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<nettime> from brooklyn
Alan Sondheim on Tue, 23 Dec 2003 13:06:30 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> from brooklyn

theyre' coming in the tubes, several to each tunnel, theyll' burn
furiously, theyll' be in trunks of invisible cars, theyll' be the cargo in
the golfbag, the petcarrier- litterbox-, theyll' be simultaneous, were'
waiting for the compression wave, air and steel have nowhere to go, the
waters rush in, people screening, theres' no escape, theres' the blank
slate -

were' here in brooklyn, were' waiting for the end, theres' not enough
food, theres' not enough anything, the airs' thick with it, as i said
were' cut off, the tunnels are blocked with mangled cars, trucks, buses,
bodies, the bridges cant' bear the weight, its' beyond alert, its' taking
over all thought and presence, its' their gift to us, its' our gift to
ourselves -

we can only imagine youre' there, were' starving out here, this is going
nowhere, the electrics' cold, the presidents' an evil thing, i thought:
ill' never look into the face of evil again, i was wrong -

he turned the world into a black slate, flesh into smashed flesh, memory
into smashed debris, he taunted them, they came for him, they brought the
rest of us along, we couldnt' fight it, they got to all of us -

the lights' gone out all over, theyve' seen the whites of our eyes, were'
going to die out here, youve' no idea, were' on an island past an island,
were' cut off, theres' no food or water, fires everywhere, father kills
son, son kills father, the tunnels are drowned, brooklyn is burning, women
aren't safe on the streets, theres' no shelter, were' going to kill
ourselves, theres' no help for it, were' burned out, the bridges are next,
weve' lost cellular, static on the radio, ive' got batteries, ill' listen
to some foreign station on the shortwave, theyre' out there -

they couldnt' be caught, you cant' stop everything in the tubes, its' like
from one family to another, from one warehouse to another, even an
ambulance, the police will make way, theyll' let them through, theyll'
make it happen, its' going to happen, its' coming now, its' not a dream,
theres' no food, theres' no water, i cant' make sense of things, we
couldnt' fight it, the worlds' exploded, the subways are next,

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