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<nettime> Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?
Randall Packer on Tue, 26 Oct 2004 18:51:45 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?

You might be wondering, how could George Bush be tied or possibly even 
leading in the polls as the nation teeters in this post-apocalyptic era? 
How could there be so many Bush supporters when every day the front page 
of the newspaper reads like a doomsday episode from Twilight Zone? The 
reason: 42% of eligible voters are Middle America bible-toting right-wing 
Christian fundamentalists on a Mission from God, and nothing will shake 
them, not even reality.

On the other hand, go into any bookstore, and displays are filled with 
tell-all books on Bush atrocities written by politicians, former 
administration officials, ex-generals, religious leaders, scholars, 
academics, moms who lost their sons in Iraq, and other members of the 
"reality community." These pleas for truth and reason are passionate, 
informed, angry, and devoid of faith-based righteousness.

Will rational exuberance prevail in the upcoming election? Or, will Bush 
be handed another four years from a nation hypnotized by propaganda, 
disinformation, and passages from Revelations. The very citizens in the 
Heartland who are being ravaged by the administration's policies are 
screaming for re-election. Have they gone mad?

Bush has artfully deceived the nation by invoking the Orwellian phrase, 
"Ignorance is Strength." Sadly, we can now proclaim, in this campaign 
where nuance and multiplicity of perspective is ridiculed, "Reason is 

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