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<nettime> commercial communism
brian carroll on Sat, 25 Jun 2005 11:39:33 +0200 (CEST)

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<nettime> commercial communism

  hi ivo. read your essay on nettime and
  you write about a fusion of sorts, as:

	'The entire communism/dictatorship -
	free-market/democracy polarization
  	is just an illusion...'

  .US corporations have long seemed to have
  become communal organizations by way of
  childcare, housing, eating, healthclubs,
  recreation when off work with employees,
  etc. and the role of ideology in culture
  is reinforced by these same mechanisms.

  i've wondered if it is because 'capitalism'
  is not so much the corollary to communism,
  though both of these seem to be economic-
  based (or at least grand narratives for
  why communism ('the wall') fell, due to
  economic stagnation, etc). instead, it
  would seem that capitalism|socialism are
  one dynamic, capital being economic and
  socialism being social, social-capital
  being the politics of that dynamic.

  whereas to me it seems that commercialism
  functions ideologically in step/queue with
  communism as a central organizing function-
  lock-step marching into oblivion as a basis
  for policy, for social issues, economics,
  politics- a type of extreme economics that
  forces itself as a social plan by force.
  thus, some hybrid variant potentially being
  'commercial communism' that is in opposition
   to different cultural principles of 'social
  capitalism', the latter being grounded in
  ideas while the former is an ideological
  operation functioning as automated machine.

  i realize everyone knows a lot more about
  these things than i though the concepts are
  brought up within the context of daily living
  in the .us in this way, in my experience and
  your essay accesses this view, at least imo.

  maybe this is entirely wrong to experts yet
  it is more truly the situation than arcane
  historical arguments that cannot be placed
  in the present, such as tv commercials.
  (which, by the way, are heavily advertising
  Homeland Security jobs as a growth industry.)

  [plus, there's serious protectionism now in
  existing industries/professions to keep things
  unchanged. one example of total corruption is
  the field of architecture, where the professors
  are celebrity architects, schools are intern-
  ship mechanisms and also places for jobs to
  be sketched out by students for pilfering by
  firms, whose architects also are on committees
  who give themselves awards, run organizations,
  magazines to officiate and authenticate what
  are the credentials and licenses needed for
  a legal practice. if one does not agree with
  the ideology you cannot work in this field.
  it is completely controlled and representative
  of a modern commercialist ideology run amuck.]

  brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
  architecture, education, electromagnetism

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