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<nettime> GNULinuxIndia * Oct 18, 2003
Frederick Noronha (FN) on Sat, 18 Oct 2003 13:52:54 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> GNULinuxIndia * Oct 18, 2003

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    d888     |Y88b   | 888   |  L  888 888-~88e  e88~\888  "    /~~~8e  
    8888 __  | Y88b  | 888   |  I  888 888  888 d888  888 888       88b 
    8888   | |  Y88b | 888   |  N  888 888  888 8888  888 888  e88~-888 
    Y888   | |   Y88b| Y88   |  U  888 888  888 Y888  888 888 C888  888 
     "88__/  |    Y888  "8__/   X  888 888  888  "88_/888 888  "88_-888 
   Formerly LinuxInIndia * Compiled by: Frederick Noronha * Oct 18,2003

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	TRIVANDRUM USERS' GROUP: Rajkumar S <s_raj {AT} flashmail.com> announced
	the new url of Trivandrum Linux users group:

GNU/LINUX DEMO DAY: ILUGC conducted a Linux Demo Day  {AT}  MIT Chennai on last
month 27th and 28th. Nearly 1000 people are visited the event, according to
Bharati S of the IndLinux team, DON Lab, TeNeT Group, IIT-Madras, Chennai.
Read the report at http://www.chennailug.org/ldd.html

	PROGRAMMERS WITHOUT FRONTIERS? This is from my friends Geert Lovink
	<geert {AT} xs4all.nl> of the University of Queensland in Brisbane,
	Australia and Seppo Koskela of the Applied Linux Institute in
	Helsinki, Finland and FN of BytesForAll from Goa, India who say: "We
	would to ask your opinion -- and possible involvement -- in the
	following idea. A few weeks ago, in Geneva, during difficult
	negotations about the Plan of Action for the upcoming World Summit
	on the Information Society (WSIS), an idea was launched--and then
	dropped -- to create 'Programmers without Frontiers'. Would you be
	interested to give this idea more shape and actually create such a
	network? The form of such a networked organization is open and it's
	aim lies in supporting the spreading of FL/OSS and consolidating the
	collaboration between users and programmers, especially in the
	South. If the UN is not able to create and launch it, should we do
	it? Looking forward to your response."

A LIVE-CD IN THE BANGLA LANGUAGE: Sayamindu Dasgupta <sayamindu {AT} clai.net>,
the young achiever of the Free Software network from Kolkata in eastern
India, recently announced the Ankur Bangla LiveCD version 1.0-beta2
(codenamed DaanpiTe Chhele). He wrote: "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and
girls, The Ankur Bangla Project is proud announce version 1.0-beta2
(DaanpiTe Chhele) of its Morphix based LiveCD (or if you prefer it in that
way -- demo CD)."

What is it? The Ankur Bangla LiveCD is a 'khichuri' created out of some of
the finest GNU/Linux distributions out there. The bootup, hardware detection
and shutdown is done by a combination of Debian GNU/Linux, Knoppix and
Morphix. The non GUI system is based on Slackware Linux 9.0 while the GUI
runs a version of GNOME 2.4, specifically patched and compiled for the Ankur
Bangla group to show off its works. (Yep right! - "patched" means that there
is extra functionality and eyecandy)

Requirements?  The Ankur LiveCD requires 16 MB of RAM and a i486 compatible
CPU to run in command line mode. However, to see anything in Bangla, you
will have to run the CD in GUI mode, which requires a minimum of 128 MB RAM
and a 400 Mhz or better processor to run. You can use it with lesser RAM and
lots of swap space, but there's no guarantee this would work!

What does it do? With this LiveCD, we aim to provide everything that a stock
Windows(TM) install provides. This means, you get a fully functional
desktop, a plain-text editor (with beta level support for Bengali
spellchecking), a web browser (to render UTF-8 encoded Bangla web-pages
perfectly), an instant messaging client, a standalone FTP client, a
VCD/DVD/videofile/audiofile/audio CD player, a CD burning software with
basic functionality, an image viewer, numerous games, a PDF and PS file
viewer, a terminal emulator, a program similar to Microsoft(TM) Netmeeting
(TM), a sound recorder, a webcam management utility (being tested), a fancy
calculator, a dictionary, an archiver and a "really fancy" character map
utility, a system log watching tool, a nice little wizard-based network
setup tool. 

