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Harwood on Sun, 5 Oct 2003 20:47:58 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> executed-coat-thief

PleaseForward {AT} will

C2C Railway Journey <-> ADULT RETURN = The mouth of the Thames to the Tower of London.

I close my eyes and the distribution of animals, objects, motions, events and
places flash - red . grey . grey . red - as blood vessels enlarge my eyelids. I
remember that some metaphysical poet or another in 1500 + (something) said that
if you rub your eyes and see a white light  - it is the glow of your soul.

>From the random noise of light reflected through the window and over
photo-receptors situated in my ocular mechanism (eyes, with intrinsic and
extrinsic eye muscles, as related to the vestibular organs, the head and the
whole body), my system fails to explore and find convergence.

Even so the variables and structure of the ambient light engage me, as I slowly
remember my ability to de-code, acquired from an early scouting lesson in the
Morse codec. (1791 - Samuel Finley Breese Morse a painting and sculpture
professor with an early interest in Wired Networks)I quickly wrote down the
dots and dashes of code entering my much-adorned visual system and it is these
notes I pass on.

use Context;

We exist in a world where powerful social elites live their life through
exceptional fantasies - they mistakenly believe they can best safeguard their
privilege by hiding their bonsai trees of knowledge in secret societies, under
the tomes of law court papers, magic rituals - art - religions, and the use of
well tooled-up armies.

On the other hand mongrels everywhere lust for the experience of
transportation->new()  while being firmly rooted to the ground. We require
transportation->new() from present situations to other states of pleasure and
pain. Out of the gutters and into the stratosphere of the imaginary - the
vehicle of our transportation is of little consequence.

 {AT} Transportation = qw (Fast_Cars  Art  Science  Code  illness Critical_theory
A_chat_in_the_street  Sex  difference  food  Music ); # WHATEVER

Our desire is to fly with our own wings forged from the manacles of oppressive
abstraction - that is all that is important.

use Constant; VISIONARY (depreciated) = ("the birth of the telescope 1608") ==
("objectification of vision");

Bobby Reason was born weak from typhus fever and unable to crawl away from his
body of infection.  He spends his time passing voltage through the pathways of
least resistance to help him amplify, copy, and replay sounds. Extending his
ears to where his eyes used to be. He forms lenses to put in place of his
imagination. Whilst doing so he manages to split light and holds the lower end
of the spectrum (radiation) with special tools he forged out of the industrial
revolution to replace his hands.

And after all is done.

He gets out the air-freshener to replace his nose.

use Constant;	CODE_OF_WAR = ("anything taken out of the hands of the many and
put in the hands of a few");

use Constant;	PUBLIC_DOMAIN = "ALL knowledge NO MATTER WHAT, should be
available to us. Whether nuclear arms manufacture, anthrax breeding colonies or
the environmental impact of nail-varnish remover in the tanning factories of
Southend-on-sea Essex U.K.";

Rise up on wings of desire. Fly from rats lice poverty famine && violence -
escape the CODE_OF_WAR enter the palace of the PUBLIC_DOMAIN.

use Constant;	POCEDURAL_CORRUPTION = "mathematical models used outside of
their purist application follow the agenda of a well aimed machine gun"

	(hutton enquiry <=> CODE_OF_WAR )

     (WTO <=> (Merchandise trade by region and selected economies, 1980-2002
Excel format (file size   487KB)) == ((Commercial services trade by region and
selected economies, 1980-2002 Excel format (file size 282KB)) == ((Merchandise
exports, production and gross domestic product, 1950-2002 Excel format (file
size 91KB))

(The Revolutionary Politics of Bar-Charts) == (Towards a critique of

It is a questionable assumption that problems in economics, sociology,
politics, language, law and healthcare can be resolved by quantification and

sub WhyIsTheBlackManPoor{

	foreach( {AT} PoorBlackMan){
		$Embedded_Culture  = &Calculate_cultural_context; # returns IMPOSSIBLE
		$Economic_Poverty = &EveryRichFatBloatedArseLickingWanker; # returns CODE_OF_WAR
		$NaturalResources; # Depreciated

(pre-requisites of the computer) == (Money, mechanisation and algebra);

We need wings to investigate procedural corruption wherever and whenever it
takes place.

Critique the mathematical formulae (formulation of statistical data) that are
used to report on the psychosocial sphere in the media, and on the bottom of
bills sent through our doors.

- Language as Data:

Mary, Queen of Scots' head fell ceremoniously from her shoulders into a basket.
Peterborough, England: 8:30am on 8th February 1587. From under her skirts ran a
small dog. The seed master of the modern English Bull Terrier. Mary's plot
against Queen Elizabeth I was discovered by comparing her secret communications
with a word frequency table of English, derived from Arabic learning.

Paranoid social elites on the way to or from war have always composed, spawned,
coded systems by which they and their minions may sleep better at night.

