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<nettime> Hackers Take Aim at GOP + CrimeInc LOGISTICS ENCLOSED
Ricardo Dominguez on Wed, 18 Aug 2004 23:11:25 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Hackers Take Aim at GOP + CrimeInc LOGISTICS ENCLOSED

[Here is my fasinating introductory comment on hacktivist culture for the
nettime community: notice how my deep and lucid remark upgrades the nettime
readers general understanding of the issue - r]

 Hackers Take Aim at GOP

  By Noah Shachtman
  02:00 AM Aug. 17, 2004 PT


  Online protests targeting GOP websites could turn out to be more than symbolic
  during this month's Republican National Convention, possibly blocking a
  critical communications tool for the party.

  In the past, activists have been able to shut down the website of, say, the
  World Economic Forum for a few hours. But the impact of such a takedown was
  nebulous at best: It's hard to argue the organization really suffered from a  
few-hour lag in posting its press releases

  In this year's presidential race, however, campaign websites have moved beyond
  the margins. During John Kerry's acceptance speech in Boston last month, for
  example, his website was visited by 50,000
  people an hour, according to comScore Networks, the online traffic-measuring
  firm. That's a droplet compared to the millions who'll watch the convention on
  TV. But taking down a campaign website
  would nevertheless remove a critical tool for reaching the public -- and
  generate a slew of stories in the mainstream media about the crash.

  So it's no surprise that hardened electronic activists are planning to jam up
  the servers of GeorgeWBush.com, GOP.com and related websites, once the
  Republican National Convention gets underway
  Aug. 29.

  "We want to bombard (the Republican sites) with so much traffic that nobody
  get in," said CrimethInc, a member of the so-called Black Hat Hackers Bloc.
  It's one of several groups planning to
  distribute software tools to reload Republican sites over and over again.
  FloodNet programs are similar to hackers' distributed denial-of-service
  attacks, which overwhelm a server with thousands
  and thousands of simultaneous requests for information.

  But some activists are condemning the planned attacks, saying they violate the
  principles of free speech that protesters rely on for their demonstrations.

  "If you feel that you must shut up someone through intimidation or false
  accusations or any other method -- you are not relying on the superiority of
  the truth," The Pull, co-founder of the online political
  action group Hacktivismo, wrote in an e-mail. "People can not condemn
  and then embrace it."

  The point of the electronic demonstrations isn't to take down a site,
  to Ricardo Dominguez, co-founder of the Electronic Disturbance Theater, or
  which is releasing a FloodNet program of
  its own. Unlike hackers' denial-of-service attacks, which often hijack
  against their users' will, EDT's JavaScript-based software depends on how many
  people use the program. "It's a way to let
  people around the world gather and let their presence be felt," Dominguez

  Not that he would mind if a Republican server just happened to crash along the
  way. In 2002, at the EDT's direction, 43,000 people flooded the site of the
  World Economic Forum during its meeting in
  New York. The organization's website went offline for several hours following
  the demonstration.

  The Black Hat Hackers Bloc is hoping to cause a whole lot more trouble when
  Republicans start to gather in New York. The groups will be targeting not only
  GOP computers, but "e-mail, faxes and
  phones, too," CrimethInc said, as well as unspecified "financial disruption."

  Officials from the Republican Party and from Computer Horizons, the Mountain
  Lakes, New Jersey, firm responsible for network services at the GOP
  did not respond to requests to comment
  for this article.

  It's unclear exactly how effective these online actions will be. In an
  interview, CrimethInc boasted that his associates defaced the website for Drug
  Abuse Resistance Education, or DARE, with a
  pro-pot-legalization screed, and promised similar strikes against Republican
  sites. In the past, veteran online activists have called these tactics the
  "kind of stupidity that gives hacking a bad name."

  The attacks during the Republican convention may be just the beginning,
  At the Hackers on Planet Earth gathering in New York City, one speaker
  attendees, "You will learn how to
  infiltrate organizations like the RNC, how to look for and find security
  and how mischief and mayhem is achieved."




  Contact: CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc
  Campaign Website: http://phil.ist-backup.de/rncelectronic/
  Email: rainbowskies {AT} graffiti.net

  Hackers are organizing for a massive electronic civil disobedience campaign
 against the Republican party to coincide
  with the massive protests in
  New York City for the Republican National Convention.  This document contains
 logistical information on how people
  can participate in this

  We won't stand idly by while the Republican Party exploits the democratic city
 of New York to further their agenda of
  endless war, attacks on our
  freedoms and and breaks for corporations. We demand an end to the so-called
 "war on terrorism", which is nothing more
  than a pretext for empire
  and the erosion of our civil rights. As long as Amerikkka continues to further
 their war on the poor for the benefit
  of the rich, we will use all
  weapons at our disposal to disrupt the RNC - on the streets, and on the net.

  All are encouraged to help out this campaign in any way they can. Deface
 websites, flood email servers, cause
  financial disruption, change
  electronic billboards. Turn the system over and put the people on top.
 Hacktivists of the world, unite!

  What will be happening?

  August 22nd - Day of online direct action a week before the convention begins.
 All are encouraged to attack as many
  right-wing, corporate,
  government or military sites as possible. Web defacements, email attacks,
 financial disruption, anything and
  everything. These attacks will be used
  to stir discussion of the RNC, encourage people to participate in the protests
 in NYC itself, and to build for the
  mainstream electronic sit-in on the

  August 29 - September 2nd - Mainstream electronic sit-in while the RNC is in
 session. The actions will commence on
  noon of each day. The
  protests will utilize a wide diversity of tactics including email, web, fax
 phone disruption. The logistical
  details of this campaign are included in
  this document below.

