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<nettime> India: streaming from World Social Forum
jo van der spek on Tue, 23 Dec 2003 16:28:52 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> India: streaming from World Social Forum

    1. stream from india world social forum jan 04 (ionnek)


Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 18:06:12 +0000
From: ionnek <ionnek {AT} gmx.net>
To: prep-l {AT} geneva03.org
Subject: [prep-l] stream from india world social forum jan 04
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Hi preplisters,

Programmers, technicians and artists from apo33 and interpreters from=20
babels network are planning to set up a stream from the Mumbay World Social=
Forum in India from  January16th to 21st.

If anyone on this list is up for supporting this project (mirroring,=20
publicising...), ask laurent.vannini at fse-esf.org for details.


-----Forwarded Message-----
  > From: Laurent Vannini - fse 2003 <laurent.vannini at fse-esf.org>
  > Cc: adnane at ras.eu.org
  > Subject: Fwd: [ca] Forum Social Mondial de Mumbai
  > Date: Sun, 21 Dec 2003 21:32:58 +0100
  > Hello to all,
  > For the World social forum held in Mumba=EF in january 2004, a new
  > interpretation tool is being developed by programmers, technicians and
  > artists from apo33 and interpreters from babels network. This tool
  > will be used for the first time in the 5 main WSF conference rooms (24
  > 000 persons) and aims at replacing in the future the existing
  > translation equipment currently rent during continental or world
  > social forum. The cost of this tool (and of the whole system called
  > NOMAD) is at least 75 % inferior to what is normally spent on basic
  > equipment, and tends to give a greater autonomy of the movement.
  > This tool will also for the first time enable the debates and
  > translations to be archived and streamed so anybody can virtually
  > attend the meetings or listen to them afterwards.
  > Regarding streaming, the idea is to have in India a main server
  > feeding several mirrors to which surfers can connect so to follow the
  > debates. The more mirrors we have, the wider the debates can be spred.
  > Technical implementation would mean to relay 1 to 2 Mb of streaming
  > flow from the 16th to the 21st, 10 to 12 hours each day.
  > If you are still interested in the process, please let us know so we
  > can send you more information from India (the real moment of truth as
  > we don't know yet what can locally be used).
  > Don't hesitate to spread the information to whoever might wish to
  > install a mirror !!
  > For any question or further information, you can send us a mail at :
  > stream_trad at fse-esf.org , wsfsm at babels.org and info at apo33.org=20
  > copy the 3)
  > In solidarity
  > Amiti=E9s
  > Laurent Vannini
  > > Bonjour =E0 Tout-e-s;
  > >
  > > A l'occasion du Forum Social Mondial de Mumbai, une plateforme
  > > commune d=E9veopp=E9e par le soin de d=E9veloppeurs et d'interpr=E8tes
  > > volontaires de Babel, sera mise en place et permettra de g=E9rer les
  > > intepr=E9tations vers diff=E9rentes langues dans les  salles de d=E9bat=
  > > les archiver et les envoyer en streaming. Ceci permettra d'une part
  > > de r=E9duire les co=FBts du mat=E9riel de traduction pour ce genre
  > > d'=E9v=E9nements, mais aussi de restituer les d=E9bats (l'archivage +
  > > ind=E9xation) et de permettre qu'ils soient suivies imm=E9diatement par
  > > les internautes (streaming audio). Pour la fonction de streaming,
  > > l'id=E9e est que depuis l'inde, un serveur de streaming alimente un
  > > certain nombre de mirroirs qui eux relayront vers le public.
  > > Nous avons pens=E9 que le R at S peut s'associer =E0 cet effort en tant=
  > > mirroir.
  > > Si il y a accord sur =E7a, et du point de vue technique il faudra
  > > relayer de 1 =E0 2 M=E9ga de flux en streaming du 16 au 21, 10 =E0 12h=
  > > jour.
  > > Donc, toujours dans l'hypoth=E8se o=F9 le R at S s'engage sur =E7a,=
  > > seraient les contraintes techniques et =E9ventuellement financi=E8res
  > > pour le faire ?
  > >
  > > Dans l'attente de vos r=E9actions,
  > > Amiti=E9s Solidaires.
  > > Adnane.


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