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<nettime> Telestreets Rome go soccer
cecile landman on Mon, 22 Sep 2003 06:26:29 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Telestreets Rome go soccer

A SHOT AT murdoch's SKY

Last Thursday various announcements were hung up on
the walls of the neighbourhood of San Lorenzo, in
Rome. The writings were simple and criptical: TOTTI
FREE. The passengers had to wait until this morning to
know that it had to do with an initiative of some
Roman Street Tv’s who came together to ritransmit on
all televisions the encrypted signal of the soccergame
Juventus – Roma. 

This morning in fact the announcements were changed
into similar ones with the writings:

Also this morning a television crew of Channel 26 Uhf
interviewed people on the marketplace in the
neighbourhood. These interviews will be shown before
the game starts and during the break as part of a
program during which the organisers will explain the
sense of an operation that aims in the first place to
underline how the monopolies of information and the
legislation on copyright are destroying the creative
productions from below within peoples culture.

The motive to do this is to protest against the
closure of Discovolante, the neighbourhood television
of Senigallia near Ancona, and the preannounced
closure of the community television of Pisa.

The Tv di Strada of channel 26 wants to contrast the
criminalisation of this event recording the fact that
on Sky still pends the denounce of Canal Plus which in
court accused the Murdoch Group of piracy, by having
spread the encryption codes in use by Canal Plus.

We communicate:

A shot at Sky
A part of the joy found in going to the big stadiums
is a parasital and riflexive joy, because if you don’t
go to North Bank, or to Kop, or to the Stretford End
(the historical places of British hooliganism), it
means that for the atmosphere you have to hold on to
the others; and the atmosphere is one of the
fundamental components in the soccer experience. 
These huge sectors are very important for a club as
are the players, not only because their behavings do
offer a serene type of support to the team, and not
only because they bring in big amounts of money (even
when these aren’t elements that are easy to hide) but
because, without them, no one would care less about
going to the stadium.
(retranslated through italian back to english: txt
‘Fever at 90”’ by Nick Hornby) 

The spectacle industry is a machine that works on the
progressive equalisation of the languages and in
attack on every kind of hypothesis of transformation
of reality. The legislation on the authors rights and
the extention of the monopolies do represent in this
sense two sides of the same medaille. 
The circuit of the street televisions has identified
in this scenary it’s own specific terrain of
intervention and by exploring the dark angles of the
television and radio legislation has initiated to
intervene in the streams of the ‘massmediocrizzata’.
Transmitting from the street and for the street, the
Telestreet propone a new model of communication
pointed towards a real partecipation of the public.
The situation that invests the world of professional
soccer is the outcome of progressive separation
between soccer as business-spectacle and soccer as
moment of sociality and popular culture. This
tentative of separation hides the role that the values
and the colours of the public and the hooligans
continue to have in the construction of the soccer
All the ‘curve’, all the hooligans throughout Italy
have already seen the risks of this ‘pauperisation’
and have launched their own fight ‘against modern
Soccer is a spectacle that must be returned to the
public which produces it and no communications
monopoly may permit itself to encrypt the richness of
the streets and the stadiums.

To retake what’s ours we decided to transform a
Telestreet in a neighbourhood decoder. And so on
sunday 21 september the game Juventus – Roma will be
live retransmitted in the neighbourhood San Lorenzo in
Rome on channel 26 Uhf.

The public is not for sale.

Collaborating at the initiative:
Tele Aut (Roma)
Spegni la Tv (Roma) 
Ant Tv (Roma) 
Orfeo Tv (Bologna) 


Cecile Landman 


mail: CeciLandman {AT} yahoo.com

see: http://www.coxar.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/

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