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Re: <nettime> Transeuropean Picnic
porculus on Tue, 4 May 2004 19:30:38 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Transeuropean Picnic

> The EU, after all, famously
> lacks a vision.

scheiße to vision.  'empty routine' you said well if you reffer to the
blank triggering as in etology i find it rather wealthy, mostly europe is
the only 'postmodern' bullzingz, a diing process as life itself, it's
above all a disarming suggestion that was just incredible 50 year behind,
but weird you speak on europe as tocqueville on america..saying as a so so
boring politic except making money, cutting out star & strippe g string &
eating chicago steak ha btw long time ago i heard it was written 'it only
could happen in america' on capone's tombstone. i firmly believe it but
searching about i found http://www.graveyards.com/mtcarmel/capone.html
..haa bloody internet i even read

 " What kind of people were these two, giving birth to one of the world's
most notorious criminals? Did they pass on to him some virulent genetic
strain of violence? Some subtly mutated chromosomes? Was Al Capone abused as
a child? Did he spend his tender years in the company of murderers and
thieves? Definitely not. The Capones were a quiet, conventional family." i
stopped there being sure i would learn he was a pizza & a holly virgin hater
& he just killed in mass in boring stiff during picnic around prairie
houses. just call me 'al' bust as alexis

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