nose and bled. But the 
police is saying that the activist reached from 
behind the Major and gave him a punch, breaking 
his nose. Because of these false accusations, J 
is being charged with forming a gang 
(conspiracy), assaulting an officer, resisting 
arrest, and disrespect to authorities, and has 
been ordered to appear in Criminal Court on 
Getúlio Vargas Avenue on Sept. 18, 2003 to offer 
clarifications on the case. In addition, the 
photographer J was threatened several times by 
the Major while inside the police precinct.

The activist L, who organized the action and 
threw the pie, is having to answer for moral and 
physical aggression, resisting arrest, 
disrespect, and forming a gang (conspiracy), and 
he too received a summons to appear in court. 
These accusations are absurdly exaggerated, not 
to mention false; since he organized and carried 
out the action alone, he cannot be convicted of 
conspiracy. These charges are an exaggeration for 
an infraction that was not serious and which did 
not cause any injury to the governor of Mato 
Grosso. In addition, the aggression suffered by 
the activist cannot be justified in any way. We 
demand that the charges be dropped and that the 
police officers who assaulted the activist L be 
charged with having caused him physical and moral 

Lastly, there are the cases of  D, who was not 
participating in the action and was 
coincidentally present at the moment when 
everything happened, and who was arrested while 
asking the officers to stop assaulting the 
activist L, and of G, who was called in to give 
testimony and was arrested without cause when he 
entered the police precinct.

All those detained suffered physical and moral 
aggression. D and G were arrested unjustly 
without any evidence against them. The activist L 
and the photographer J may be brought to trial 
charged with false and unnecessary accusations, 
considering that L's action did not result in any 
serious consequence and did not cause any injury 
to the governor.

We ask for everyone's solidarity. We support the 
action and hope that thousands more pies will be 
thrown as long as we live under the control of 
the IMF, WTO, and World Bank. Contacts for more 
information and how to lend support:
alai_distro {AT} hotmail.com
j_lansen {AT} yahoo.com.br



New Brunswick, September 18th: Last night, Natan Sharansky, Minister
without Portfolio in the Israeli Government, was scheduled to speak
at Rutgers University as part of Rutgers Hillel’s "Israel Inspires"
campaign. A member of the right-wing Likud party, Sharansky is known
for his opposition to the internationally-backed Roadmap to Peace,
and for approving the construction of more than 800 illegal
settlement units in the West Bank, in violation of Israel’s
obligations under the Roadmap. Sharansky’s appearance drew protests
from a wide variety of individuals and organizations, and one Jewish
student is accused of throwing a pie at the Minster before being
tackled and assaulted by members of Sharansky’s security team.

Organizations protesting Sharansky’s appearance included New Jersey
Anti-Racist Action, New Jersey Solidarity, and two Jewish
organizations: Central Jersey Jews Against the Occupation and
Neturei Karta. The demonstrations were attended by roughly 30 to 40
protestors, with many others inside the building to observe the
lecture. Jewish student Abe Greenhouse is alleged to have thrown
what is reported to have been a kosher cherry cream pie at Minister
Sharansky. He was escorted from the scene by Rutgers University
police, who charged him with disorderly conduct before sending him
to Robert Wood Johnson Hospital for medical treatment. Greenhouse
received a black eye, swollen lip, and broken nose in the assault
through blows delivered after he was already lying on the floor with
his hands held in the air.

Although Sharansky is widely known for his earlier, commendable
struggle for the rights of Soviet Jewry, Sharansky currently
represents the far-right wing that perpetuates the cycle of violence
that has killed too many innocents on both sides. In addition to
opposing various manifestations of the peace process, from the 1993
Oslo Accords to the current “Roadmap for Peace”, Sharansky has also
provoked the Palestinian populace at the crucial moment in the
fragile peace process by supporting new settlement construction. He
has been quoted as saying, “I support the existence of Jewish
settlement in Hebron and in all the territories” and that “the
Jewish people must refuse to divide Jerusalem”, referring to any and
all peace plans that would place Arab East Jerusalem under
Palestinian control.

Greenhouse, the alleged pie-thrower, has recently returned from a
five-week fact-finding trip in Israel and the Occupied Palestinian
Territories. There he met with Israelis and Palestinians, bearing
witness to the suffering of both peoples. He was an eyewitness to
the tragic bus bombing in Jerusalem on August 16th, and was also
arrested on August 4th, with 46 other activists, while attempting to
prevent the demolition of a Palestinian home which lay in the path
of the wall Israel is currently constructing inside the West Bank.
He is a member of New Jersey Anti-Racist Action and Central Jersey
Jews Against the Occupation.


