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<nettime> Ballettikka Internettikka: illegallikka robottikka
intima on Wed, 3 Nov 2004 03:11:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Ballettikka Internettikka: illegallikka robottikka

Ballettikka Internettikka: illegallikka robottikka


by Igor Stromajer & Brane Zorman
theoretical advisor: Bojana Kunst
produced by Intima Virtual Base, November 2004

# wireless illegal remote-controlled net-ballet invasion on 
[theatre x]

time: Saturday, November 13th at 20:00 GMT+1
Central European Time
Berlin/Paris/Ljubljana/Vienna/Madrid/Amsterdam local time

location: [theatre x] - location will be made public* on 
November 13th at 18:00 (6pm) GMT+1 (2 hours before the 
performance starts; due to security reasons)
* an e-mail message will be sent to you

- - - - -
"Stromajer and Zorman are going to operate remote-controlled toy-
ballet-robots, MC Brane is going to conduct a wireless MP3 
- - - - -

Ballettikka Internettikka is an ongoing study of the internet 
guerrilla performance. After invading the Bolsh.oi Theatre in 
Moscow (March 2002), Stromajer and Zorman will perform a new 
guerrilla ballet invasion -- on November 13th 2004, this time of 
another famous theatre (ballet and opera) house in Europe.

Live internet broadcasting of the guerrilla ballet performance 
will start on November 13th 2004 at 20:00 (8pm) GMT+1 and will 
last exactly 15 minutes; the location will be made public on 
November 13th at 18:00 (6pm) GMT+1 (2 hours before the 
performance; due to security reasons).

They will enter the kitchen of the famous [theatre x], where bio-
food for artists is prepared. The kitchen of the [theatre x] is 
an excellent example of a modern cooking laboratory for healthy 
food. It is automatized and meets the highest hygienic 
standards. The artists will use two remote-controlled toy-robots 
with two wireless web cameras. Robots and cameras (algorithm of 
the ballet choreography and MP3 orchestra) will be remotely 
controlled from a mini-van parked at the north-east side of the 
[square x] in front of the [theatre x].

Watch and listen live to internet guerrilla ballet at
(November 13th 2004)

This time, Stromajer and Zorman (as ballet dancer and musician) 
will be replaced by robots, lonely and sad icons, automatized 
units, which will have no major problem to invade the kitchen of 
the famous [theatre x] and dance the net-ballet there. Toys 
transform into guerrilla-ballet dancers.

Stromajer and Zorman will approach the [theatre x] full of 
respect towards the [theatre x] and its rich history.

Artists will use hi-tech mobile and wireless equipment for the 
invasion and live broadcasting (portable computers, mini digital 
camera, MP3 audio systems, mobile WAP telephones etc). A laptop 
and MiniDV cam, together with Webcam32 (version 6.0) software 
will be used for broadcasting the video signal (running over 
Intima Virtual Base FTP server). Another laptop and MP3 player 
with online interface SHOUTcast (version 1.8.3/win32), will be 
used for live sound broadcasting (running over Beitthron FTP 
server). A local GSM mobile phone operator will be used for GPRS 
mobile internet connection.

- - - - -
# Timetable of the action in [theatre x] - 13. 11. 2004:

11:00 - test and calibratethe equipment, micro-locate at ground 
19:30 - park mini-van at the north-east side of the [square x] 
in front of the [theatre x] and secure the location
19:45 - robots enter the kitchen of the [theatre x]
* * *
20:00 - start of the live internet broadcasting
20:15 - end of the internet broadcasting
* * *
20:20 - robots exit the kitchen of the [theatre x]
20:35 - leave [square x] in front of the [theatre x] and secure 
the material
- - - - -

Dancing an illegal wireless roboballet in the kitchen of the 
[theatre x] represents a big conceptual and strategic challenge 
to the Intima Virtual Base, therefore the preparations have been 
taken serious, safety measures have been calculated, and the 
previous experience from the Bolsh.oi Theatre in Moscow has been 
very welcome.

Note: [theatre x] does not voluntarily co-operate in the 
project, but was selected based on the conceptual strategy of 
the project. The management of the [theatre x] is not a co-
producer of this project and does not co-operate in the process 
of its realization.

Project supported by The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of 


[] [] []

About the authors:

Igor Stromajer
is an mobile intimate communicator. He researches tactical 
emotional states and traumatic low-tech strategies. He has shown 
his work at more than a hundred exhibitions in forty-two 
countries and received a number of awards. His works are 
included in the permanent collections of the Centre Georges 
Pompidou, Paris; the Museo Nacional Centro de Arte Reina Sofía, 
Madrid; Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Slovenia; Computerfinearts 
Gallery, New York.

