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<nettime> on establishing a long-term truce / c.1
brian carroll on Sat, 28 Jan 2006 23:18:28 +0100 (CET)

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<nettime> on establishing a long-term truce / c.1

(this could be considered follow-up to B. Geer. thanks...)

  [the previous two posts* on public/private realities were
  written to help establish terms in which the 'war of terror'
  could be engaged as the mid-east war at the world-scale.
  unfortunately it is not satisfactory or adequate in describing
  a new context, due to several limitations, though it may be
  able to function as a 'sketch' by which to continue with an-
  other view of current events and suggest ways to proceed.

  ((* post 1+2: http://groups.google.com/group/electronetwork-l/ 
thread/d586674c9a230b2a/d61514468053b94f#d61514468053b94f  ))

  thus, it may be in some way equivalent to looking at a huge
  night-sky, and all the stars, unmapped, and to talk about
  the constellations (connected ideas) and the stories of how
  they relate, with one another, by way of such a reasoning.
  such that, it may be our human conflicts today could be, in
  part, related to the machineries as they exist, and that it is
  in the nature of a changed reality, with electromagnetism
  for instance, that a new context for a sharing of ideas may
  be established, with all are on the same side of questioning.
  looking at an immense cosmos, and trying to figure out our
  human place in this public scale which we share on earth.

  thus, while there surely is the need to acknowledge that a
  Muslim reality exists, and an American and Western reality,
  that what may be conflicting between them may actually be
  not the humanity they share between them (and the truth
  of a human reality we share between us at the world scale)
  as it is reasoned-- and instead, what may be of conflict be-
  tween peoples may have something also to do with what
  has become an inhuman development, brought about with
  science and technology, which now lacks moral and ethical
  universalism to restrain its automatic global development
  from becoming an oppressive force, against all people in
  the end, though some more than others may be effected,
  so as to wage a war against its unthinking dehumanization,
  in the name of 'enlightened' western and global progress.

  if such were approximately the case, that what is going on
  may have something to do with people and their machines,
  running amok on and for other people, in a survival of the
  fittest contest of global superpower (versus a balancing of
  world order, at world scale, by world reason & organization),
  it would then be to take current events of the 'war of terror'
  and recontextualize them; from one that is largely based in
  irrationalism and founded upon the fight of good vs. evil, in
  which, in the name of Gods and Devils., an endless war is
  to be fought to the death, versus something else going on...
  (note: in the .US context, this becomes like the Salem witch-
  hunts, looking for terrorists, in addition to a statement by a
  'high-government official' equated this as fighting Satanism).
  by placing an enemies viewpoint 'in league with the Devil',
  it is to allow all the abstractions of humans-fighting-humans
  on behalf of cosmic forces and divine truth, which becomes
  separated from 'reason' which brought about democracy as
  a western tradition, which no longer functions in governance,
  and instead 'faith' and 'trust' in divine leadership has taken
  its place. and the litmus test becomes one of obedience to
  such a worldview, either you take it or you are the enemy of
  the people as they are thus represented, by a divine dictator.

  what is the most important point of this is that what has been
  a tradition of human 'reason' has been lost in .US governance,
  and, to wage a global war on behalf of ideas that are based
  on secrecy, which exist within opaque agendas, and beyond
  democracy and its checks and balances with regard to truth.
  reason does not exist, anymore. and any war that is to be
  waged in such terms is suspect as to its ulterior motivations,
  because 'truth' becomes the greatest enemy, as does reason.

  for otherwise, why would the 'war of terror' be waged in such
  terms, if it is actually a false-flag operation for fighting one-side
  of the middle-eastern war, with .US/western forces as a proxy?

  to view current events as such would change everything, for it
  would not simply be about a fight of God versus the Devil, or of
  goodness versus evil, and lightness against the 'darker' forces...

