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Re: <nettime> Hackers Take Aim at GOP + CrimeInc LOGISTICS ENCLOSED
Ricardo Dominguez on Fri, 20 Aug 2004 18:19:57 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Hackers Take Aim at GOP + CrimeInc LOGISTICS ENCLOSED

I would say that ECD is a developing form of effective protest and also
contains elements of *geeks wanking off.* The core of EDT's gesture as
many have pointed out in the past is not it's technical
effectiveness...but its ability to create wide area semantic disturbance.
The technical side of duya site going down for 3 days during the 3 days of
the GOP does not add up to a large scale political event horizon...but, it
does create an added layer of another global community gathering to
click-off the neo-con logic of total war.

Since the GOP is now nolonger just about politics inside U.S
borders...but, clearly about global agenda- I would think that it is the
right of the global communities around the world who suffer or disagree
with the GOP's Empire of Disorder have a global right to protest on the
streets on New York City or on-line.

The GOP's support for the Global Logic of Total War calls for Global

Of course we also know that if Kerry wins...it will only be the beginning
of shifting U.S policy...some times when I open my email...I do get the
feeling that no matter who Wins...We Lose!

But, then I drink my cup of java and read on...and see that another world
is possible and many many people are are gathering around the world not
only say *NO* but say *Yes* and think out what that might mean and how it
might be built..with the deep echos of the Zapatista Caracoles as a
foundation...slowly creating new spaces in the swirls of the sea to come.

And I for one galdly accept the *wanking of geeks* and ECD as fine respose
to the echos of the *Yes*

over and out, 


Quoting John <3v1l.hax0r {AT} gmail.com>:

> [ In a Mr. Burns voice, "Excellent..." ]
> But on a serious note, do you folks think this is an effective form of
> protest?  Or just geeks wanking off?
> Could a short term disruption have a meaningful affect on them?  If
> moveon.org was shutdown completely I could see it having an affect on
> the election, but only 3 days of dubya's 'personal' site being down?
> And what about potential internation participation in this?  It is
> easy to do via the net, but I think it would not be well received if
> protesters from all over the world came to New York to fight with the
> GOP during the convention.

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