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Re: <nettime> The car park theory of American takeover
steven schkolne on Sat, 6 Nov 2004 01:41:52 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> The car park theory of American takeover

so this is not the first time on this list that i've read something 
where someone pretends to understand america. i grew up in the bible 
belt and i can say that people are not going to church because they hate 
the parking lot. they are going because they love it. and as such this 
carparktheory is exactly 100% absolutely incorrect to the fullest, which 
does lend it a kind of pure truth i have to admit. the largesse of 
america, to americans, is nothing but a symbol of how purrfect and clean 
things are. the homogeneity of the parking lot is the homogeneity of 
walmart and target, and bed bath & beyond, and best buy and the coffee 
bean & tree leaf. we live in a perfect world, and let's keep it perfect, 
and keep the terrorists out (it's nice to have an enemy, just like 
highschool football and) and worry about the moral degredation of our 
society evidenced by those who live _without_ cars and parking lots, 
those who live in apartments with that very different sense of space 
that they have in europe and the 3rd world and new york and los angeles. 
let's try to avoid that and have more of this plain clean banal 
universe, where everyone is straight and america is the best country in 
the world, where no-one gets mixed up in that confusing new age 
spirituality, or wears a funny hat, where we don't have to deal with 
those people that don't speak english, and this will all continue 
indefinitely, i'm sure it will because bush says so, he has travelled ot 
other countries and i never have, so best to just trust him.

Geoff Manaugh wrote:

>A theory that has not found itself in wide circulation on nettime, and for
>an understandable reason, is the one about too many car parks: that is, the
>United States is full of parking lots - huge, paved, empty spaces built on
>a scale that's literally inhuman - and so the only possible response a

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