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Re: <nettime> An ID for ID makes the whole world a mess :)
nmp||| on Sat, 17 Jan 2004 13:16:25 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> An ID for ID makes the whole world a mess :)

:::el dia 1/16/04 a las 7:30 AM -0800 Steve Cisler escribio:::::
>Probably all these barriers are going to be even more rigid, and the
>reciprocity will increase.

Seems to me as a Colombian that this topic cannot be treated with
reciprocity, I do cope with the Brazilian reaction more because I tend to
celebrate opposition from "goverment leaders" that have voice and make the
stand, even Chavez in that sense is ok, now Lulla or the Argentian
president were able to say NO to some crucial presion from Bush last week
at the ALCA meeting. I wish Uribe had the balls to treat the US goverment
as he treats the Colombian rebel armies, but in that case he is a charming

Few years ago in the Colombian congress [a very respectfull place] this
reciprocity subject was raised by a ultra-pissed congressman that wanted
to apply the exact same rules to the "other" that treated (him) colombians
as criminals whenever they travel outside "homeland", my guess is that his
pain and anger were inspired from all the trauma he had to suffer
"dealing" with visas and being triple-checked and mistreated on all the
borders he crossed while abroad. Colombians i.e have almost all doors
closed, there are only 7 "open" territories left of the planet where they
can go withouth the need of the visa stamp. Even the nordic countries that
before the EU had a Scandinavian Visa for all the three [Norway, Sweden
and Finland] issued, no matter you had the Scandinavian Visa already in
your passport, a special permit for you to cross from Finland to Sweden,
but only if you happened to be "colombian". Now with the EU thing my bet
is that its all bit more complicated. [this is not as a jumping fences
game is something more clever]

Reciprocity for my country will mean drast-auto-ostracism, at the end of
the story the colombian congress didnt change the laws. So you people can
still come without the hassles. Im sure this sort of openness will be read
as pure economical need, and of course just the idea will bring in fear to
the brave others, thought i wanted to state that even though they close
their borders and mark us as "bad"  or potential criminal, potential
ilegal=sans papiers, we here still keep our borders open plus a very big
warm and welcome smile. [yea we need your money and of course your

One other little thing. At the end of the translated text i read:

"Giorgio Agamben is a philosopher and professor at the University of 
Venice and New York University"

But at the begining of the Le Monde text he stated he wont teach there and
invited his collegues on a boycott, perhaps they should all go to EGS in
Switzerland http://www.egs.edu were Agamben and many other philosophers
have been seen.

humm, better would be they all come and share their views here in Colombia
or perhaps Palestine? ok yea, Brazil sounds better i know...carnival
begins Feb.



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