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unselfishness, there you see plainly the recursion, it's considered a
virtue because.. in view of.. yes, unselfishness. and so, selfishness is a 
virtue in view of selfishness, etc. and, virtue is a virtue in view of the 
virtue? virtue is the positive, productive property of a view - the view's 
production. but it doesn't mean you can avoid it. there's virtues of your 
body, as long as you have one. and virtues of having, as long as it's 
possible. and virtues of the possible, as long as it's not impossible. 
virtues of the impossible? via negativa. prime numbers are what remains. are 
they selfish or unselfish? :) positive or negative? you can follow them a 
bit via the positive, which is like the virtue of a view, formula, though 
quickly you're replacing algorithms with heuristics, which is more of a 
mess, like the layered virtues of our reality, the real being transcendent, 
unending streams, and you find yourself jumping from this to that all the 
time, not selfish-algorithmic (producing) or unselfish-heuristic (seeking), 
but let's call it dancing since there are movements and, well, the thing is 
still alive though with no reason, and not producing or seeking, still views 
you can't avoid, going through the steps. eurythmics is at the end, or the 
beginning, not the body's algorithms (production system), or it's 
intentionality (heuristics), the virtues of having a body, having a view, 
not selfish, not unselfish. no virtues, no views, but still a text, still 
here though not what it is (produces) or what it means (seeks), it's still 
written, in virtue of the iso-8859-1 charset two-faced bastards, so maybe 
we're talking dialectics too - the protocol (selfish) and the exchange 
(unselfish) - still, the user. [user2  (zr), n. Law. the exercise of a 
right to the enjoyment of property]. my body, my propery, the body of this 
mail. again, the protocol's from, to, subject, body, this is the body.

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