  Who are we flooding?
  The email addresses, fax numbers, and phone numbers listed below are various
 contacts of the Republican National
  Committee and the official
  George W. Bush re-election staff.

  Isn't this cyber terrorism?
  It is important to make a distinction between electronic civil disobedience
 terrorism. Civil disobedience is a
  fundamental part of the democratic
  process which our country was founded upon. Like Henry David Thoreau and our
 revolutionary forefathers who shot up
  the pigs at Lexington and
  Concord, electronic civil disobedience is the logical continuation of these
 theories applied towards the internet as
  a medium for disruption. ECD is a
  legitimate protest act.

  Terrorism tries to instill fear into people through violence and destruction.
 Terrorism is not an act of liberation
  or unity but of division fear and
  conquer. A bitter act of desperation that solves no problems, makes no
 statement, and disempowers many. Electronic
  civil disobedience causes no
  harm to people or property. Instead of disempowering, ECD tries to bring
 together to realize and exercise
  their power over oppressive
  governments and corporations using hacking as a means of fighting for social

  Who are we?
  There is no 'us'. This is a decentralized campaign - there are no leaders or
 orders or hierarchy. Most of us don't
  know the other people working on
  this project. None of us know what sorts of attacks are being planned. This is
 an autonomous call out, anyone who
  agrees with what we've said and
  wants to participate in this campaign is welcome to resist the RNC in any way
 they can.

  This call out is issued by the CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc. We are not
 participating in any of the actions or
  any illegal activities ourselves. We
  recognize the political significance of the RNC and realize that one way or
 another there is going to be some sort of
  cyber attack. We are simply
  serving as a press tool to communicate with the media about different
 electronic methods people are employing to
  protest the RNC.

  Contact Us:
  CrimethInc Black Hat Hacker's Bloc
  Campaign Website: http://phil.ist-backup.de/rncelectronic/
  Email: rainbowskies {AT} graffiti.net

  This is an autonomous call out for electronic direct action against the RNC.
 This document contains a number of
  resources that can help people
  who choose to participate in such actions. If you decide to help out, you do
 on your own terms and accept
  responsibility for what might happen.
  However, there is safety in numbers and there are a number of people who plan
 on a number of actions and there is a
  very low risk. So hack on!

  If you participate...
  Let us know what you're up to! We are communicating with the media on this
 project and we want to post on our website
  what sorts of attacks are
  being made. Feel free to rip bits of text from our website, this document, or
 any other press release we have made
  and use it in your messages.
  Make sure to link to our page!

  Fellow citizens, PARTICIPATE!
  You do not need to be an experienced hacker to help this campaign: we've made
 it easy for people to help out through
  a variety of different ways.
  The mainstream electronic sit-in is composed of several methods of disruption:
 flooding RNC websites, email
  addresses, fax and phone numbers.
  Listed below are the targets and explanations / tools you can use to help this

  We are asking people to use all tools at their disposal to bombard the given
 servers with so much traffic that it
  will become unable to serve any
  more web requests. People can participate in the actions by using the given
 floodnet scripts on the campaign website
  or by launching your own
  distributed denial of service attacks.

  The Republican National Convention: http://www.2004nycgop.org/
  The Republican National Committee: http://www.rnc.org/
  George W. Bush official re-election site: http://www.georgewbush.com/

  You can help flood these servers by going to our website and running the
 FloodNet tools on our website. There is a
  web-based tool and several perl
  scripts that you can use to flood the targets. You can also download and run
 several denial of service applications
  on your home machine and point
  them to the above servers.

  A list of good denial of service tools for the Mac is available at
 http://freaky.staticusers.net/dos.shtml (Freaky's
  Mac Archive) and http://
  undergroundmac.com/hacking.html#dos (Underground Mac)

  A list of good denial of service tools for Windows is available at

  ... but denial of service attacks isn't hacking!

  DoS attacks are seen as somewhat lame in the hacking community because it does
 not require any actual skills to
  perform such attacks - any script
  kiddie can simply download a few tools and launch attacks against major
 servers. It can hardly be considered hacking.
  But it is a method of
  electronic disruption that can bring the enemy's servers to it's knees. No
 reason to overlook tools at our disposal.

  E-mail bomb attacks are done by sending tens of thousands of emails to the
 enemy's contact addresses. This can make
  it painful to send and
  receive emails while simultaneously consuming server resources, possibly
 slowing or shutting it down. There are
  numerous tools that one can use
  to perform such attacks.

  There are a number of Windows email bombers available for download at

  A number of good email bombers for the mac are available at
  (Underground Mac)

  webmaster {AT} gop.com
  Info {AT} gop.com
  RNCommunications {AT} gop.com
  MemberRelations {AT} gop.com
  Administration {AT} gop.com
  Counsel {AT} gop.com
  Chairman {AT} gop.com
  Political {AT} gop.com
  Finance {AT} gop.com
  NOS {AT} gop.com
  BushCheney04 {AT} GeorgeWBush.com
  Blog {AT} GeorgeWBush.com

  Fax bombing is a method of electronic disruption that clogs the enemy's fax
 communications and wastes their paper and
  toner resources. Tape
  together a few sheets of black construction paper and start faxing to the
 following targets. When the first page goes
  through, roll it back and tape it
  to the other end of your sheet to form an infinite loop of black construction
 paper. Then sit back and watch the
  mayhem begin. Use any and all fax
  machines at your availability - the more the merrier!


  Phone bombing is another method of disrupting their communication systems by
 preventing them from making / receiving
  calls. You can either call
  these numbers and tell them what you think about the Bush agenda, or you can
 beige box into someone else's line and
  set up auto-dialing scripts
  to flood their lines.


  That's all for today, kids. Stay out of trouble, and don't get caught!

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