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<nettime> 'post electric' (age?)
human being on Sun, 19 Oct 2003 21:59:36 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> 'post electric' (age?)

> Has it occured to anyone that we are
> already post-electric?

  please explain this statement in some depth.
  much of which has been discussed to date,
  technology-wise, even acoustics, rely upon
  electricity and charge. so far, no one has yet
  to figure out how to rid the universe of its many
  charges, nor are things like nanotechnology or
  even DNA separated from electrical knowledge.
  we're not even post-electrification as a process,
  as the internet is an example, as are quantum
  devices, breakthroughs in transistors, etc. it is
  quite a thing to say we are post-electric. how so?
  -- as nothing would exist, 'nothing', not even that,
  no universe would exist as we know it, it seems.
  so does this then mean the universe is old media,
  and non-electric new media is the next big thing?

  see archives of a list devoted to electromagnetism
  and culture, ~e-list http://www.electronetwork.org/list/
  and please indicate how we are post-electric now,
  at the same time money is electric, minds are being
  studied as electrical entities, a monkey can break
  the ages old mind-body duality by transforming
  through into external action, through electricity,
  'old' electrical technologies (MRIs, not even new
  media, and some AI probably, and electrodes,
  and computers). this is certainly not 'new media'
  yet it is electric media through and through and
  it was what McLuhan and others talked about,
  but they KNEW and STUDIED what they wrote
  about, it was not just a bunch of theorizing. or,
  so it is to be assumed, as there is genuine and
  profound insight that the electric light is, as it is,
  information, that's not something to just pass by.

  we'd be saying bye to our Sun, basically light
  itself, no Van Allen belts, so we'll all die of the
  stuff (radiation) instantly, if we are 'post' charge.
  hmmm. we would have no consciousness. so,
  a lot is riding on your giving us the facts on it...

  that is, numbers. so the periodic table is useless.
  what else? no winter heat, no food production,
  no medical or other equipment, no wi-fi surely.
  no opposing force on earth for gravity, no earth.
  etc etc etc. please send information, quick, (tho
  that would not exist either, where's the carrier?)

  bc microsite http://www.electronetwork.org/bc/

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