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Re: <nettime> Re: Images and Official Language: The Gap or How notto Kno
Michael H Goldhaber on Thu, 3 Jun 2004 22:37:41 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Re: Images and Official Language: The Gap or How notto Know

I remain chary of the word evil, especially as it has been so easily bandied
about by Bush and company, but it's quite obvious that the adminstration
remains far less moved by death and injury to others, whether American or
foreign, than by the political opportunities of any situation, whether 9/11
or the chance to look "strong" by invading Iraq. And the fact that
"weaklings" opposed the war plans only added to the appeal in the eyes of an
administration that was as you say so blind to even the possibility of real
suffering. Like Saddam, lullled into unreality in his hundred palaces, Bush
and cronies seem trapped in , and hopefully by, their fictive world view.
Unless, as I still fear, what we consider fiction the average American (or
anyway too many"swing voters" in "swing states") will end up still taking as
real come Novemeber.

And even  if that fear is not borne out, we have to wonder what Kerry takes
as real.


Alan Sondheim wrote:

> But was it really a matter of 'spin'? It didn't look good right from the
> beginning to many people - don't forget we were coming down out of the
> Clinton era which was fairly prosperous. And 'spin' again seems too much
> of a singularity.

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