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<nettime> Fw: Private business in Iraq
Paul Krugman on Wed, 3 Nov 2004 03:11:35 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> Fw: Private business in Iraq

   Corruption in Iraq. This message has been received today.

   Dear Editor,
   One thing may change the November's election.

   Coalition of corruption
   Polish politics make private business on the war. The corruption range
   to the highest authorities.

   Polish Prime Minister Marek Belka was earlier the Chief of
   International Coordination Council in Iraq. As the chief of the
   council, he supported a choice of Bank Millennium (in which he was a
   member of the supervisory board) to the consortium that would menage
   the Trade Bank of Iraq. Accidentally, the Prime Minister admitted (in
   Polish parliament) that he had known how the members of the commission
   had voted - nevertheless, he was not a member of the commission.

   Another matter regards to the public tender that decided about a
   contract on equipment for Iraq's army. In consortium that won the
   first tender was "Ostrowski Arms" - the firm that had not a license on
   the trade of weapons and whole firm was consists of a few persons.
   What is interesting in this firm? The owner and the chief of the firm
   was Andrzej Ostrowski - a good acquaintance of President Aleksander
   Kwasniewski. Mr. Ostrowski had issued a book about the calendar of the
   choice of F-16 to Polish army. It was only one book wroted by him
   ...and President Kwasniewski wrote an introduction to this book. At
   present, Mr. Andrzej Ostrowski is the accused of a trade of weapons
   without a license.

   After the journalist's investigation regards Ostrowski Arms the public
   tender in Iraq was cancel. What the tender was it? The firm without
   license on a trade of weapons is the one of winners. The firm with a
   few people staff, not famous in branch... However, good famous for
   Aleksander Kwasniewski.

   I think you should confirm both events: the run of the choice of the
   consortium managing the Trade Bank of Iraq and the choice of the
   unknown firm without a license on weapons trade to the consortium that
   was expected to equip the Iraq's army.

   The international corruption affair will range to the high Bush's
   administration and to the highest Polish authorities.

   Enclosed please find more details, nevertheless, it is only in Polish:

   Best Regards,
   Jaroslaw Suplacz

   About the author:



   1. http://www.polandsecurities.com/businessinIraq
   2. http://www.polandsecurities.com/jsvitae.html

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