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<nettime> those who are declared dead live longer
text warez on Sun, 5 Oct 2003 23:15:07 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> those who are declared dead live longer

lately it was predicted by the higher mediocracy of 
established net-couture that blogs replace mailinglists 
and email had to face its entropic end. the urgency was 
supposed to be high again, it meant especially red alert for
the young and unexperienced cultural producers eager to
put their efforts into a new successful project. 

"i typed out an entry that said my confirmation was fine.
there was this guy who was my assessor and he was helpful 
in pointing out some stuff. basically he urged me to write some 
of my stuff as quickly as possible and to publish as soon as possible...
 not to wait for the thesis to be finished. he told me that now is the time 
to stop quoting other people and to just write from my experience."
(anonymous student)

yet another study proves that these predictions tend to go
wrong. whenever a new medium ought to replace an old one, and
with it, the much hated ruling generation of teachers and established
artists-curators, then it's certainly worth to look at the long
waves. whenever the attention is high and people join the bandwaggon
in masses, it's time to look for the back-door, or much better, find
a good place to have a good look at the showdown. the public can be
an arena where anything is allowed (including the most stupid and 
incompetent) as long as anybody is suppose to be watching, including
the nessessary decomposition, the fall of the star.  when the 
tide goes down what remains is often what wasn't built for the mere 
purpose of short-term exploitation and ego-expansion. longetivity 
is therefore a concept very popular for the retired californian 
ideologist and should be considered valid for nettimers too.
the meticolously tweaked memoires about yet anouther movement
might be less important than the process of continoous development, 
besides the temptations of online journalism, net-art exhibitions, 
quasi-political campaigning and other representational distractions.

net.critique as any other cultural critque means to be awake to detect 
the dissimination of fakes, of half-true information, and the baroque
overload of buzzwords sold as political information. 

The Blogging Iceberg - 
Of 4.12 Million Hosted Weblogs,Most Little Seen, Quickly Abandoned

Perseus Development Corp. randomly surveyed 3,634 blogs on eight leading
blog-hosting services to develop a model of blog populations. Based on this
research, Perseus estimates that 4.12 million blogs have been created on these
services: Blog-City, BlogSpot, Diaryland, LiveJournal, Pitas, TypePad,
Weblogger and Xanga.

Abandoned Blogs

The most dramatic finding was that 66.0% of surveyed blogs had not been
updated in two months, representing 2.72 million blogs that have been either
permanently or temporarily abandoned. Apparently the blog-hosting services have
made it so easy to create a blog that many tire-kickers feel no commitment to
continuing the blog they initiate. In fact, 1.09 million blogs were one-day
wonders, with no postings on subsequent days. The average duration of the
remaining 1.63 million abandoned blogs was 126 days (almost four months). A
surprising 132,000 blogs were abandoned after being maintained a year or more (the
oldest abandoned blog surveyed had been maintained for 923 days).

Males were more likely than females to abandon blogs, with 46.4% of
abandoned blogs created by males, as compared to 40.7% of active blogs being created
by males. Abandonment rates did not vary based on age. Those who abandoned
blogs tended to write posts that were only 58% as long as the posts of those
who still maintained blogs, which simply indicates that those who enjoy writing
stick with blogs longer.

The abandonment rate did vary significantly based on which service was being
used: Pitas, BlogSpot and Diaryland had above average abandonment rates;
Xanga had an average abandonment rate; LiveJournal had the lowest abandonment
rate (the sample size for Blog-City, TypePad and Weblogger was too low to



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