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Re: <nettime> Re: Use Linux and you will be sued, Ballmer tells governme
Janne Kauppila on Wed, 24 Nov 2004 17:07:49 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Re: Use Linux and you will be sued, Ballmer tells governments ... yeah, in Singapore!

What can I say, only to keep up the good spirit. All the patents (200+) 
are mainly bullshit, no explanations necessary.

Hopefully all these matters can be taken under a review of a court. Like 
double-clicking - http://www.engadget.com/entry/7820483372648027/

Don't let the enterprises fool you, they're only harming themselves. The 
model of Linux is the way to be. All the credit to Microsoft for trying to 
make good and better OSs, but still, were talking about ethics. See for 
example: http://bcis.pacificu.edu/journal/2002/03/bookrev2.php

Microsoft isn't playing by the unspoken or unwritten rules, take the 
Trillian and Easymessage as example, or the wmf-format.

It's a time for an attiude exchange. Microsoft can do a lot better, if it 
only wants to.


  			        "That's okay, Max. I've come to realize
                                  that one of the perks of a free society
                                  is the inalienable right to debase
                                  ourselves in a wide variety of ways..."

                                                                   - Sam

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