Language as Data, a mathematical study of the periodicity or norms of word use
in a language. In English text generated from some none linguistically impaired
peoples, 'the' makes up 6.18 percent of the corpus of English words. We find
that 43% of the corpus is pronouns, conjunctions, other function words and a
few common verbs. Word frequency is used to inform religious scholars of who
authored various parts of various bibles and to inform search engines of
content words in web sites, AI development and in detecting the normalcy of


The exceptional fantasies that the social elite has been living through have
spawned strange and bewildering hierarchies of knowledge and war. We need to
squash these at the level of algorithm and representation. The algorithm
creates the scaffolding on which the author of a knowledge based system hangs

Pre-flight checklist:

A critical theory of media systems ecology. To enable and locate weaknesses in
systems that keep us grounded. Or look for possibilities for new flight paths.

Data-visualization revised.

Aesthetics of computer-code formation (experiencing the sheer beauty of elegant
mathematical patterns that surround elegant computational procedures). How
these aesthetics - poetics motivate peoples or allow for the formation of
amnesia in the construction of oppressive abstraction.

(Oppressive abstraction) == (History-> from the personal plunging in of the
knife to missile guidance systems)

The bomb seen from the point of view of the pilot is remarkably
beautiful->{oresome}  == OPPRESSIVE->{abstraction}.

History of computing - both hardware and software from the
VISIONARY->{depreciated} -> (the Birth of the telescope) -> to the present. The
economy and cultures of key algorithms and hardware.

Subroutine(Descartes {AT} Waag->{Amsterdam} - the executed coat-thief & the birth of

     Did Descartes' feet, in ancient times, meet the hand of Rembrandt?  
	1630 - anatomical investigations - de Waag
	erysipelas (skin disease)
	Marin Mersenne (tells) ->	Descartes (goes to Amsterdam)
								de Waag
     The French man  - sniffs and swallows in Amsterdam's butchers' stalls
purchasing carcasses for our dissection.  
		(practical therapeutics) <-> (from his rational reform of philosophy.)
	find the cure for Marin Mersenne in 7 years
	"the body as a machine animated by soul" == 'culture of dissection'
     Sawday places Descartes in Amsterdam (by then becoming one of the major
centres for anatomy in Northern Europe) during the early 1630s at exactly the
same time as Rembrandt, and allows the ghostly spectre of a possible meeting
between the two deliciously haunting his description of the centrepiece of
Rembrandt's painting: 
     … Cold - December - Amsterdam - the Waag - Rembrandt paints -> Dr
Tulp's forceps are delicately probing the flexor digitorum muscles of
Adreaenszoon's [the name of the cadaver, an executed coat-thief] left hand. By
pulling on these flexor muscles, the (dead) fingers are made to curl, a gesture
which Tulp echoes with his own (living) left hand…One intellect (Tulp's) has
animated two bodies, one of which is living and the other is dead. In the dead
body, the will -> voluntas -> has been extinguished, but the mechanism -> 'the
laws of mechanics' which, Descartes was to explain… inhabit all of nature -
was still in operation. In the extinction of Adreaenszoon's will, lay the
triumph of the intellect.  
     1642 - Paris - "toothed wheels" (gears) by Blaise Pascal (1623-1662)) 
	Pascal (Hardware origins) <-> (October and November 1647)
     While Oliver Cromwell discusses the new Levellers' constitution for
England (at the Church of St Mary the Virgin, Putney, Surrey) with factions of
the New Model Arm, Descartes pays a call on the sickly young mathematician
Blaise Pascal (Pascal Programming language)->{honour} for (mechanical
calculators).  Descartes wants to speak to Pascal about his vacuum experiments,
but, seeing how weak he looked, Descartes volunteered some medical advice: 
	return (bed-rest and a lot of soup (force bouillons));

In this city's dark gates - the tree of knowledge leads to this
mansion built on misery.
Here the dress code of secrecy cloaks the flesh in fear.
This is how the proprietary city gets built,
Hidden in every proprietary street,
In every proprietary house,
In every proprietary possession we meet.

NO to TAX (True Levellers 1647)->{Diggers} != (Public money being spent on proprietary systems) 

guarantee data_archaeologist access to the knowledge based media archives we

Rise again the true Levellers-republic, rise on wings of knowledge flowing in
the domain of the many.
For heaven is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime. 
For hell is more knowledge then one man can muster in a lifetime.

Charity would be no more if we did not make somebody poor.
Mutual fear brings peace until our market share increase.

To be done:

Place the death mask of Blake (National portrait Gallery, London) on the skull
of Descartes (Musée de l'Homme, Paris) & bring me the head of  Oliver Cromwell
the traitor (buried somewhwere in the precincts of a Cambridge college) that I
may relive my bowls within that most disapointing of craniums.


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