"One in the Eye for Meat Boss"
Evening Star (UK),  June 23, 2003 13:00

AN IPSWICH animal rights launched a 'surpies' 
attack on a leading pork manufacturer to make 
sure he had a pig of a day.

Charlie McKenzie, 24, landed a cream pie - made 
out of tofu - in the face of Raoul, Baxter 
president of Smithfield Foods Europe, one of the 
world's leading pig producers.

She said: "I walked up to him quite calmly. I 
kept the pie in front of me and then put it 
straight in his face.

"I couldn't see the expression on his face 
because it was covered in pie. I imagine he would 
have been quite shocked."

Charlie, from Colchester Road, Ipswich yelled 
'Meat pimp!' at Mr Baxter, who was due to speak 
at the World Pork Congress in Birmingham.

She was arrested just after the attack and taken 
to Birmingham police station where she wasn't 

Charlie is a member of London-based People for 
the Ethical Treatment of Animals, PETA, which 
campaigns against cruelty in pork production.

She said: "Most piglets are reared in 
overcrowded, often filthy, factory-farm 
conditions. They typically suffer skeletal 
problems and diseases of the legs and feet. 
Pneumonia, meningitis and dysentery are 

"Sows are moved to farrowing crates where they 
give birth in barren stalls with metal 
contraptions which separate mothers from young, 
allowing only the necessary feeding and not 
giving enough room for the mothers to nuzzle 
their babies.

"After just three to four weeks, the piglets are 
taken from their mothers to be fattened for 
bacon, pork or ham. Many pigs have their throats 
cut while fully conscious."

Mr Baxter, president of Smithfield Foods Europe, 
who was on the receiving end of the stunt at the 
Birmingham International Convention Centre on 
Friday, reportedly said "It tastes nice, I can't 
wait for lunch".

The World Food Congress was a gathering of key 
industry figures to discuss the future of pig 
production and marketing over the next decade. It 
was organised by the Meat and Livestock 
Commission/British Pig Executive and the 
International Meat Secretariat.

A spokesman for the West Midlands Police 
confirmed that a woman was arrested, allegedly 
for assault. He said no complaint was made and 
she was released without charge.

And on the same day in GermanyŠ..

German Activists Spray KFC Chief
Mon Jun 23, 8:57 PM ET
FRANKFURT, Germany - Animal rights activists in 
Germany sprayed fake blood and threw chicken 
feathers on the chief of YUM! Brands, owner of 
the world's largest chicken restaurant chain KFC, 
as he opened a new restaurant Monday in the city 
of Garbsen.

The protest targeting YUM! Brands' David Novak 
was aimed at raising attention to what activists 
from the People for the Ethical Treatment of 
Animals (PETA) called KFC's cruelty to chickens 
during the raising, transport and slaughter of 
the animals, said Juergen Faulmann, who said he 
organized the protest for the German branch of 
the organization.

The company called for the perpetrators to be prosecuted.

"This is an act of corporate terrorism, and we 
believe the perpetrator should be prosecuted 
under the fullest extent of German law," said 
YUM! Brands spokesman Jonathan Blum. "They've 
crossed the line from simply expressing their 
views to corporate attacks and personal violence."

Police in Garbsen, near the central German city 
of Hanover, said they were searching for 
suspects. Faulmann said that two activists had 
been involved in the incident and both had fled.



Egg hits Schwarzenegger

September 4, 2003

Arnold Schwarzenegger stayed away from the initial debate of
California's recall election and delivered what was billed as his
first major campaign speech, getting pelted with an egg as he waded
through a crowd at a college campus.

"You have such a fantastic life, Arnold, you make millions of dollars
to do movies and all those kinds of things, why do you want to do
this?" Schwarzenegger asked rhetorically in his address.

"And you know something, because everything that I've gotten - my
career, my money, my family - everything that I've gotten and
achieved is because of California," he said to cheers at California
State University, Long Beach.

As Schwarzenegger worked the crowd, the egg splattered on the back of
his left shoulder. An aide tried to wipe it off, but he took off his
coat and went ahead with his speech.

Schwarzenegger has agreed to participate in only one debate, on
September 24, in which the questions will be provided to candidates
in advance - unlike today's debate. That decision has drawn criticism
from Republicans and Democrats alike.

Schwarzenegger's absence fits his campaign strategy of appearing in
public in controlled settings where he avoids protracted questioning
from reporters, and critics have said he is not attending because he
cannot see the questions in advance.

Hundreds of students crammed the university grounds for
Schwarzenegger's speech under the hot afternoon sun. Some were Young
Republicans invited from other schools, according to the actor's

Several student opponents heckled him for his past support of a bill
to deny services to illegal immigrants. They held a sign saying
"Hasta la vista Latinos".

Supporters drowned out the hecklers with chants of "Arnold, Arnold, Arnold."

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