  and it would help to explain the xenaphobia, the racism involved,
  the bias and hatred and unfairness, the lies and untruths and of
  manipulations, of hypocrisy-- which ultimately brings to bear the
  realization that something else is going on here than what is now
  being presented by mass media and its virtual representations...
  for how, 'in the name of God', could the greater good legitimate a
  torturing of human beings on behalf of such a fight, if it were not,
  in fact, a cultural inquisition on behalf of a greater corruption,  
  how could the spying on all citizens be condoned by a private man,
  who 'leads' such a misguided adventure into his private delusions,
  while the human freedoms, liberties, and reasoning is what is lost?
  how does justice become subverted, unjust, yet serves the divine?
  what is this divine, beyond the private man and his abusive power
  which was that which the .US was constituted so as to resist, in its
  very structuring of government, which has now been dismantled?

  for it would seem that, as lore has it, the Devil is a coward, who is
  only protected by the lies and deceit and trickery, and so surely is
  not capable of human reasoning by which to base evil actions on.
  i.e. the actions of such a Devil would exist beyond any reasoning.

  thus, if making an entire 'war of terror' based upon the enemy as
  being this Devil, subhuman even, and the war itself based upon a
  divine mission to remake the world in the leaders image, it would
  be to call the lie for what it is- if instead, the enemy were to  
not be
  an unthinking, unfeeling beast whose purpose is only the irrational.
  whose ideas are crazed. whose mission is without merit or basis.
  it would not be a war of warriors, in such a case, and a legitimate
  war in that sense, and instead it would be a war of ideologies, in
  which a dominant ideology and its status quo reality are brought
  under siege, until reckoned with regard to legitimate grievances.
  and war being war, the lethality of another point of view of these
  issues that are beyond reasoning, in competition, to the death...

  in terms of the mid-east war being the actual basis for the now
  ongoing 'war of terror', at world-scale, it would be to recognize
  a rational and reasonable basis by which to judge the actions of
  both sides of this conflict, and also bring into question the moves
  being made on behalf of 'winning' this war in the .US by way of
  dismantling a democracy government for corporate dictatorship.

  it would be to recognize that there are legitimate reasons this
  war is being fought, that it is 'understandable' if taken in terms
  of the vast inequalities existing in world-organization which is to
  support this bias as if oppression is structurally fait accompli, to
  ignore the 'reality' of other human beings, on behalf of machinery
  of states which, allied, seek to dominate and extend this pattern
  as a global ordering which is based on international-supremacist
  notions which are equivalent, in nature, to the Nazi mechanisms
  destroyed in WWII which the .UN was designed to further prevent.
  excepting that it had bugs, holes, corrupted code and programs
  which have been exploited, and now today which justify through
  their continuation what has evolved as the 'global war of terror',
  as an evolution of the failure in the architecture of this machine.

  that is, there are causes to this 'war of terror' which are found in
  institutional structures, and their inabilities to address and engage
  the mid-east war, and their failure to do so, at world-scale, now is
  to result in the global war based on this same binary split in world-
  views and realities, which need to find a basis for overcoming, in
  terms of reasoning, else it is left for inhuman machines to decide
  the fate of a people, on behalf of another people, beyond that of
  democratic representation, international laws, or human rights.

  therefore, it would appear to become a question of which model
  is accurately representing this situation, and with checks-and-
  balances with regard to peer review of ideas, of what is claimed
  to be 'truth', what arguments and debate over the nature of what
  is going on, becomes based in what may be considered 'reality',
  which may be shared or may be held in conflict, or totally absent.

  and, to date, it has been shown that the .US has existed within a
  fictive and distorted view as to the 'war of terror' which has now
  resulted in colossal failures, with nothing to show for all the belief
  entrusted to such divine leadership- and instead, abysmal failure
  to achieve an accurate representation and portray of greater truth.
  it has been modified, 'evolved', hidden, guarded, secret, destroyed.
  and while there may actually be aims for democracy or liberation of
  human potential- it matters how one goes about it, and justifies it...

