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<nettime> Fascists Get Out (for a Broadway play)
Alan Sondheim on Mon, 30 Aug 2004 17:43:00 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Fascists Get Out (for a Broadway play)

Fascists Get Out (for a Broadway play)

Republicans are here trying to take over the city.
I want to see them dead. I can't help it.
Every time I here a pro-Bush statement I have a visceral reaction.
These bland faces violate women, gays, countries, blacks, everyone.
Such happy God faces I want to see dead.
I hate myself for hatred. I can't help it.
All Republicans should get the welcome they deserve.
They are walking our streets stinking up our polluted air.
The thermal inversion layer is within eight feet of the ground.
They will lower the thermal inversion layer to six feet.
If I jump high enough I can breathe. Then I can spit at Republicans.

I am a coward wishing for violence.

Republicans understand violence. They are good at it.
Beheaded Republicans for Iraqi beheadings.
Exploded Republicans for Iraqi explosions.
Hidden Republican deaths for media Iraqi sanitation squads.
Destroyed Reagan and Nixon libraries for Iraqi library lootings.
Wounded Republican children for wounded Iraqi boys and girls.
(Now you don't like this poem.)

Harsh light of media critique on every Republican pore.
Every wounded animal and plant in polluted waters and clearcut forests.
Bush bodies exploded with burning oil gushers out of every hole.

I am a coward filled with hatred.

I understand violence and run away and dream of it.
Republicans are our conquerors and colonizers.
Their Christ carries lies and missiles and their God invented anthrax.
They will go to Heavens filled with done-up Republicans.

Listen Republicans, New York curses your days and nights.
Republicans, you have taken your ears off, now take off.
(Go home, the poem is over.)

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