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Re: <nettime> The Oil Thickens...
porculus on Sun, 26 Oct 2003 21:53:38 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> The Oil Thickens...

> But the world is complex and turbulent, and there is also a certain
> power-politics worldview holding (no doubt rightly) that Europe would
> really be better off in the long run having the euro at least on a
> par with USD, in a typically European vision of a multilateral,
> codependent sharing of the dominant reserve currency role. A strong
> euro might ultimately attract England (and its North Sea oil) fully
> into the Euroland. A reorganization which, by giving Euroland a major
> financial center, could decisively change the balance of economic
> power in the world.

what is rotten in some nationalism it it's linked in all mind that their
army is their better $ bank projected force caution, it's the secularised
idea of the colt drawn the straight line of the even conceptual art as
success to fullfill any great 'empty' space with human will. after all zome
lies of some existenz on some mass destruction weaponery is far more
pardonnable in a so great space as this stinking & opaque world as
democratic lie than any blowjob in some tiny & too much washed & so welknown
place, machiavelli show how much cyniscism is the even matter of some honest
politic in condition this even cynism is simply the reconnaissance & above
all the modesty to see the matter of its own motive could be made of & the
fraternity to see & accept that ozer could have their cloth owen of same
magical fabrik..well & suddenly i find really great to know mammon is around
here & its golden calf apocalypz post cavalieri is osso buco berluzconi..is
it possible bush have mandate of jedi for retaining all the brit to not give
up at the bad side of the force & not build the eurosoron army

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