  therefore, any .US and world citizen would be right to condemn
  the actions of the .US, if only truth were the basis for evaluations
  of current events, and not fictions, fabrications, distortions, and  
  it is hard to engage complex issues when they are simplified to the
  point of being 'non-sense', and beyond reasoning, as if by robots.

  for it calls into question the nature of democracy, its very actions,
  and on whose behalf that government how behaves machinelike.
  so too, when the 'executive' power becomes that of, what amounts
  to, an 'unfree, unreasonable, predeterminism of extreme ideology'
  it calls into question what kind of leader is leading the ship of  
  are they, in fact, actually free, themselves, in terms of their  
  or may they function as if programmed by a set of rules, by which
  they are limited in their interactions, constrained from other views?

  this is to say, is there a public 'human' democracy, freedom, liberty
  in the thinking brain of the .US president? or is this instead a  
  democracy, freedom, and liberty of a limited corporate government?
  for when it comes time to publicly 'reason' with the .US state, there
  is clear indication that in its federal capital, as with its  
federal body,
  there is private corporate reasoning and reality which is proclaimed
  to be acting on behalf of its human citizens and human democracy,
  while pursuing such acts as mass surveillance, and human torture.

  there has been a case made for the machinery involved in what
  may be considered automatic decision-making in this regard, in
  that it may be behaviorally necessitated, given the rules by which
  such machines-of-state operate, yet this is beyond a democracy
  based in the rule of law, and not private men and their corporation.

  further, that what is being represented in mass media, while it is
  to be said with 'the heart' and based in seemingly 'human reason',
  is opposite to this in effect, by what amounts to the practice and
  glorification of machine-values, machine-ethics, machine-agendas.
  that is, the .US government as it exists, having fallen some years
  ago to its baser historical instincts, is based on machine-reasoning
  which operates beyond the rule of human law or human governance.
  it is automatically developing according to scientific and  
  needs, which citizens are to serve, so as to grow such an organism.
  and so such an cybernetic organization can continue on its global
  path to make the world over, in its image, beyond any governance
  or constraint, which has challenged the .UN in terms of legitimacy,
  for representing this world-scale and the order by which it develops.

  this is the stuff of great terror, such a machine, if it was  
running amok.
  on autopilot, that is. eating people up like statistics, churning  
  landscapes with pure destruction, all in the name of 'god and man...'
  how ungodly can you get than to believe this as if of a divine plan?
  who could allow such a power to exist in the name of human liberty,
  absent and devoid of actual truth and human reasoning of events?

  at what point can this be considered a state of extreme madness,
  separated from human reality and human reason, which is instead
  to be held in a democracy of machines, their truth, their reasoning?
  and those, cold of heart, fascists, who serve such a machinery at
  the expense of the human populations which are killed for them?
  this is as classic it gets, in terms of a line-in-the-ideological  
  either you are real, or you are not. the .US presidency is not real.

  it is a fiction of a fable, constructed by which to wage 'war of  
  and which is dangerously inept and unable to do the right thing-
  the moral, ethical, true, real, just, necessary, reasonable, course.

  thus if one is to look up at the starfield of ideas, suspended in this
  scale of a shared cosmos, and question if we are here, how might
  we navigate in a shared direction, that new dawn on the horizon?
  it is problematic because the ship of state which is prosecuting its
  'war of terror' has control of the wheel by which to steer. and it is
  now stuck in an ideological pre-fixation which if fundamentally un-
  able, unwilling, and incapable of fairly proceeding by rule of law.
  that is, the constitution of the .US state has become irrelevant as
  to the course by which it will navigate, on autopilot, into madness.
  it is beyond reason, in terms of human reason to base its actions.
  and thus, while it may seek to protect and defend its corporate-
  citizens, it jeopardizes the health and welfare of its human citizens.

  human government has been lost to a government by and for a
  private government of corporate machines, which Mr. Bush leads.
  the public .US government now ceases to exist, except in shadow.

