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Re: <nettime> Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?
ben moretti on Wed, 27 Oct 2004 18:16:42 +0200 (CEST)

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Re: <nettime> Will Rational Exuberance Prevail?

hi randall

i was thinking the same thing in the weeks before the liberal/national 
coalition with john howard as prime minister was re-elected here in 
australia a fortnight or so ago. it is a similar situation: this 
government has in many proven cases lied to the electorate, led us into 
another us backed war, locked refugee children in detention centres, 
stripped funding from public health and education, aligned itself with 
right-wing christian fundamentalists, etc etc etc. why, i thought, would 
anyone vote for these people, given the so evident reasons not to? surely 
the labour party and greens offer the best way for the public good?

but, the electorate did vote for them, and not only that, they gave them 
an increased majority. so now both houses of parliament will be controlled 
by the coalition, and they are going to be able to put through any bit of 
legislation they want, and they probably will.

there was a lot of soul searching from the left (and centre for that 
matter) on why the right won such a victory. basically it all comes down 
to greed and apathy. with interest rates low, the consumer class have 
bought huge amounts of consumer goods with borrowed money. any increases 
in interest rates will make their lives difficult due to repayments, and 
the incumbent government ran a scare campaign that the labour party would 
put them up. everything else, iraq, refugees, environment, people couldn't 
give a fig about. as long as they can buy a four wheel drive and watch a 
plasma screen tv, it's all ok.

so buy yourself a crate of expensive red wine, and on election night ask 
some friends over, put on some music and drink it.


ben moretti
e: benmoretti {AT} yahoo.com.au
w: http://www.geocities.com/benmoretti
t: +61 0438 822 196

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