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Re: <nettime> A Puff Piece on Wikipedia (Fwd)
svetlana null null null on Fri, 10 Oct 2003 12:14:40 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> A Puff Piece on Wikipedia (Fwd)

Keith Hart wrote:

>"text warez" wrote:
>>you completly misunderstood the role of an author. <
>There is no identification of the person addressed as "you", but I will
>fill in. What interests me is that you think there is only one role of the
>author and that whoever doesn't share your idea of it has "misunderstood".
>You didn't have to give clues to the genealogy of your line (Nietzsche,
>Derrida, Foucault -- why not list all the usual suspects?). This line on

I don`t see why would text warez have a line with a genealogy, or a 
line, or a genealogy.
If it wasn`t a comment based on what I find a misinterpration of text 
wares` comment,
it would sound almost like an attempt to undermine someone on basis of 
"intellectual" pedigree or lack of.

"the author, that is, co-co-author. mumblings. false memories,
tokens. take nietzsche, reread derrida. get at least a glimpse
of foucault before coming up with what was already
a conservative concept in the 19th century, when
goethe the german sat at table with heine the jew
who was disgusted by the old man and his royal attitude.
which just means, authorship is a function, like
grave-digger or who wrote kylie minogues last big hit? "

I don`t see how this can be read as an attempt by text wares to
claim the "usual suspects" as the genealogy of his line???

I read it as an interesting text with multiple possible readings
(amongs which your interpretation seems amongst those less likely).

Ideas, like technology, have a "life" of their own, and grow, and
spread, and migrate, and mutate, and mutikate eachother,
and socialize amongst themselves,  and couple, and bare children.

Apparencies often delude, all writing is in fact cut-ups, do we really know
where these ideas
come from and what is ones TRUE mental/ideological/"intellectual" genealogy?

Another usual suspect - Marshall McLuhan, fast rewind to the gutenberg 

Homogenizing, authorship, quoting, spreading of memes,
need for reassurance, hold you by the hand, can I use your
REAL name, banks of data, privacy, curiousity, access for all,
Language is a virus,
authorship as a tool for information retrieval, authorship as
a tool for filing something under "usual suspects" to render
it historical and thusly harmless (dismantle the naughty
meme); /oh; "blietzkrieg the citadels of enlightement" by
blietzkrieg-ing the Citadels of "Enlightement", /Writing
and painting are one in Gysin`s art
/ ...All the religions of the 'peoples of the Book
are based on the idea that in the beginning there was the Word...
Everything seems to be wrong with what was produced from those
beginnings. .. [Our] methods were first of all disruption of Time sequence;
produced by the Cut-ups; and one had the idea of rubbing
the Word itself not simply disrupting it`s sequencial order,
and finding
some other way. There are other ways of communication;

Do you need authorship to find other books by the same author?
Do you need authorship to know what the pages really say to you?
Do you need to contextualize?
Do you need to pay the guy who?
Do you need to feel better if you read the right things?
Do you find credibility pleasant?

You is intended as plural;

Anonymity is part of oral culture, we're getting back
to that.

Corporations aren't persons.

We're in the age of bush and arnie, the age of avatars. false
memories, fake history. even the attention economy

(((concepts like "globalization",
with it's big and nice boring world.gifs and
drams of world domination. )))

there are many nice things about anonymity and alike
like demanding one reads your texts many times
once as if you were a black woman
once as if you were a white senator
twice yet as if you were a nun or a prostitute
or a belgian
or an extra-communitarian
a net.artist or a Soros sponsored net.artist
a web designer or a nurse

There are many forms of authorship, take Luther Blissett,
take some time to think, take nettime, take the net,
take the ghostwriters, take the intellectuals,
take the professors who make their students work
on a project then add their name to their work,
take assistants of university professors,

who writes what who decides who creates who signes at the end?

this is attention economy, it's a tautology.

and explains how cheap this business is.

but as long we're buying it...

NULL words is not TRUE
NULL words is not CREDIBLE
NULL words is not de-void of SAMPLES
NULL words is not belong to NULL
NULL words is hopefully NOT REDUNDANT

Thank you for your attention,
must do other things now

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