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<nettime> Re: what is going on, on nettime?
mez breeze on Wed, 18 Aug 2004 05:36:32 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Re: what is going on, on nettime?

Ana Buigues wrote:
Also see:
Josephine Bosma, "Text for Moscow: Between moderation and extremes. The
tensions between net art theory and popular art discourse,"  Switch v6 n1

....just wanted 2 wade in with comments re: my take on moderator 
actions/interventions on nettime. i'll be *highly* [and pleasantly 
surprised] if this makes it onto the list.

1stly, i'd like 2 say Alan Sondheim's initial post [referenced by Ana] has 
also been in direct relation 2 moderator intervention[s] that have been 
occurring on the empyre mailing list [amazing wot happens in the 
undercurrents and flows of mailing list forums!:)] these type of actions 
encountered both on nettime and empyre can be somewot generalised 2 the 
current state of moderated email lists devoted 2 the examination or 
perpetuation of net[.wurked] art.

overt moderator actions/interjections effect the interests of every 
participant in these type of [+ - i'd contest - multiple others] email 
communities. activities surrounding the moderation of these lists should 
provoke the examination of larger issues centred around power stratification 
+ control-assertion thru discourse dominance, censorship + implied silencing 
of positions/opinions that lie outside acceptable mainstreamic discourse 
treatments ...questions relating 2 communication diversification + 
acknowledgement of minority perspectives + seeking 2 hi_light power 
perspectives that often deliberately mask agendas is also relevant in terms 
of adequately maintaining a forum in which a community_based orientation is 

the nettime moderators have performed x.tensive moderator intervention that 
illustrates that the list [+ the intention of the list] has morphed markedly 
from its initial manifestation....originally, nettime encouraged 
collaborative net.art efforts [see the 95-98 archives] but now has shifted 
itself 2wards projecting a streamlined-info-vehicle that offers rationalist 
perspectives...similar 2 the right-wing global shift in co-opting + 
gloss-covering any media/dialogue that display experimental presentations or 
adheres to "other" discourse metho[ology]ds...

i find this type of morphing very questionable in terms of nettime's stated 
file aim:

"<nettime> is a moderated mailing list for net criticism,
collaborative text filtering and cultural politics of the nets"

...the latent nettime agenda nowadays seems biased 2wards a stilling 
approach, whereby any non-regular opinions [ie that that don't fit the 
typical reply/response/debate/argument syndrome that heavily 
institutionalised mailing lists labour under] r excluded. this exclusion 
appears 2 b enforced sporadically - if not whimsically + seemingly in 
accordance with moderators personal perspectives + opinions [i c it as 
deliberate bias 2wards/against certain subscriber postings].

4 those of us who initially enjoyed the benefits of an open-ended approach 2 
info-presentation on the nettime list [+ who helped 2 actively shape the 
nettime list ethos + the net.art genre itself] it is extremely sad 2 witness 
the now entrenched mono-forcing of multilogues in2 such exacting expressions 
+ deliberate censorship of anything that the list both encouraged + 
celebrated previously [+ n.deed, on which it constructed its reputation].

in seeking 2 hi-lite this situation [via suggesting alan post this 2 several 
lists] my intention was 2 encourage an open-ended discussion of nettimes 
stated goals, either regarding its original aims or even a potential partial 
reinstatement of them via list practice *or* offer a potential info-source + 
example via which other mailing lists may learn + possibly avoid the same 
entrenched [+ perhaps
unconscious] bias formations.


- pro][rating][.lucid.txt

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