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Re: <nettime> Pakistan: An Independence Day Saga - GSM Rulez!
Carl Guderian on Thu, 19 Aug 2004 17:31:00 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Pakistan: An Independence Day Saga - GSM Rulez!

Give away the shavers to sell razor blades. Phones
with the minimum required capabilities--talking and
texting--have long been cheap enough in the North to
make the above axiom true; now it's becoming true in
the South as well.

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> Subject: [bytesforall_readers] An Independence Day
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> Weathering long queues and the unbearable heat were people from all 
> walks of life, determined to get free connections.  Hadn't I seen 
> myself I won't have believed the great number of females I saw in the 
> queue at Ufone Head Office, so early on 16th August.
> This was just to share an interesting Independence Day with you all. 
> But I think someone should conduct a systematic and analytical 
> research study on the benefits or disadvantages this new kind of 
> technology boom may bring.  


It'll have a big social effect like the automobile in
the 1920s and the Pill in the 1960s did in the U.S.
"Independence Day" is apt, where women are concerned.
The American colonies still had to fight five years
after declaring independence, but it came.


The government will have to modernize its wiretapping
apparatus. Fortunately, the Northern system is
applicable: no matter how much it costs, you can
always charge the users for it.


who hails from another backwards mobile phone market

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