Just pop the CD into the drive, reboot, sit back and relax. In most cases
all your hardware will be autodetected, and you will be inside the Desktop
in no time. To see screenshots see www.bengalinux.org/screenshots/gnome/

Interested? Contact sayamindu {AT} clai.net

	Norrix is working with the World Social Forum (India) in Bombay. On
	behalf of the Free Software Foundation India, he will be
	coordinating activities of Free Software Movement in WSF which meets
	in this Indian city in early 2004. Says Arun <arun {AT} gnu.org>: Warren
	should be able to update us soon on what he is doing and what are to
	be done etc. Can we have a list of organisation relating to free
	software who would be coming for the event? List of programs to be

MORE DETAILS on the above from : www.hipatia.info - info {AT} hipatia.info -
Fsm2004 mailing list
Fsm2004 {AT} hipatia.info

	SITEWATCH: http://sarovar.org ... check this site that's trying to
	build itself up as an Indian sourceforge. Can it work? Your help is

MOZILLA THAT SUPPORTS INDIC LANGUAGES: raj {AT} linuxense.com informs that he has
uploaded a mozilla with experimental patches to support indic languages at
http://www.linuxense.com/oss/render/mozilla/index.html Even though the seb
pages indicate the Malayalam language, there is nothing Malayalam-sepcific
in that and all Indian languages should be able to use that, he says. 
Please pass this note along and bugs and test cases should be reported at

	<timo.mielonen {AT} maailma.net> from Finland writes in to say that Marko
	Ulvila will be shortly visiting India. He was one of key persons
	when the Finnish Ministry for Foreign Affairs decided to study the
	role of Free/Libre and Open Source Software in the Third World. 
	Ulvila is a senior activist engaged with a number of movement groups
	and NGOs. One of his interest is the struggle for freedom of
	knowledge and information. For this reason, he is an active
	proponent of free software. In 2000-2002 he was a special advisor to
	minister for development cooperation, Ms. Satu Hassi (of the Greens
	Party) who initiated the study on FLOSS in the 'developing'
	countries. Now he is engaged with a Finnish NGO Coalition for
	Environment and Development, which is co-organising a number of
	worksops for Mumbai World Social Forum. Although free software is
	not on the agenda of CED, Marko is keen to get in touch with the
	Indian activists in this field. As a GNU/Linux user since 1998 he is
	keen to deepen his knowledge of and expand his contacts with the
	members of the community. He will be in India from beginning October
	to end of January. marko.ulvila {AT} kaapeli.fi says himself that he's in
	Delhi from October 2, in Goa from around Dec 22 to Jan 2, and in
	Mumbai after that.

AT THE GOA ENGINEERING COLLEGE: http://ele.gec.ac.in/resources.html is the
site of the Goa Engineering College, which allows students to download a
number of distros, tutorials, documentation and other GNU/Linux related
material for free and share it with freedom. Incidentally, GEC-Farmagudi was
on the itinerary of Free Software Foundation founder Dr Richard M Stallman,
when he visited Goa in November 2002. FLOSS champions there include the
highly-skilled Prof MSR (Rayadu) and the untiring Prof (Dr) George Easay.

# Send submissions for comp.os.linux.announce to: cola {AT} stump.algebra.com #
# PLEASE remember a short description of the software and the LOCATION.  #
# This group is archived at http://stump.algebra.com/~cola/              #

	LISTING PACKAGES WRITTEN BY INDIANS: Radhakrishnan CV <cvr {AT} tug.org>
	says on behalf of TUGIndia -- the active and helpful TeX user group
	-- that TUGIndia contemplate to create a comprehensive page, listing
	all the packages written by Indians with links and pointers for

	Says he: "I would therefore, earnestly request authors of TeX
	packages, fonts, utilities and documentation that are released under
	anyone of the free/open source licences with download links to me
	privately.  A brief writeup about the package would also be helpful. 
	Your cooperation in this matter would be highly appreciated.  We
	would also mirror all the stuff at sarovar.org "

	Indian TeX Users Group
	Home:        http://www.tug.org.in/
	Subscribe:   http://tug.org/mailman/listinfo/tugindia

FLOSS TODAY? Keep abrest with what's happening on the FLOSS (Free/Libre and
Open Source Software) front in India on a daily basis.
Flosstoday mailing list
Flosstoday {AT} mail.sarai.net

	FINDING FLOSS IN SOUTH ASIA: Partha Sarkar <partha {AT} bytesforall.org>
	from Bangladesh offers some links to people working in the field of
	FLOSS, from his part of South Asia, when we recently asked him. Says
	he: "Anir Chowdhury" <anir {AT} evastra.com is involved with developing
	Bangla Linux in Bangladesh. "Sayeedur Rahman" <bangla_ict {AT} yahoo.com
	who runs a list on Bangladesh ICT development and is a UNIX
	specialist. Muhammad Muquit
	(http://www.muquit.com/muquit/whoami.html) Email: muquit {AT} muquit.com. 
	I think these would help. They would also be able to give you more
	contacts if you need that." If anyone could offer more links to
	GNU/Linux enthusiasts in Bangladesh, Pakistan, Nepal and Sri Lanka,
	it would be very helpful.

FROM KOCHI, SOUTH INDIA: Vimal <vimalekm {AT} vsnl.net> tell sus that there is a
Free Software User Group in Kochi. Check
Says Vimal: "There is also a very active mailing list." See

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