  to thus seek to address an idea which may lead to establishing
  a 'truce' in the 'war of terror' would require, then, to be able to
  work from within such a context, realistically, fairly, else to fail
  and have to mediate events in the ways they now are devolving.
  that is, to bring 'human reason' requires squaring a human reality
  with the machine reality, and to seek to transcend various private
  points of view, all relative yet legitimate and parts of a larger  
  for a shared public point of view by which to relate at world-scale.
  and to do this, from the perspective of a .US citizen requires doing
  so from within the context in which there is now rogue governance.

  and what stands in the balance is the legitimacy and power of the
  ideas, upheld or to be abused, in the .US Constitution, by which
  citizens are afforded rights to protest unlawful, illegal government.

  thus, as a human being, it will be written from a particular location
  as to human beings in another location, how it might be possible
  for a long-term truce to be established-- even given the problems
  of not being able to offer guarantees from the 'official' yet  
  .US government, which exists beyond reason, truth, and reality...

  it is to say, that given this situation, that while power may  
  rest within the 'official' .US government for its decision-making, it
  has a total lack of truth, reason which makes it dangerous in terms
  of being capable of pursuing peace as it is ideologically dangerous,
  and cannot be trusted to keep its word, as it is facade made of lies.
  devoid of human truth, of human reason, of human intelligence, it
  is devoid of power that is based in truth, that is, actual power by
  which to pursue its distorted agenda of the fictional 'war of terror'.

  it therefore cannot be seen how lies can establish a truth, nor how
  a pact can be made, and respected, by which to not further pursuit
  in illegal means, no matter what the rules are, laws, to be obeyed.
  this is to say, to conclude, that the .US government, as it now  
  is incapable of fairly engaging issues of mid-east peace, and there
  is a likely requirement that it must retain the 'war of terror'  
  by which to continue its abusive actions against human democracy,
  human government, human reason, human truth, human justice,
  human rights, human reality, and a human peace which is shared.

  until this unconstitutional .US government is dismantled, and then
  re-constituted, it is likely incapable of improving human relations,
  nor acting on behalf of improving relations, for it is now thoroughly
  corrupted, by which a political machine took over the government,
  and cannot be extracted from its parasitically destroying its host.

  (*actions to remedy this situation will be proposed in the final essay
  about holding a constitutional convention, else, the other last  

  in the mean-time, there are those who may have arisen during the
  last years, who function as traditional checks and balances of the
  ideals of the .US government, where today they are only shadows.
  such a cabinetry may be based more on the ideas of 'government'
  which is based on human democracy, than on any given 'politics'
  in which current events are now mediated, and are clinged to with
  a nostalgia by those who now are experts at exploiting such code,
  hacking, cracking the public bureaucracy for their own private ends.

  though there are many hats involved, with revulsion at what has
  now devolved into a corporate dictatorship, and hold onto original
  principles, prepared to act in the name of a greater truth, so as to
  rebalance the waging of 'politics' world-wide, with a reality that is
  not based upon lies, madness, and oppression of human beings,
  to advance what is a soulless agenda most truly itself in league...

  it depends on how one is looking at things, what one is able to see.
  and thus, without paradox, it is simple to whittle truth, justice,  
  down to something that is only half-true, or even less than this. yet
  there may be some greater truth which exists even in a mistaken
  agenda, -- that the ideals may actually be believed, and believed
  to be served, yet ungrounded from the reality in which the ideas
  exist, the path they take to development, that instead they may
  be oppressive to others, one's approach, and we oppress each-
  other by our limitations at making ideas that balance with reality.
  those who disregard a shared human reality become dangerous.
  and if this is the 'executive operation' of the .US government it is
  truly an existential danger to all its citizens, and the entire  

  there is humanity in the machine, yet it is not the basis for ongoing
  decision-making which splits between a machine-worldview which
  is the basis for the 'war of terror', and its reasoning and actions,
  and a human-worldview,which would be required to address and
  engage a mid-east peace and faithfully establish, honor, a truce.