Brane Zorman
is a composer and sound manipulator. Between 1982 and 1986 he 
was frontman for the Slovene punk group O!KULT. He is a pioneer 
of Slovene techno scene. Since 1987 he has been composing music 
for both Slovene and international theatre, dance and multimedia 
performances and projects. and has made guest appearances 
throughout Europe. Recently he works with Irena Pivka on a 
series of audio-visual installations ZONE.

[] [] []

Ballettikka Internettikka PRESS (2001 - 2003):

... The eleven minutes of live webcasting were watched by more 
then 400 people. An amazing amount, which even the artist did 
not expect. Not only did they see Igor Stromajer dancing, but 
they also saw the conductor of the 'mp3 orchestra' - as 
Stromajer calls MC Brane - who ironically conducted the mp3's on 
his laptop like a true Herbert von Karajan. The video of the 
whole event catches the excitement of the event well. Shot in 
black and white it leaves one a bit with the feeling of watching 
an avant-garde performance straight from the early twentieth 
century, if it weren't for the laptops and mobile phones of 
course. Both dancer and conductor wear a kind of miners light on 
their heads. The movements of the light, the speed and accuracy 
of the operation, the bare abandoned basement and the 
concentrated moves by Stromajer and MC Brane create a sense of 
conspiracy that replaces the so called interactivity of on line 
art without it being missed. In a way it is still there, in the 
intimacy of the small circle of people who watch this event 
live, while the management of the Bolsh.oi theatre watches a 
classical ballet.
# "Claiming the Stage: Ballettikka Internettikka pt 2" by 
Josephine Bosma, Cream, Amsterdam, Nizozemska (25.04.2002) 

- - -

... It all started in 1999 when Igor Stromajer earned the 
peculiar nickname, the Pavarotti of the Internet for singing his 
Oppera Teorettikkaa Internettika, a transcoding of the HTML into 
song. After the incantation of the code, two years later he 
delivers another surprising creation: Ballettikka Internettikka. 
... net art's fifteen minutes of glory on the theater's premises 
... With this project Stromajer and Zorman also demythologize 
net art and express its potential for vitality by showing in 
pantomime and music, the involvement of passions and dramas, 
trials and tribulations in the its creative process. One can 
hardly say that Stromajer is a military man or a stripper for 
that matter, yet, his expression is at times shocking bordering 
on the flamboyant as it abounds on subversive methods and 
references to military strategies for intimacy on the Net. For 
this artist the Net is an emotional, vibrant matter which only 
remains to be uncovered ...
# "Ballettikka Internettikka" by Rossitza Daskalova, CIAC 
Electronic Art Magazine N.15, Montreal, Canada (avgust 2002) 

- - -

... Igor Stromajer, le géant slovene, frappe a nouveau ...
... en costard cravate noir, chemise blanche et le crâne lisse 
revetu d'un filet de perles, se tortille devant sa webcam, a la 
lueur tremblotante de deux lampes- torches.
Le compositeur MC Brane - Brane Zorman assure le son.
... Le résultat est encore plus étrange que la précédente 
... Les visages blafards, les regards aveuglés, les mouvements 
syncopés des corps plongés dans une semi-obscurité, l'impression 
d'enfermement et d'isolation font de ce «ballet» une expérience 
underground surprenante ...
# "Danse par effraction au Bolchoi" par Marie Lechner, La 
Liberation, Paris, France (04.04.2002) 

- - -

Igor Stromajer, el net.artista que cantó hace un ano el código 
HTML de sus proyectos en la Oppera Teorettikka Internettikka, 
acaba de convertir el lenguaje informático en una danza. Una 
representación que se podrá ver por Internet en apoyo al mítico 
Bolshói de Moscú. El teatro atraviesa una grave crisis 
económica: necesita fondos para sus reformas arquitectónicas y 
para mantener su actividad artística. El net.ballet se 
retransmitía en apoyo a la restauración del Bolsh.oi, el mítico 
templo de la danza que atraviesa una grave crisis económica; 
incluso para mantener su actividad artística. Ahora, el artista 
montará todas las imágenes generadas en una animación y pondrá 
el archivo en Intima, junto a sus otros proyectos de net.art, 
incluida la Oppera Internettikka que le valió el apodo de 
Pavarotti del HTML.
# "Igor Stromajer transforma el codigo HTML en un espetaculo de 
net.ballet"; Roberta Bosco & Stefano Caldana, El Pais, 29 Mar 
2001, Espana

- - - - - - - - - - - -
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