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Re: <nettime> How to Cross Borders, Social or Otherwise
nomeparece {AT} gmx.net on Wed, 24 Nov 2004 09:02:52 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> How to Cross Borders, Social or Otherwise

On Mon, 2004-11-22 at 12:32, Patrice Riemens wrote:

> Unfortunately for Mr. Bunting and Ms. Brandon, the law books have a lot to
> say, too. In its final form, their project may be viewed as the Homeland
> Security Department's worst nightmare: a road map enabling all sorts of
> undesirables to penetrate a nation's borders, banking systems, supermarket
> loyalty clubs.

i saw the *show like a month ago, i remember that i read somewhere there 
at the gallery that *Mr. Bunting was not allowed to come into the u.s to 
the opening......he was "caught" many years ago crossing to the us via 
canada, i dont know what was the prob there since hes a UK national..phps 
he didnt had his passport with him or had went to cuba and had a stamp on 
it..i dunno.

im not aware of other countries having the NSA model...at least not in 
EUrope in the alps or the pirineos where mostly all their Xcrossings are 
done (places where many other japanese tourist are trekking)

my point: you think this info is of a really "delicate" matter? just go 
out and see for real how border crossers are dayly dying. (cuba, tijuana, 
gibraltar, australia...to name a few cause theres a lot of people that 
cannot even make it to the boat or at least out of the place where they 
live not even in their imagination...), oke we are talking here about 
art...it is supposed to remain in the conceptual limbo?.

my interest on the work goes to the way they document what they do, it 
gets interesting when they include the story of the real persons 
struggling to cross, there it begins to be like a "real" activist 
dokument...but again just look at the palmares of this work and where it 
has been showed to see to whom it is being addressed.

im still asking to myself with full respect to Mr Bunting's and co. work.

whats this art up to?

this database can only be accessed via fixed I.P (internet protocol) 
making it very difficult for people that phps will use it to 
"download"....anyways border crossers in europe and elsewhere know their 
way and are to busy to get their lifes into chelsea and Tate modern 
stuff...want to talk about it? just go to any of the telephone shops or 
visit a park on a sunday and you will meet them there.


ps. yes i tried to get in contact with Mr Bunting to see if he was able to 
share anonymously some of this data to blend it with few other tricks, the 
goal build a linux live cd with it, one distro full of applications for 
calling home, and seeing family, plus some clues on borders..it will come 
hopefully soon and will be distributed in parks and phone shops. not in 
galleries and museums, so i hope that the fact that makes everyone 
consider this particular show important doesnt relate to the value that 
"art" in galleries wants to give to everything.

respect to the world border crossers!

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