  thus, it is a predicament as to how to proceed from such a place.
  politics are of no interests, though 'government' and 'governance'
  becomes key and all-critical, to being able to engage this reality.
  it has so much to do with the .US constitution as it has evolved
  into a rogue power, devoid of greater truth, on the world-scale,
  at the same time the ineffectual United Nations, and what can
  be done about this, simultaneously. if the scale of events are
  what they are believed/modeled to be, the .US will not be able
  to operate in the near-future even on the terms today, without
  undergoing an eventual 'fall' into a larger reality, by which it is
  going to necessitate radical changes to restabilize, rebalance,
  and reconstitute the federal state and its operations, so as  to
  be abel to navigate as a peaceful strategic partner of the world.
  how that is going to happen is a big question, and whether it is
  going to occur peacefully, through an evolution, or otherwise.

  in any case, within this context, which is to say that there is
  a traditional view based on nation-states and peoples at war,
  and another view, from world-scale, which we all inhabit as
  a human public, however dysfunctional- that it is at this scale
  that a peace must be established so as to transcend the past
  conflicts, and to find ways of engaging by co-development of
  projects and programs which serve people and peace, and
  not those that exploit them, and necessitate causes of war.

  it is to imagine that a shared human public may exist which
  is capable of sharing human culture, and developing what is
  a shared infrastructural ordering, which is locally or regionally
  differentiated, yet can exist both on local and global scales,
  in ecological balance, so that the growth of one does not
  necessitate threatening the existence of another to exist, to
  live, to develop in terms of human freedom of ideas, rights.
  it is to imagine that there may be a more human economy,
  a more human governance by which to conduct politics, and
  a more human society which can be found among humans,
  whether they are of different religions, sexes, or perspectives.

  yet today's setup is such that there is a 'total architecture' or
  expert ideology for these same things, culturally (economic,
  social, political) by which 'the West' through globalism, now
  jeopardizes a greater truth and balancing, by its very default.
  it may not have been a larger choice, in sense of awareness,
  prior to the fact of unending catastrophe until what are core
  assumptions are reviewed, and changed, to stop the further
  ideological and actual enslavement to what is an inhuman
  reality based upon the behavior and evolution of machines,
  and decision-making based upon such an empire of ideas,
  which have become beyond question when institutionalized.
  and, these answered ideas, as ideology, becomes a basis
  for the extreme actions of government on behalf of people,
  which instead acts against people as its modus operandi.

  in such a condition, it becomes a paradoxical puzzle for it
  is to encourage its further growth, on behalf of people, by
  anything that threatens the institutions and ideologies which
  once were to serve the people, yet have been subverted --
  hacked and cracked if you will -- to serve the megamachine.

  to attack persons is to extend this machine and its ideology
  by default, to cause further oppression, on their behalf, and
  in their name, yet they are inside of a mass media illusion,
  which is a flood of lies and deceitful misrepresentations in
  which they are incapable of fairly judging where they exist,
  as it is based in fantasy, detached from a larger truth, reality.

  therefore, there is always the question of the humanity in
  relation to the machinery as it exists, and what can be done
  about it. and it would seem that this very 'war of terror' is a
  business plan so as to continue its extension, world-wide.
  thus, its ecosystem relies upon 'terrorism' so as to evolve,
  grow, and further develop and justify that its illusion is reality.
  that its modeling is the modeling, and that terror is freedom.

  it is for all the reasons stated above that a specific case will
  be made, by which to propose a path towards a shared truce,
  yet which is attempted to allow a greater fairness and realism
  than that which exists in the status quo, which functions against
  every word and deed which seek to serve the cause of peace,
  by default, until such an underlying condition can be inverted.]


  brian thomas carroll: research-design-development
  architecture, education, electromagnetism

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