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<nettime> illtreatment in borderprison amsterdam
ac on Wed, 26 May 2004 02:42:26 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> illtreatment in borderprison amsterdam

PRESS RELEASE 24-05-2004-05-24
Publication Autonomous Centre Amsterdam
- Testimony of a former inmate'

A detained refugee walking around for three days with a broken wrist and put 
off with painkillers; a woman far advanced in pregnancy who is transferred 
being handcuffed to another prison with an extra severe regime, separated 
from her husband, being alone in a cell for weeks almost 24 hours a day; a 
brother and sister, sharing together one cell, resisting a transfer from one of 
them, being visited by the riot police and then - after the other detainees have 
heard them crying for ten minutes - are being carried unconsciously to an 
isolation cell. It is only just a handful of what has taken place in the detention-
prison Tafelbergweg in Amsterdam at the end of 2002 and the beginning of 

In the deportationprison there are not convicted persons or criminals detained 
but refugees and migrants, detained because they don't have or don't have 
the right documents. This detention doesn't have a maximumterm. The 
Netherlands don't  search for a solution to forced migration but answer it with 
exclusion, detention and deportation.  

A refused asylum seeker who has been detained in this prison for half a year, 
has put in writing some of his experiences. And the Autonomous Centre 
publishes his story with an extensive explanation in this brochure 'Ill-
treatment in a deportation-prison - testimony of a former inmate'.

The witness prefers to stay anonymous because he fears for reprisals from 
the Dutch government or those from his country of origin. He does want to 
testify confidentially to a human rights organisation and will declare then 
dates and names of persons and countries. The Autonomous Centre is 
informed of the identity of the witness and got acquainted with him as a very 
reliable person. 

You can find the full text of the brochure [english and dutch version] at: 
For further information you can contact Autonomous Centre, Rens den 
phone 00-31-20-6126172


web: www.autonoomcentrum.nl
e-mail: ac {AT} autonoomcentrum.nl
telefoon:  020-6126172
opgeven voor maillijst: 
giften welkom op giro 6131418 St Afval Amsterdam

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