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<nettime> BEK survives (was: URGENT - BEK: Call for support)
Trond Lossius on Fri, 23 Jan 2004 08:04:06 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> BEK survives (was: URGENT - BEK: Call for support)

Last autumn BEK, Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts, was running the risk of
having to close down due to lack of future fundings. To prevent this we
launched a massive lobbying campaign towards the Ministry of Culture, The
Norwegian Parliament, The Municipality of Bergen, etc.  We also called for
artists and others concerned to express their support for BEK at our
website. Almost 600 persons responded to this call for support. Concidering
that BEK is a small and young organization, that was very impressive. The
support statements were forwarded to all relevant politicians and


Shortly before christmas the Parliament decided to grant support for BEK for
the future. In the beginning of January The Norwegian Council for Cultural
Affairs and the Ministry of Culture desided to provide additional funding
for BEK. BEK now has a long-term security concerning fundings that we have
never experienced before.

On behalf of everyone involved with BEK (staff, artists, users, etc.) I want
to express our gratitude towards all of you that supported us.

Trond Lossius

On 12-10-03 20:36, "Trond Lossius" <lossius {AT} bek.no> wrote:

> BEK - Bergen Centre for Electronic Arts might be forced to close down early
> next year due to lack of governmental support. For this reason we call for
> your support. If you believe that BEK should continue to exist, please
> express your support at our web page:
> http://www.bek.no
> or by sending a mail to demo {AT} bek.no.
> BEK - Bergen Centre of Electronic Arts, was found while Bergen, Norway, was

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