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Re: <nettime> Agamben: No to Bio-Political Tattooing
Louise Desrenards on Fri, 16 Jan 2004 19:55:46 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Agamben: No to Bio-Political Tattooing

After I have admired Agamben on early post-modernity I just want to tribute
far from your text but absolutely on these points just after, in every case
like an opportunity to express it :
‹ Auschwitz from Agamben view even a revisionism ? Of course, we have to
finish on Auschwitz but : did you notice trans-conceptually how did Agamben
all the contrary quite naturally talk us on Primo Levi as an observation
from a late laboratory emergency of "musulman" ?
Jalousie ? Agamben couldn't he support that Primo Levi would be really able
to discourse human on this ?

What on transcendence as an emergency from the worst even far of God for any

Second, my same suspicion on bio-politics and bio-ethics : a crazy world of
philosophy after the radical evil; the just meaning on the real moment, but
anyway : let us die if we die and be alive if we naturally, economically can
stay alive ? There is any avant-garde on describing anything of the actual
which hurt me in Late Agamben's philosophy. Any eugenism of the rich telling
us on worst systems of which specially Auschwitz remembers about.

Agamben : would he be a victim of the Stockholm syndrome?

French government, specially Jospin, were inspired by Agamben as a
real-philosophy and the result ? all the course on organs bank as a part of
the rich alive, from the poor, young falling down from their Vespa ? see the
result on top heat this last summer... and understand the way of the reforms
under Agamben influence as a last avant-garde, near Gadamer, and so on...
Or radical thought could not be a pragmatic engagement on social-reality :
Baudrillard's position... He is true I mean.

so goes France from the worst to the...? Agamben the last reference on
defunct avant-gardes ? anything the final materialist modern Utopia as a sad
landscape ?

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> No to Bio-Political Tattooing
> By Giorgio Agamben
> Le Monde
> Saturday 10 January 2004
> The newspapers leave no doubt: from now on whoever wants to go to
> the United States with a visa will be put on file and will have to
> leave their fingerprints when they enter the country. Personally, I

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