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Re: <nettime> Working on article about the need for a
porculus on Wed, 12 Jan 2005 21:05:39 +0100 (CET)

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Re: <nettime> Working on article about the need for a

> The germans in the Nazi state are nothing special,

well dont you think it's time to cut the throat of such opinion. do you
really think anna arendt would say the same things about such 'ordinary'
people in seing same swine in their convertible mercedes in 1940 rather
behind bullet proof glass in 60s?what in a last moviez so much disturb &
fascinate 'opinion' about the too much hitler's human face & preocupation?
all those who knew this time & nazi guy & all fascist bull really -feel-
something special, we, all, often hear or read 'it was something in the
air, something nearly palpable'. just to say nazisme is absolutely not an
ordinary historical stage, even if it was living by quite ordinary men, i
mean genetically, context & will could change them & even give them free
hormone, it's clearly what chaplin mimic & experiment in his dictator & what
is irresistible in his -hilarious- and hot temptation too. so proctologicaly
speaking i think we were found to say : 1) germans -in the nazi state- were
very er..special.

> allthough this case is special anyway, there was no free press. People
> dont want to think themselves.

problem is not about such opinion & even not by which magical way you save
or damn yourself, the problem is the historical exemple of use of such so
said 'truth'. the other problem is the half truth of that, the denial of
history something. ok william was pretty found to say it's just sound &
fury, but he doesnt add his : it's absolutely not an easy things to think by
oneself & yes people are lazy, for my part i confess, cause my mom said 'i
prevent you i wouldnt care too much one say my son is a layabout but i
couldnt support to hear he could be a fucking stupid, cause i would take it
for myself'

> They dont care about other people, other people in other countries are
> not relevant for them anyway.

ok ok admit for the moment those very ordinary historical palpable & even
sticky guies in the global air polute with their fake suv pickup the nice
texas & mississipi and around. they are red neck lumpen proletariat woman &
fag hater unemployed polygamous truck driver. it's confortable..er i mean
for all other too. all those who would vote for kerry, in burkinafaso &
france & switzerland & even poland what pretty upset doubleU, brief all 
around the world, which is not in texas btw, absolutely not, cause you would 
be a guy from alabama at least if you say all the rest of the world would be 
in texas

> I saw some blogs on the situation in Iraq, btw, sort of naiv, the
> Tigris water project etc, maybe more historic knowledge is necessary.
> It is more important than psychology. And what is "democracy"?????

it would be for all the rest of the world to have the right to vote for
kerry, it's quite its bizness, not only to have some opinion for who they
would vote if god would want they were north american. btw if i could have
an opinion, my opinion would be god would have the good taste to booorn
myself in soros freeway style rather stinking redneck cul de sac passing
through riogrande my panz on my head hearing under zztop on a
walkman..beside i am building all a website where i will explain all my
opinion about the god's one about me if i would be booorn in america & how i
would excuse myself to all the rest of the world about this fucking god whom
gave me birth in this fucking kensas & how much god did just all a messy
world full of crack & nandrolone

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